Tulo vs Nectar Mattress Comparison: What’s Better & Why?

One of the crucial aspects of our life is sleeping. Though we sometimes connect sleeping to laziness, we all need a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the charger of our body and energizes us to be ready for the next day or challenges.

Isn’t it evident that we need an extra accessory to get sound, adequate, quality sleep? That’s when the memory foam mattresses come to our rescue.

Today we will address Tulo vs Nectar Mattress debate, and try to help you decide which one of them suits you better.

Both the mattresses aren’t heavy on the pocket with a price to match most consumers’ budgets. If you are looking for different firmness options, then the Tulo mattress is the best for you. On the other hand, Nectar offers exceptional pressure relief for people who need a comfortable bed adapting to all sleep styles.

We will be comparing both the mattresses based on the following factors:

  • Pricing.
  • Customer Ratings.
  • MA Score.
  • Firmness.
  • Mattress Type.
  • Mattress Thickness.
  • Trial Period.
  • Warranty.

Tulo vs Nectar Mattress: Are they Similar?

Before jumping right to the Tulo vs Nectar comparison, first let me share how both the mattresses are similar in several ways:

  • Both the Tulo and Nectar mattresses are foam mattresses that provide you with the same sleep temperature. Due to their temperature-neutral properties, they will not be the reason for your overheating or getting chilled.
  • Both of them are compatible with all sleeping positions.
  • Another similarity is that both of them are budget-friendly.
  • In addition, both mattresses provide the same edge support, motion isolation capabilities, and responsiveness.
  • Both the mattresses are certified with the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).
  • Tulo and Nectar mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, and California King sizes.
  • You can buy both mattresses online.
  • The Shipping Policy is the same for both mattresses, which is free.

Tulo vs Nectar: An Overview

Tulo is a well-established brand selling products online and at the Mattress Firm Locations. The flagship model of the company is the Tulo Comfort Series. Three firmness levels are available for the customers to choose from Tulo Comfort Series Mattress, 1. Medium-Soft rated 4 out of 10, 2. Medium rate 5.5 out of 10 and 3. Firm rated 7 out of 10.

Nectar is also another brand known for selling mattresses online. The highlight of the Nectar Mattress is that the comfort layer comprises gel memory foam and poly foam transitional layer. It is supported further by high-density poly foam, covered with a blend of cotton and Tencel Lyocell. The Nectar Mattress is 12 inches thick and is supposed to be medium firm, rated 6 out of 10.

Price Range$600 – $960$399 – $1,598
Customer Ratings4.54.55
MA Score8.2/108.7/10
Firmness4, 5.5, 76.5
Mattress TypeFoam comboGel memory foam
Mattress Thickness10”12”
Trial Period120 nights365 nights
Warranty Length10-year limited warrantyLifetime warranty till you own the mattress

Tulo vs Nectar Mattress Comparison – Key Differences

It may be difficult to pinpoint the differences between Tulo and Nectar, from a common perspective. Since both are foam mattresses, we need to compare them based on factors like construction, firmness, durability, etc.

It will enable us to evaluate mattresses based on these factors.  Let’s look at these differences, that may help you decide which mattress would suit you better.

Tulo vs Nectar Comparison - Key Differences


Let’s have an understanding of the construction of the mattresses.


Comprises four-layer memory foam. Let’s look at how the layers are arranged and for what purpose.

  • Top Layer: This layer is a delicate memory foam meant for relieving pressure.
  • Responsive Layer: As the name suggests, it has a responsive foam that adds a bounce and helps easy moving on the bed.
  • Transition Layer: It has a high resiliency poly foam to smoothen the transition between the dense base foam and the top layers.
  • Bottom Layer: This is a high-density polyfoam to support all the upper layers and the edges.

HighlightsThe mixed-foam construction provides a gentle fitting and soft responsiveness.


 Comprises three-layer memory foam, covered by a mattress cover. Let’s find out how the construction is.

  • Mattress Cover: The cover comprises a cooling polyethylene and a knit mattress to deliver a soft and gentle surface.
  • Smart Layer: It is composed of a 3” gel memory foam which is very soft to help relieve pressure.
  • Dynamic Support Layer: As the name suggests, a layer of 2” foam dynamically adjusts to support and avoids the body to sink into the mattress.
  • Base Layer: Formed with a thick 7” standard foam offering responsiveness, stability, and longevity.
  • Shift-Resistant Lower Cover: To keep the mattress intact in its place, averting it from sliding.


  • Conventional feel or memory foam is represented by deep contouring and cushioning to the body.
  • Offer breathability and support over average levels.


When it comes to firmness, several options are available for Tulo, while Nectar has a single firmness model.


The firmness will depend on whether you have opted for the Soft, Medium, or Firm variant. 

Each level of the Tulo Comfort Series has been customized to limited sleep positions. The medium-soft feel works relatively close to the body. This level is ideal for individuals who sleep on the sides because it provides a cushion for the hips and shoulders. It also helps to align the spine and further reduce the pressure in sensitive areas.

The next level – medium rated at 5.5 isn’t as effective as the medium-soft. It has an extra comfort layer of high resiliency polyform supporting the surface of those who sleep on stomachs and back, weighing a maximum of 230 pounds or less. Since this version doesn’t sink too deep, it is supposed to be ideal for these individuals.

The third-level – firm Tulo Comfort Series is ideal for individuals weighing more than 230 pounds and sleeping on their stomachs and back. This mattress sinks to a minimum level and adds little or no pressure.


  • Ideal for people weighing less than 130 pounds.
  • Can be used by those who share beds, e.g., couples.


