Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

When you are shifting or even planning a grand road trip with a family, a queen mattress and minivan goes hand in hand. But you need to be creative to fit your mattress in a minivan. For example, putting it in a specific angle to fit it well.

So, can a queen mattress fit in a minivan?

Well, in most cases a queen mattress won’t fit in a minivan. However, if you be a little more creative and sacrifice the passenger seats of your minivan, them you can easily fit your queen mattress in it without much of a trouble.

I am also going to show you the exact method along with a way of calculating cubic feet, so you can understand the cargo space of your minivan better. Let’s see if your minivan is of any use when it comes to fitting a queen mattress. 

Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan
Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Can a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Generally, a queen mattress does not fit in a regular minivan, but it will fit easily if you have a combi minivan with no passenger seats and decoration in the rear. You can also fit it at a certain angle. It depends on the nature of the minivan and the variety of mattress.

Queen mattresses are spacious for 2 people to sleep together. So if you are a regular vacationist you need to lug such mattresses. The sizes of a queen mattress are 80 inches long by 60 inches wide. The Olympic Queen mattress, with a dimension of 66 inches, is also available, however, this mattress size is not very popular.

Minivans are usually around 63 inches wide and 84 inches long from the driver’s seat to the back door. Even though minivans offer more cargo space than SUVs, they are often sleeker and have less door openings, making it harder to store a large item such as a mattress.

Size of Queen Mattress in Different Countries

There are significant differences in the measurements in various countries, so bear that in mind if you’re taking a queen mattress to China, for example.

  • 60″ × 80″ (150cm x 200cm) in the United States and Canada.
  • 47″ x 80″ (120cm x 200cm) in the UK.
  • 62″ x 78″ (158cm × 198cm) Brazil.
  • 60″ x 80″ (152cm × 203cm) in Australia and New Zealand.
  • 72″ × 74″ (182cm x 188cm) China.
  • 61″ x 77″ (154cm x 195cm) in Japan.

The type of mattress you pick out is also significant. A decent rule of thumb is that the higher the mattress’s quality, the more difficult it is to compress it. As a result, know what kind of mattress you have.

Dimension of Most Common Minivans

If you’re curious about the size of a minivan, we’ve put up a comprehensive list of the top minivans around the world. All minivans mentioned here in this article have a length of between 200 and 203 inches.

👉 203.8 inches Chrysler Pacifica
👉 Dodge Caravan (SE, SE Plus) has a length of 202.8 inches, whereas the SXT has a length of 203.7 inches.
👉 203.2 inches Honda Odyssey
👉 201.4 inches Kia Sedona
👉 Toyota Sienna has a length of 200.6 inches.

The cargo compartment is usually between 56.5 and 59 inches tall, with an average distance of 84 inches between the back door and the driver’s seat. The width of a standard minivan is between 61.5 and 66 inches, depending on the model.

Minivans are more spacious than regular passenger vehicles due to their increased size, length, wheelbase, and breadth. Specific models even allow you to fold the second or third-row seats into the floor, giving you more cargo room on demand. Take a look at the average cargo area dimensions (length-width-height) for each:

  •  87″-59″-49″ are the average dimensions for a compact minivan.
  • 71″-57″-49″ are the average dimensions for a double-cab-in van.
  • 85″-57″-49″ are the average dimensions for a double-cabin van (extra-long).

Can a Honda Odyssey fit a queen mattress?

A queen-size mattress will not fit in the Honda Odyssey unless it is folded or slanted to fit inside the vehicle. To put it in the vehicle, you’ll almost certainly have to detach the third-row seat.

Can a queen mattress fit in Dodge Caravan?

A Queen Size mattress/box spring will not fit inside the Grand Caravan, but with some tie-downs, it’s very simple and easy to carry them on top of the roof rack. The maximum size of a horizontal furniture box that can fit within when the door is closed is approximately 95 inches.

Does a queen-size mattress fit in a Toyota Sienna?

If the back rows of seats are removed, a Toyota Sienna can carry a full-size mattress relying on the model type and year. You may need to compress the mattress somewhat to accommodate, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

It will not accommodate unless the internal panels are removed. Inside of the wheel wells, the rear interior panels rise. The distance between the insides of the wheel wells is approximately 49 inches. You can get 60 inches by removing the panels and building a sleeping platform above the wheel well.

Will a queen-size mattress fit in a Chrysler Pacifica?

The Pacifica features 140.5 cubic feet of luggage space thanks to all of the seats in the second and third rows being ‘Stow n Go’ into the floor. Gently fold down the seats of the minivan and place the mattress inside using Chrysler’s legendary Stow ‘n Go® seating. It will fit longitudinally, but you may need to bend or angle it somewhat to fit the width.

How do I calculate cubic feet when moving?

Volume in cubic feet = Length (feet) x Width (feet) x Height (feet).

Remember that if the dimensions are in inches, you must divide the multiplication product by 1728: Volume in cubic feet Equals Length (inches) × Width (inches) x Height (inches) divided by 1728.

If the van’s trim is in the way, we can probably get it in at an angle.

