Can You Wash a Mattress Cover? (Best Answer Only)

Washing your mattress cover is essential. Think about it, you sleep on it every night, and it absorbs all the sweat and dead skin from your body. Thus you need to ensure that it’s well taken care of and doesn’t become a health hazard.

But, can you wash a mattress cover?

Well, washing a mattress cover shouldn’t create any fuss or trouble, and can easily be done at home with ease.

However, there are a few things to consider before washing your mattress cover, and we will explore all that in this article. 

Can you wash a mattress cover
Can you wash a mattress cover?

Can You Wash a Mattress Cover? (The Actual Answer)

There are many types of mattress covers and we must deal with them differently. There are mattress covers which can be washed using any means, but there are a few types which are little delicate when it comes to cleaning/washing.

So we must follow instructions that come with the product itself if we want to use it for longer time horizon. If we don’t read the product instructions thoroughly and dump our mattress cover in the washing machine directly, then it may not yield desired results. That’s for sure. Now let’s learn about different types of mattress covers in detail.

Types of mattress covers

Often, mattress covers are available in a wide range of materials, making it difficult to determine how to clean them. Most often, mattress covers are of the following variety:

  • No washing instructions available.
  • Waterproof mattress covers.
  • Removable mattress covers.
  • Non-removable covers.
  • Stretchable polyester covers.
  • Polypropylene covers.
  • Vinyl covers.

Some of the materials above are easier to clean than the other heavy ones. Besides, the material type will also determine your cleaning process. Simply shoving your mattress cover in the washing machine can lead to devastation. 

It’s always advisable to read the care label before washing your cover. The label will provide you with the required information about the detergent type and in-depth care information about the model.

So, can you wash a mattress cover?

Well, the answer is yes, but the washing process depends on the types of the mattress cover.

How to wash the different types of mattress covers?

How to wash the different types of mattress covers?
How to wash the different types of mattress covers?

Covers without instructions

Though care instructions are essential and it’s advisable to check it out before washing, if there are no instructions available, the best option is not to wash it at all as washing might damage the piece or evade its warranty.

However, if you have to wash the cover, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer or the retailer you got the piece from and ask for washing instructions. 

Waterproof covers

Waterproof mattress covers protect your mattress against stains, bed bugs, and even water damage. However, all waterproof mattress covers are not made from the same material.

Thus, you have to check the instructions before you can wash it. Most often, such covers can be machine washed in delicate settings. But you must use a bleach-free detergent and stick to the temperature guidelines.

Removable mattress covers

If you see a zip on your mattress cover, it is possible to contain fiberglass for the fire barrier. However, removing such a cover might release the fiberglass in the air and lead to lung and nose infections.

So, before removing such a cover, check the warranty, care label, and washing information. If such covers are washable, it will be mentioned whether or not it is machine-washable, hand-washable, or dry cleaned. 

However, if no such information is available, it’s better to treat it as a non-washable cover. 

Non-removable covers

In case your mattress has a non-removable cover, you need to check for its care instructions or warranty to determine how to clean it. But, if you cannot find any information, get in touch with the manufacturer or retailer for information. 

However, spot cleaning is essential if your mattress cover has been stained by blood, urine, or other biological substances. Even in this case use of harsh chemicals and high temperature is not desirable. 

Stretchable polyester covers

These mattress covers are famous for their durability, and they tear rarely. Besides, they are bug, flame, and water-resistant. 

These mattress covers can be easily washed in a machine, and cold water best cleans them. But if the label so mentions, you can use high temperature and hot water to kill dust mites. 

Finally, hang drying can remove microbes and bacteria from the cover. 

Polypropylene covers

Many people opt for this type of cover since they are quieter than vinyl. Additionally, these covers can prevent bed bugs. Though most of these covers can be machine washed, checking the product information is essential.

Vinyl covers

Multiple waterproof mattress covers use vinyl, and these can be machine washed using cold water on low spin and delicate cycle. 

Often, these mattresses have a cloth top coupled with vinyl backing. Some manufacturers might ask you to turn the cover inside out for washing, or you can even use a mesh water bag. Nonetheless, check the instructions before washing the product.  

How to wash mattress covers? 

You can wash most mattress cover in your washing machine once a month. The method is quite simple. 

How to wash mattress covers? 
How to wash mattress covers

Care label

Before you begin the washing process, it’s essential to check the care instructions. The same applies while washing pillow covers, down sheets, or blankets. Generally, the care label mentions the ambient temperature and method you require for washing. 

Hot cycle kills germs

Set the temperature mentioned after reading the care label. Generally, you can wash your polyester or cotton covers in 140F at 1200pm. Of course, you can increase the temperature if the care label so mentions.

Less amount of detergent and rinsing

 Using a large amount of detergent can lead to skin irritation and allergies. Thus, you need to rinse the cover well. It’s advisable to use a non-biological detergent if you have sensitive skin.

Can you clean a mattress cover without washing it?

Your mattress cover will start to smell with use. But you can use methods to clean your cover without washing it. 

Begin by sprinkling some baking soda on your mattress cover. Ensure that you have sprinkled all over your mattress cover. Now, add a few drops of lavender essence. Let the soda and lavender essence mixture rest for some time.

Can you clean a mattress cover without washing it?
Can you clean a mattress cover without washing it?

The longer you let the mixture sit, the better. If possible, leave it for 24 hours. Finally, vacuum it nicely, and you have a fresh smelling mattress cover. 

Removing stains for the cover

Even if you are extremely cautious, you might end up staining your mattress. However, you should not saturate a mattress cover, especially the non-removable ones. If the water seeps into the mattress below, it will take time to dry and lead to molding. Instead, use a surface cleaner. 

In case the stain remains, spray a fine water mist and use a gentle stain remover on the target area. On achieving desired results, use a soft damp cloth to pat the place dry. Make sure not to soak the cover for long. Finally, ensure that the mattress is completely dry when you put the cover on. 

Vacuuming a mattress cover

Use an upholstery attachment to clean your mattress daily. This process must be followed daily for mattresses with non-removable covers since these cannot be washed in the machine. Daily vacuuming keeps the covers clean and protects you against dust mites and other allergens

If you have a conventional spring mattress, get information from your manufacturer about the vacuuming instructions. It’s advisable to brush mattresses made from natural fiber to avoid damaging the filling.


We have answered most of the significant queries people have about washing their mattress covers through this article. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to take good care of your mattress, and its cover. 

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