Best Foundation for Latex Mattress: Reviews and Buying Guide

It’s essential to provide your latex mattress with a proper foundation to ensure comfort and, of course, to protect it in the long run. I have been using a latex mattress for a long time, and indeed initially, it was challenging for me to select a proper foundation. But after extensive research and trial-and-error experience, I finally developed a few checkpoints which made the selection process easy, for instance, how to avoid mattresses sags. 

Best Foundation for Latex Mattress

I have covered all that in detail in this piece, along with a detailed review of the Best Foundation for Latex Mattress in the market now. Plus, I have included a couple of FAQs that will make your buying process easy. 

So let’s get on with it. 

Do latex mattresses need a foundation? 

Latex mattresses are not extremely light. Thus, these require a foundation that provides ample support for the mattress and the bodies that sleep on it. However, not all mattress platforms can provide that support. In addition, a good foundation will ensure structural integrity.

No matter how comfortable your latex mattress might be, if it’s not supported well, you may not feel comfortable on it, thus making it necessary for a latex mattress to have a strong foundation.

types of bed frame for latex mattresses

Various bed frames are available; however, choosing the ideal one for your latex mattress will make the experience more rewarding. 

Box Spring Foundation

If you want a classic bed look, this is something you can consider. This is one of the most popular options today. You can opt for traditional box spring mattresses as well; however, they are not very easy to find. So instead, you can go for a box foundation, a.k.a box spring foundation. 

Adjustable Foundation

As the name suggests, the foundation can be adjusted in multiple shapes. However, these are primarily used in hospitals and retirement homes and are not made for residential use. However, these beds have substantial medical benefits. For instance, it provides ample lumbar support; it’s versatile and can be fully customized. 

Grid Platforms

These platforms provide excellent durability, and thus you are sure to be safe for a very long time without investing anything additional. Besides, these also come in easy to move tri-hold-design with sufficient under-bed storage facility. 

Besides the top three options, many people choose slatted foundations for latex mattresses as they ensure adequate airflow, provide support, flexibility, and are ideal for spinal alignment. 

Why are Slatted Foundations good for Latex Mattress?

If you opt for slatted foundation, it can work very well for your latex mattresses. Slatted foundations are a popular choice for latex mattresses since they provide adequate airflow to make way for a cool night’s sleep. Additionally, they offer the desired amount of flexibility and great spinal alignment. 

The best-slated foundation should not have slates spaced out more than 8 inches; besides that, consider the following:

  • Slatted foundations are easy to assemble and can be set up right out of the box.
  • Look for a slated foundation that is made from a natural material.
  • Opt for a foundation that has edge-to-edge support.

Why are Adjustable Foundations better?

Adjustable foundations are manufactured especially for latex mattresses and thus can support the weight of the bed quite easily. In addition, the foundation allows the mattress to adjust itself to make way for different tension and firmness levels in different parts of the body.

This characteristic enables the bed to get firm and provide support under the hips or even make the shoulders comfortable by sinking in the mattress just a bit. 

However, adjustable frames work best on thin mattresses, making the adjustment apparent on the mattress surface. Though these bases are costlier than other types of foundations, people like these for the many benefits they offer.

Why is Solid and Box Spring foundation not a good choice? 

It might not be a good idea if you consider using the box spring from your traditional mattress with the latex one. Though box springs are great shock absorbers for traditional mattresses, they fail to provide the ideal support required by latex mattresses. Since these types of mattresses are not light, they need plenty of support. Unfortunately, average box springs fail to provide that. 

Thus I will not include these type of frame in the list of Best Foundation for Latex Mattress.

