Can You Wash Hammock Straps? (Easy Secrets Exposed)

A hammock strap is a tree protector strap that often gets dirty when used frequently. Being a superb alternative for rigging up ropes, these straps work by hooking the hammock to the tree via a carabiner system and a loop.

Especially when the hammocks are used in winter or attached to trees that produce a lot of sap, washing the straps regularly becomes important. However, owing to the product’s texture, we often drop the idea of washing them. 

So, can you wash hammock straps?

Yes, all the polyester hammock straps can be washed using water as the solvent. You shouldn’t use anything except water as the solvent though, as that may ruin the straps.

Well, that’s a short answer. But, in this article, we will be discussing everything about hammock straps and bring a conclusion to all your queries too. 

Can you wash hammock straps
washing hammock straps

Can you wash hammock straps? 

Most of the hammock straps are polyester, so they are suitable for washing with water. Any other solvent except water is not recommended for washing the hammock straps effectively. Moreover, for proper cleaning, hammock users broadly suggest dish soap. 

To wash your hammock straps in the simplest way:

  • Take a bucket of warm water.
  • Always remember that washing with warm water is more beneficial than using the water at room temperature.
  • Scrub the strap with dish soap and rinse it in the water. 

The mixture of warm water and dish soap is used as it forms an alkaline solution that works effectively against tree sap and dirt on the hammock straps. 

What is the best way to wash hammock straps? 

The best way to wash the dirty straps of your hammock is by putting them into a washing machine. Add dishwashing powder to it and leave it unless it’s done. Well, machine washing is preferred over manual washing because the stubborn dirt on the surface of the straps is very difficult to remove by hand. 

What is the best way to wash hammock straps? 

Do not put the hammock into the washing machine with the sap on it. Doing so may disrupt the effectiveness of the alkaline solution and prevent the proper cleaning of the straps. 

So, first of all, remove the sap from the strap with the help of baby wipes, remove the carabiners from each end and then throw it in the wash. For the carabiners, wash them separately with a small amount of soap and lots of cold water. 

Can hammock ropes be cleaned manually? 

Yes, hammock ropes can be cleaned manually, just like the hammock straps. Made of similar types of heavy-duty material like nylon or polyester, both can be cleaned similarly. Therefore, you can easily clean your hammock ropes using warm water and dish soap. 

However, if you find tree sap layered on the ropes, do not worry, as you can effortlessly mop them out with the help of alcohol-based cleaners or baby wipes. 

Are washing machines suitable for washing hammock straps?

Washing machines are not just suitable; they are perfect for washing hammock straps. This mode is often preferred over manual washing because washing via hands is strenuous, time-consuming and less effective. 

Are washing machines suitable for washing hammock straps

Yes, clothing detergents can be used to clean the straps, but they are milder than dish soap. Since the dirt on clothes isn’t as tough as on dishes, using a normal detergent won’t be wise. 

Before putting the strap into the machine, ensure all the metal attachments from the strap, like the carabiners or S-hooks, have been removed. Failing to remove them will cause the attachments to rattle around in the machine. 

How to remove sap from the hammock strap? 

As mentioned earlier, lighter sap caked on the surface of the hammock strap can be easily removed using baby wipes. Even lesser tree sap can be cleaned by dipping it into the mixture of warm water and dish soap. However, the above methods won’t work wonders if you have a lot of sap on your hammock strap. 

How to remove sap from the hammock strap? 

So, to bring your sap-laden strap back to normal, you can follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, spray the alcohol-based cleaner perfectly over the areas with heavy sap. 
  • Spread out the cleaner gently with the help of a cloth.
  • Wash the straps normally in a bucket of warm water and dishwashing soap or detergent. Well, putting them into a washing machine is also perfectly fine.

When we talk about alcohol-based cleaners, many household products like hand sanitizer can also be used to remove tree sap. Apart from these, peanut butter, Lysol wipes or a WD40 is also prevalent. 

Do’s and don’ts while washing a hammock strap

Despite being made of heavy-duty material, hammock straps are slightly sensitive. Therefore, it’s important to look after the do’s and don’ts while cleaning the hammock straps.

Starting with the do’s we have,

  • Remove the sap properly before washing the strap. 
  • Use dish soap instead of other expensive detergents 
  • Use warm water for washing 
  • If we talk about the don’ts, then we have,
  • Do not wash the straps with the carabiners on.
  • Do not bleach the straps
  • Never use fabric softeners
  • If using a washing machine, do not set it on a high spin cycle. 

Well, the do’s and don’ts should be followed to give your hammock straps a healthier and longer life span. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can ENO hammock straps be washed in a washing machine?

Yes, ENO hammock straps can be washed ideally in a washing machine. For this, you just have to remove the carabiners Or any other hardware before giving it for washing. Do not use an agitator; wash the straps on a delicate cycle spin with a mild detergent. 

Are nylon hammock straps washable?

In the case of nylon hammock straps, try to wash them manually with the help of a mild detergent. Even if you are washing it in a washing machine, make sure to use a delicate cycle, warm water and avoid all kinds of fabric softeners.

How to get rid of mildew?

Mildew can be uncomfortable, and to remove it, a mixture of water and a small amount of vinegar can be used before washing it. Moreover, if the odor is hard to remove, applying baking soda to the affected area can be a great idea. 
Well, not hanging it in its place while it’s still wet can help you to get rid of mildew.

Is it okay to wash fabric hammock straps in a washing machine?

Yes, fabric hammock straps can also be washed in washing machines. You have to apply a mild detergent and set it on a gentle spin. Besides, we are thinking of adding fabric softeners. 


Straps are an essential component for hammocks, and hence, they should be given equal attention as we give to a hammock. They should be washed properly and periodically to bring the best out of them and use them for a longer time. 

Now, washing a hammock strap is another thought-worthy process that deserves our focus. Washing properly can save lives while cleaning incorrectly can degrade the texture of your hammock straps to a great extent. Moreover, unsuitable methods can affect the performance of the straps too. 

Thus, the hammock straps are completely safe to wash when washed with the best cleaning product.

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