How to Resize a Mattress: Step by Step Easy to Understand Guide

You cannot sleep peacefully on your bed without having the right mattress. But when shifting to a new home or changing your bed, it becomes hard to decide what to do with the old mattress. In that case, the first thing that comes to mind is to change the mattress, which, if you know, will be pretty pricey.

The most beneficial way of overcoming this problem is to resize the mattress. It is environment friendly because you don’t have to reinvest in the mattress resulting in more participation in recycling.

And more than finding the right size for your bed is quite challenging. So, here’s simple guide on How to Resize a Mattress.

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How to Resize a Mattress: 6 easy steps

How to Resize a Mattress?

Tools required

  • A pair of scissors.
  • A sewing machine ( or needle).
  • Thimble. 
  • Straight pins.
  • Tape for measuring.
  • Thread( should be a good quality thread).
  • Wax
  • Pliers for better grip or attaching hooks.

Steps to reduce the size of the mattress

First of all, measure the mattress and plan the size of the bed you need. Next, the method is easy and simple to follow and more accessible than increasing the bed size.

  • First Step, cut the mattress foam from layer to layer. If you use an electric carving knife, the process of cutting becomes effortless. But keep one thing in mind, make sure you are wearing safety equipment while cutting.
  • Second Step, you need to make an incision through the first layer (soft layer). Using a pair of scissors will do the work if you don’t have a sharp knife.
  • Third Step, With the help of the tape, measure the right size you want. It would be best if you were specific with your required size. You don’t want your mattress to be uneven after cutting it. If that happens, the bed won’t fit into your space.
  • Fourth Step, take a sharp scalpel and mark the places to make sure to have the right size in the end. (Important note: you need to keep in mind that the mattress should be marked carefully. If you did not mark it correctly, do it again till you get the proper measures.)
  • Fifth Step, This step can be more straightforward if you don’t have any spring in your mattress. But if you have a spring layer, since you marked the surface, use a Dremel and cut along with the marked line and be careful with it.
  • Sixth Step, This is where you get the actual work, and you need strong support to do this. Use a piece of cloth or any firm, thin rope to tie both the folded ends. You need to confirm that they don’t tear through the fabric and then close the lots of two pieces with the help of a sewing machine or needle and give a finishing touch with wax thread.

Here’s a great guide I have found if you are trying to cut short your mattress for RV:

Why Resize A Mattress?

Now you know how to resize a mattress but there are many reasons why you should resize a mattress, and some of them are as follows:

🛏️ Comfort

Sometimes we get attached to our old mattress, and we cannot deny the fact. And for some people, a mattress becomes their only comfort zone.

In some cases, certain people need a specific type of mattress to sleep on, a patient with hypermobility syndrome or conditions similar to that. That is why, if the bed becomes a part of your life, it gets tough to part from it. A new mattress cannot ensure a similar experience and comfort as the old ones do.

🛏️ Dumping is not the best choice

If you do not know, let me tell you. About 20 million mattresses are dumped into the junkyard, and surprisingly just one bed can cover upto 40 cubic feet of space. Apart from that, a mattress can be a part or host of other health issues. So if you are thinking of dumping your old one then, it won’t be a wise decision to make.

Discarding a mattress is not only costly but also consumes much energy for transportation and the effort involved. It also affects the environment in various ways:

  • Most of the bed takes at least fifty years to degrade entirely into the ground.
  • The toxins that are contained in the mattress can get absorbed and later can affect the fertility of the soil.
  • It takes much time to segregate the remains and to shred them with the help of a machine. 

🛏️ Investing in a new one is expensive

Now, suppose you decided to buy a new mattress for your home. Nowadays, some particular types of beds are costly to buy. And later, if you need to get rid of the mattress for various reasons, you won’t be able to. This becomes a complicated situation for many people.

If you are willing to spend money, you can quickly get a mattress with the same preference, but if you don’t, resizing is the perfect option for you.

🛏️ Utilizing the old ones into something creative

Another easy yet enjoyable solution one can find is, transforming the mattress into something creative. Recreating cute things like cushions for your couch or comfortable space for your pet is fun. Making your soft accessories or coming up with new ideas to build something new is always fun!

Even in some cases, if you want to, you can make pillows for your bed. Some materials used for mattresses are incredibly cozy to use; It becomes a convenient and money-saving method to enhance your decor.

There are many ways to rebuild, so get ready with your tools to recreate, reuse and recycle!

Some ideas which one can use are as follows:

  • You will be amazed to know that the coil springs present inside the mattress can be used as a wine bottle holder, giving your kitchen an edgy and impressive look when guests come.
  • Now, if you are confused about the metal spring support frame and don’t know what to do, let me tell you. It can serve as an amazing way to make your garden or house deck much better. 
  • The spring framework can be used as a chandelier, or you can grow beautiful climbers. Give a finishing touch with fairy lights, and it can be a perfect spotlight for your romantic dinner!
  • You can remake the mattress into some cute chairs for your kids or tools for your personal use like reading or working.

🛏️ The shifting process is not easy

If you plan to shift into your new home, it becomes tough to change the bed from one building to another. And moving without the help of a professional is quite risky. How? For instance, if you plan to shift your mattress, if you do it without the assistance of an expert, there is a chance that you can damage other property while moving or cause an accident while driving.

But there’s a silver lining to it! If you love to sleep with your old mattress, it’s compulsory to move it. Therefore resizing your bed and then shifting makes the process much easier. When you move your right size mattress, the effort and the cost become much less than hiring a professional to move the superior and old mattress from one place to another.

Ways to enlarge or upgrade a mattress

There are various alternative to upgrade your mattress in case you want your mattress to be extended:

Use extensions

 This method requires less effort, as all you have to do is just extend the mattress by adding a mattress of your choice with the existing mattress. In other cases you can add the small mattress with the same quality on both sides.

Cutting the mattress

This method is very easy compared to others, just cut the mattress ends and then buy another mattress with a size of your choice and put the pieces together. Though it seems easy, it pinches your pocket.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.Is it Ok to fold a mattress in half?

Depending on the construction of the mattress, folding can be possible. If the mattress contains springs like an innerspring or hybrid type, folding can damage the bed.

2.Where do you store extra mattresses?

Anyone can store it in many ways; you can store it in a storeroom or can reuse it as a sofa for your personal space. You can even keep it in the attic if you are not using the mattress anymore.

3.Is it bad to leave the plastic on a mattress?

You should remove the plastic as soon as possible because late on while you sleep, it can affect the air circulation within the body, leading to damping of the mattress due to sweat.

Wrapping Up

Before diving into How to Resize a Mattress, you need to remember that a warranty will not always have your back. Therefore carefully reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the method, one should go ahead with the process.

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