Best Foundation for Latex Mattress: A Quick Summary

Best Adjustable Foundation for Latex Mattress: ZINUS Jared Adjustable Base with Wall Hugger
Easy to Assemble Slatted Foundation: ZINUS SmartBase
Best Metal Slatted Foundation for Latex Mattress: Allewie Twin Size Metal Platform Bed Frame
Best Foundation with Adjustable Headspace: Beyond Lifestyle – Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
Best Foundation with Wooden Slat Support: Mellow Low Profile 6″ Metal Platform Bed Frame

Best Foundation for Latex Mattress: A detailed Review

To enjoy the full benefits of your latex mattress, it’s essential to provide it with the support it needs; I realized it the hard way. Thus, after talking to people who have used these, I have reviewed the top five foundations for latex mattresses. I have even reached out to the manufacturers for some products and have used two of these personally. By gathering first-hand information, I have been able to include all that you need to know to make your ideal pick. 

Let’s check them out, shall we?

ZINUS Jared Adjustable Base with Wall Hugger

Features at a Glance

  • A sturdy stainless-steel frame
  • Features a weight capacity of 650 pounds
  • No-tool assembly
  • Remote control operation
  • Ideal for memory foam latex and is adjustable bed friendly

This is one of my personal favorites that I have been using for some time now. Of all the top features this bed frame offers, the best one is that this frame is extremely comfortable and easy to use. It has all the right features for the perfect adjustable bed frame. 

Since I have an issue with my back, I looked for a frame that would offer customizable positioning. Fortunately, Jared by Zinus provides that, and you can set the mode using a remote control. Besides back injury, Jared is the ideal bed frame for those with chronic leg ache, arthritis joint pain, and swelling of legs. It also features quiet whisper motors, which make near-zero noise, and its heavy-duty steel frame ensures continued durability. 

I have used this frame with a medium memory foam mattress, but it pairs beautifully with latex mattresses too. 

Setting up the bed frame takes no more than 10 minutes, and you don’t require any extra tools to do so. The bed frame has a five-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the unit any time soon. Finally, it supports weight up to 650 lbs which make for couple or single use. I have used the Queen-sized option, but the Full and XL sizes are also available.

This foundation is also good for people suffering sleep apnea, though they need a special kind of mattress for sleep apnea but a good bed frame can always make a difference.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Zero noise produced.
  • Extremely sturdy structure.


  • Some users feel the support provided is not enough.
  • Limited sizes available.

Should You Buy?

The bed frame is ideal for those suffering from chronic pain and ailments. Apart from limited size availability, the bed is sturdy, quiet, and easy to set up

ZINUS SmartBase

Features at a Glance

  • Offers 1 foot under bed clearance
  • All sturdy steel construction
  • Can support up to 4400 lbs of weight
  • It does not require additional box springs
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Most users I contacted love the bed because it’s effortless to set up for the price it comes for. Even for heavy users weighing more than 100 lbs, this bed is ideal. It’s super sturdy and provides all the support one needs to sleep well. Even if you have a heavy mattress, rest assured this bed frame will hold it up, providing the required support. 

If you have a small apartment and storage is a challenge, the SmartBase can help you. The 14″ options leave a foot of room underneath the bed which you can use for storing suitcases or boxes. 

However, that’s not what makes this bed so widely popular among users. With the Zinus SmartBase, you need not buy extra box springs to complete your setup. All you need is your foundation and the mattress. The frame has heavy gauge steel wires spaced 4″ apart, providing the required support and bounce that normal box springs cannot provide. As per the manufacturer, the SmartBase has been designed to eliminate additional box springs and clear up under-bed space for storage. 

Of course, you can use other box springs if you want, but it will raise your bed foundation than required. 

The assembly part is straightforward, and if you do it well, there is zero chance of you hearing any sound or experience any wobble. Its sturdy steel construction is highly durable and thus can support so much weight. 

The 14″ bed has six points of contact with the floor while the bigger ones, like full, king, and queen, have 12 contact points. Lookwise the bed comes finished in black, which is a classic color. 

So, if you are considering an upgrade from your squeaky bed, this is the arguably deserves a place in the list of best foundation for latex mattress.


  • Compact design for small apartments.
  • Strong steel structure for ideal mattress protection.
  • Durable and noise-free supporting any type of mattress, including hybrid, latex spring, and memory foam.


  • If the frame does not match the mattress size, it might get uncomfortable.
  • Foundation too high for thick mattresses.