The Nectar Mattress is 12 inches thick and is supposed to be medium firm, rated 6 out of 10.

Because of the medium firm, individuals sleeping on this mattress sink in to experience a deep, pressure-releasing cradle. It is ideal for people having a weight range between 130 and 230 pounds and sleeping on the sides or back. These individuals would feel like getting molded within the mattress without extra sinkage or pressure on their shoulders, hips, or lower back.

Individuals out of 130 to 230 pounds may feel a bit less comfortable. The bed may be too firm for side-sleeper individuals weighing less than 130 pounds. It will result in them not getting a sufficient spinal alignment to ease their pressure point. On the flip side, individuals more than 230 pounds and sleeping on stomachs will experience the mattress being too soft and apt to deep, uneasy sinking.

In short, Tulo is good for those customers who are looking for different firmness options. While Nectar is good for those looking for a comfortable foam bed.


  • The medium-firm feel is ideal for people weighing more than 130 pounds.
  • Delayed responsive comfort material decreases motion transfer drastically.


When we talk about durability, reports show that Nectar steals the show as it lasts for an average of 10 years, while Tulo is known to last for up to 7 years if used by the average sleepers. In most cases, the durability may reduce if the beds are overused or are used by more than average heavyweight individuals.


Here also, Nectar wins over Tulo as it offers a lifetime warranty till the customer owns the mattress. Tulo offers a warranty for a maximum of 10 years, which is also more than enough. On second thought, you should also consider the word “lifetime warranty” doesn’t make sense when the mattress is going to last for 10 to 12 years only.


Both the mattresses are budget-friendly. The Tulo mattresses’ prices range from $600 to $960 with an offer of a discount of $300 during check out. The Nectar price range starts from $399 to $1,598 with a discount of $100 off plus $399 worth of accessories free.


Soft, Medium, and Firm are the three variants of Tulo mattresses. Studies have reported Tulo mattresses to support the spine and relieve stiffness and back pain.

Nectar mattresses, on the other hand, have five layers of foam inside, to provide pressure relief at the appropriate points. Therefore it is ideal for side sleepers as it holds shoulders and hips in a correct position.

Tulo offers more comfort as compared to Nectar mattresses which provide more firmness. Tulo is recommended for all sleeping positions.

So, if you are looking for more comfortability, go for Tulo and if looking for firmness, Nectar is the best choice. Nectar though is recommended for average weighted and sized individuals.


In this area, the Tulo mattress outweighs Nectar, as the Tulo mattress helps to maintain the optimal temperature of your body. On the flip side, Nectar doesn’t allow enough air circulation, though it is constructed with breathable foam layers and a polyethylene cover to keep the mattress cool.

Tulo vs Nectar Comparison - Key Differences


Both the Tulo and Nectar mattresses manufacture their products under CertiPUR-US certification for foam materials, in the US.


Tulo is better known to support the spine, which results in giving relief to stiffness and back pain. Nectar is ideal when it comes to supporting your body with its firmness. It does a fine job for an easy rest with Nectar mattresses.

Owner Satisfaction

Tulo has received great reviews when customers talk about comfort. Reviewers mention they feel more comfortable with Tulo mattresses and appreciate their choice. Nectar though has received more scoring over Tulo from the online reviewers. Let’s have a look at the table below:

Customer Satisfaction8.3/109.7/10
Price Value8.6/109.8/10
No Back Pain8.5/109.6/10

Source: https://www.slumbersearch.com/

Tulo vs Nectar: Which One to Choose?

If all the above information is still overwhelming for you and you are still unable to zero down on which mattress to buy, let’s get it easy for you

Tulo vs Nectar: Which One to Choose?

Purchase a Tulo mattress if:

  • You are looking for a neutral-foam feel.
  • You want a softer and more comfortable mattress.
  • You are suffering from lower back pain and pressure points.
  • Your sleep gets disturbed easily with a slight movement of your sleeping partner..

Purchase a Nectar mattress if:

  • You are looking for a neutral-foam feel.
  • You want a softer and more comfortable mattress.
  • You are suffering from lower back pain and pressure points.
  • Your sleep gets disturbed easily with a slight movement of your sleeping partner..You like a memory foam feel.
  • You want to buy a mattress with a medium-firm level
  • You experience pressure points in your shoulders, lower back, or hips
  • You are looking for an extended trial period and lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is Tulo mattress toxic?

Ans. No. As the memory foam used in Tulo mattresses is CertifPUR-US certified, it indirectly proves that the Tulo is free of toxins. 

You can be rest assured, that the certification company assesses the foams to verify better indoor air quality by minimum off-gassing.

Q.2. Why is my Nectar mattress so hard?

Ans. The layers in a Nectar mattress are composed of premium memory foam. As per studies, it is believed that within 30 days of usage, the sleeper’s body gets used to this new support level. You may feel the hardness of the Nectar mattress as your body is conditioned to the old mattress full of lumps.

Q.3. Is Nectar good for back pain?

Ans. Yes, the Nectar mattress is a good choice for any individual suffering from back pain, as it offers ample support with its premium memory foam material.


From all the above discussion on Tulo vs Nectar mattress, it is evident that both the mattresses are predominantly similar with slight differences in comfortability, firmness, and trial period. Those looking for comfort can look for Tulo mattresses as they provide multiple options based on your sleeping style or weight. 

Those looking for firmness and suffering from lower back pain can choose Nectar mattresses. It also offers a lengthy trial period. Buy any one of the mattresses today as per your need and say goodbye to bad sleeping.

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