You can get into the mattress at an angle in most minivans. Here’s some old science to back it up.

If the measurement is 1220mm, and the height is 1250mm, the diameter of the trunk is: √(1220² + 1250²) = 1747mm

Yes, provided the minivan’s entire height is available, the mattress can be slid in at an angle.

However, if you can’t remove the back seats (but can fold them), you’ll lose 40cm in height, which means: √(1220² + 750²) = 1432mm

That is to say, even at an angle, you will not be able to fit in the mattress.

How to Fit a Mattress Into a Minivan?

If you want to fit a mattress in a minivan before you remove all the seats take some time to measure. Because minivan sizes have evolved, it’s critical to double-check your vehicle. You’ll likely be careful to circumvent the hassle of hiring or leasing a pickup truck to transport your mattress.

How to Fit a Mattress Into a Minivan?
How to Fit a Mattress Into a Minivan?

👉 1st Step: Remove/Fold the Third and Middle Rows

In your minivan, remove or fold the third and middle rows. If the seats in your minivan do not fold flat, it is preferable to remove them. Unscrew from the seat frames and have someone assist you in removing them from the vehicle.

👉 2nd Step: Calculate the Length and Width

Check the cargo area and then the mattress in your minivan. Calculate the length and width of each and use that information to figure out where the mattress should go.

👉 3rd Step: Make Use of your Mattress Cover

Cover the mattress with a mattress cover to keep it safe. If you don’t have a mattress cover, a tarp or a huge sheet of plastic can be used instead.

👉 4th Step: Carry the Mattress Vertically Inside Your Minivan

Take the mattress to the minivan with you. To carry the mattress properly, you’ll need help. When carrying it, keep it vertical—carrying it laterally could fold it and cause damage.

👉 5th step: Put it Through the Back Cargo Door

Put the mattress inside the minivan through the back cargo door. The best position is flat as if you were lying in bed. Place an object under the mattress for support if you must angle it; be sure not to fold the mattress.

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack?

If you want to carry your mattress, tying it over the car roof can be a better option. But do it very cautiously or else it will endanger someone’s life while moving on the road.

For carrying the mattress over the roof you need a mattress bag made of strong plastic, duct tape to secure it, ratchet straps to bind it and a strong support to help you tying it safely.

The mattress bag

Due to weather conditions while transporting a mattress over the roof of your vehicle, the mattress may get damaged. So to avoid such conditions you need to wrap it with a plastic mattress bag. You can find it online or at other retailers. 

Duct tape

While wrapping the mattress in a mattress bag, use duct tape to seal the mattress.  Double-seal all openings to get a masterful check. Moreover, double-check the mattress bag for any openings, as even the tiniest break in your wrapping might allow the wind to blast right through it.

Ratchet straps

It’s better to tie the mattress with ratchet straps and avoid using strong ropes. Ropes can damage the rim of windows or racks. The maximum load capacity is 500 pounds with a break strength of 1500 pounds. Also you can reuse it to carry other things as well.   

A friend 

Apart from the gears, you need a helping hand to assist you wrapping your mattress and tying it safely over the car roof. It can be impossible to lift a mattress single-handedly so ask your friend to help you. 

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack?
How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack?

Now let’s delve into the steps to put your mattress on the roof of your car. 

  •  Step 1: Protect your mattress by wrapping it in a mattress bag. Wrapping it in plastic sheets is an option, but it’s a time-consuming operation.
  • Putting a mattress in a mattress bag is simple even if you are working alone. After laying your mattress on a flat surface, simply place it inside the bag. You won’t be able to stuff it into the bag like that. As a result, lift each side progressively.
  • Step 2: Apply duct tape: After the bag has been packed, there may be air left in it. The air in the bag will cause problems. Make sure the bag is entirely airtight and taped to avoid it. After you’ve tied the entire mattress tightly, you’re ready to continue on to the next step.
  • Step 3: before you tie the mattress on your roof you need to know how much weight the roof rack can carry. Depending on the car model every rack has a different load capacity. Make sure the dimensions of the rack and the mattress are parallel. It is better not to tie a king size mattress on the car roof. Then carefully place the mattress in the center, keeping the left and right sides in mind. It’s critical to remember that your windshield should never be covered. You can shift the mattress to the back if you have to, but you can’t block your windshield.
  • Step 4: Take a look on this step, since it may be the most crucial. You must now knot your mattress so that it does not fall onto the road and is not damaged.

If your mattress fits in the rack, the hardest step is done. In this case, all you have to do is tighten the ratchet straps. Two straps should be sufficient, however three could be used for extra security. Simply wrap the straps around the mattress and rack as a whole. It’s important not to overtighten the rack or bed, as this could damage them. To maximize safety, use a Bungee Cord from the middle to the rear.

Driving gently is also vital. Don’t rush anything. Moving quickly would put more pressure on the mattress. Please follow the instructions outlined in this article. Before hitting the road, verify the knotted mattress and make adjustments as needed to ensure the string is very tight. Your mattress is now protected and ready to be transported!

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