Should You Buy?

The bed is ideal for those looking for a well-constructed foundation that offers good weight support and under-bed clearance.

Allewie Twin Size Metal Platform Bed Frame

Features at a Glance

  • Facility to include DIY headboard
  • It offers plenty of storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not require box springs
  • Non-slip mattress

If you want a bed platform with only a headboard, then this option is perfect for you. The bed comes with pre-drilled holes for two legs. You can simply attach the headboard of your choice to add a classic look to your bedroom.

Unlike many other options in the market, the Allewie 14″ bed does not take a lot of time to set up. You will need a maximum of 30 minutes to assemble all the parts that come in the box. The package includes one Allen Wrench, few screws to hold the things in place, and the wooden slats that you simply need to put on the bed. 

Coming to the slats, since they are wooden, they create less noise compared to metal slats. Made out of durable, premium quality material, these slats extend the life of your latex/foam/spring mattress without the need for additional box springs. The slats have been carefully spaced 3.74″ apart so that the mattress does not sag. The full-sized option can take up to 400lbs of weight. Plus, the non-slip pad that comes along with the slats play a great role in providing a comfortable sleep. 

If that is not all, the Allewie Twin Size Metal Platform Bed also features a 14″ under-bed storage so that one can use the room to its full capacity. Thanks to this facility, this option is ideal for those who have a space crunch.


  • The frame is easy to set up.
  • Velcro straps hold the slats in place.
  • Made from sturdy material.
  • Provides ample under bed storage.
  • Great quality for the given price.


  • Some users feel the wood quality is not great.
  • The velcro straps make noise with any movement on the bed.

Should You Buy?

This product is ideal for those looking for a comfortable bed platform with extra storage space. The unit is easy to set up and made from sturdy material.

Beyond Lifestyle – Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Features at a Glance

  • Minimalistic but usefully designed.
  • Extremely sturdy design.
  • Thin and sturdy side rails included.
  • Comfortable and padded headboard.
  • Requires no box springs.
  • Well-spaced slats.
  • Durable design.

Though Beyond Lifestyle is a new name in the industry, it’s already making great strides with the minimalistic product designs and unique approach. The company makes products to enrich the lifestyle of the users by focusing on fundamental elements, and this bed frame goes a length to prove it. 

For starters, the headboard of the bed is well padded and strong enough to support you, your pillows, friends, and family. On corresponding with the manufacturer, I came to know a bit more about the design and was extremely impressed with the sturdy but thin side rails that accompany this bed. Of course, side rails are essential for fortification, but if they are too thick, it kind of kills the look of the room. 

Another happy-to-note feature is that the bed does not require any additional box springs. Simply put the mattress on top of the bed, and you have a 10″ height. The slats have been spaces ideally maintaining 3.7 inches gap; this allows the air to circulate properly, thereby extending the life of your mattress. 

Finally, the construction is extremely sturdy, and the elasticity of the slats goes a long way to extend the lifespan of your latex/memory foam/spring mattress. Furthermore more, the slats have Velcro attached, which keeps the mattress from sliding.


  • Extremely well packaged.
  • Simple tools included for assembly.
  • Beautiful and aesthetic.
  • Perfectly aligned parts.


  • Velcro makes noise with movement.

Should You Buy?

The bed is ideal for those looking for a minimalist yet sturdy bed frame.

Mellow Low Profile 6″ Metal Platform Bed Frame

Features at a Glance

  • Perfect low profile 6″ design for minimalists
  • It features non-slip tapes to hold the mattress steady
  • Includes noise-free foam pads between the slats
  • 100% steel construction

As the name suggests, the Mellow Low Profile bed does not have a great height and only extends up to 6 inches, ideal for those looking for a low bed setup. 

However, the bed is extremely sturdy and provides the ideal support for latex/memory foam/spring mattresses. And like the two products listed above, you need not buy any additional box springs for this. 

Made from 100% premium quality steel, the bed frame is highly durable. There are silhouette lines that add the edge to the look of the bed frame. Comfort-wise the bed has gone to great lengths. The slats included are extremely sturdy and provides the much-required support. Besides Beyond Lifestyle – Upholstered Platform Bed Frame and Allewie Twin Size Metal Platform Bed Frame, the slats of this frame comes with two straps to keep the mattress in place. 

Not only is it noise-free, but the bed includes Mill Test Certificate No. KG189031. Finally, the bed is eco-friendly and features a 5-year warranty which covers any defect caused due to faulty workmanship and material.


  • It can be used for all types of mattresses without box springs.
  • The bed frame looks sleek and features a modern look.
  • Features a five-year warranty.


  • Some users feel the slats are a bit thin.
  • The bolts are made from soft metal.

Should You Buy?

Apart from the slats being a bit thin, the bed frame meets all checkpoints of quality. It’s durable, comfortable, and made from premium quality material.

Best Foundation for Latex Mattress Buying Guide

If you wish to make the most out of your latex mattress, ensure that it gets the right support it needs, i.e., get the best foundation for latex mattress. 

But choosing a foundation is not a straight hit task; there are a few things you have to consider listed below. 

The Type of Mattresses

This is the most crucial consideration point. Most manufacturers will provide their own recommendations for the foundation that you buy. However, stick to the type of mattress you already have, in this case, latex. Do note that latex or memory foam mattresses do well with strong support provided by solid, slatted, or metal platforms. 

 Besides, do consider the size of your bed as well. If you have a Queen or King-sized bed, ensure the foundation can withstand the weight.


Not all foundations come for an affordable price; in fact, there might be some foundations that can cost more than your mattress. Thus, it’s advisable to set a budget before setting out to buy the foundation. In this context, do note that box spring foundations are the cheapest options while the adjustable beds are the most expensive.


You will be spending a considerable amount on the mattress and its foundation; of course, you want it to last long. Therefore do not compromise on the quality and look for a high-quality mattress foundation that will not only support the mattress weight but will lengthen the life of your mattress and enhance durability.

Easy setup

Besides the factors mentioned, look for a flexible and sturdy construction, especially if you have moving plans in the future. Ideally, if that is the case, you should opt for foundations that are easy to assemble and take apart to ensure mobility. 

Avoid sags

If you own a latex mattress, you might be all in for a slatted platform. Indeed it’s a good option, and many suggest that might be the best for latex mattresses. First, however, make sure the slats are not spaced more than 3 inches apart. If the slats are spaced widely apart, the mattress will sag from in between. 


Do not ignore the importance of a warranty. Always remember that buying a mattress foundation is a substantial investment, and you want to protect it. Thus it’s advisable to opt for mattress foundations from such companies that offer a warranty. Additionally, check the warranty on your mattress to see if it specifies any particular foundation. It’s always ideal to take up the manufacturer’s recommendation on this one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about best foundation for latex mattress

1. Can you put a latex mattress on plywood?

If you are bootstrapped, you can use plywood to make an oversimplified bunkie bed to support your latex mattress. First, however, you have to cover the plywood right away. Plywood chips easily, which means your mattress or sheet can get snagged if left alone on the plywood. But this can only function as a stopgap arrangement.

You will have to replace it with a proper bed frame as plywood is prone to bowing, which will cause tremendous backache. Plus, a mattress cannot breathe on a solid surface, leading to moisture build-up that can wrap and sag plywood. 

2. How do I support a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses need proper support and airflow, which is ideally provided by solid slats. The slats keep the bed from sinking, and the open space allows air to flow properly, so the moisture is safely evacuated from the mattress. Ideally, there should be a minimum of 3.25″ spacing between two slats for ideal center support. 


By now, you know how vital a proper bed foundation is for your latex mattress and what all you need to do to find the perfect foundation that suits your likes. All the products mentioned here have detailed features, including their merits and drawbacks. Likewise, if you wish to branch out, consider the pros and cons of each foundation and don’t follow recommendations blindly. Please remember what might work for someone may not work for you, so have your requirements listed first. 

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