Single Hammock vs Double Hammock: In-depth Comparison

Planning on buying a hammock? Have you made up your mind whether it will be single or double? No?

Oh, no worries, I will help you take that call by providing you with Single Hammock vs Double Hammock comparison.

Of course, if you are buying it for yourself, the choice is easy, you can do very well with a single hammock. However, as per my experience, a double hammock is better for even a single person since it’s wider. So, you can find the ideal position and cocoon yourself in the material for added comfort. 

Then again, double hammocks are a bit more expensive than single hammocks and have extra weight, so if you want to carry them a lot, a single hammock may prove effective. To make a well-informed choice, you need to be aware of the benefits of both single and double hammocks.

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Benefits of Single hammock

Single Hammock vs Double Hammock
Single Hammock vs Double Hammock


If you compare the price of single and double hammocks, you will realize that double hammocks are 31% more expensive than single hammocks. You will see a more significant difference while looking for camping hammocks.

You can, however, get double leisure hammocks at a lower price. The price increase is primarily due to the extra material and additional strength.

High and Compact

Single hammocks fold and become more compact than double hammocks and are far lighter. This is a significant advantage for backpackers who want to keep the weight in the backpack minimum. However, if you won’t carry the hammock with you, this feature is not essential.

Less Cocooning

Since a single hammock uses less material, it has a less cocoon effect, enabling you to see the surroundings better. This characteristic is of great advantage if you are in a scenic place. 

Benefits of double hammock

Single Hammock vs Double Hammock
Single Hammock vs Double Hammock

Comfortable Diagonal Position

One of the prime advantages of a double hammock is that it allows one to get comfortable in a diagonal position. Since you have a lot of extra material, you can find the ideal spot to get comfortable. The cocooning effect is an added advantage. 

Sharing and Solo

If you have a double hammock, you need not own a single one. Since it serves the purpose of both, you can either share the hammock with someone or even go solo. Not only for sleeping, but a double hammock can also be an ideal place to hang with your friend. 

Multiple Choices

Since the popularity of double hammocks has increased, single ones are less available anymore. As a result, the choices of leisure double-sized hammocks have significantly increased. 

Tall and Heavy Built

Single hammocks are shorter and tend to have a lower weight capacity compared to double hammocks. So, a tall, robust individual will do well with a double hammock. Double hammocks have a weight capacity of 300 lbs or more. They are both solid and durable and will thus ensure your safety. 

Single hammocks vs. Double hammocks

Now that you know the benefits of both single and double hammocks, let’s make a comparison and see which one would you like the most:


This is an essential factor to consider if you travel by foot or have less space in your backpack. A few extra ounces may not be a big deal for first-timers, but they don’t realize the pain and pressure they will feel on their shoulder. So, if you are walking and carrying your backpack, a lightweight hammock is good, and this is where you might consider a single hammock. 


While shopping and researching hammocks, you will come across the term “denier,” which refers to the thread size woven in the fabric. A heavy hammock will naturally have a heavier denier count than a lightweight one. Also, the higher the denier number, the more durable the fabric will be.

Ideally, you should go for the high-quality fabric to avoid the risk of an injury. When considering the material, you are more likely to get attracted to double hammocks as these have a higher denier count. Plus, it’s ideal for well-built and robust individuals.


As a rule of thumb, an ideal hammock for you should be minimum 2 feet longer than your height. This is because most of the hammocks available in the market are designed to accommodate people of various sizes. However, if an individual is very tall, it’s advisable to look for double hammocks. 


Mostly single hammocks are easy to carry and can be stuffed in a bag without much worry. However, if you opt for double hammocks or those made with rope and canvas, moving them from one place to another will be a challenge. Plus, some hammocks also require a stand for support; it’s not possible to put them in your backpack. 


Hammocks can function in various environments, so before you buy one, you will have to determine where you will be using it. For instance, if you are a backpacker, you may want a lightweight hammock, a.k.a single hammocks, as a camper, you might want a durable model like a double hammock made from a parachute nylon or polythene. 

Ease of use

Hammocks vary as per their setup. While it’s easier to set up a few models, it’s not easy to do so with others. So if you are new to this, it’s best to start with something basic. 


As mentioned earlier, double hammocks are pricier than single hammocks. However, the benefits they bring make it worth the investment.

Single Hammock vs Double Hammock: What to Buy?

Now comes the billion-dollar question…

A single-sized hammock is ideal for an average-sized individual. These are cheaper, lightweight, and easier to pack. 

On the flip side, double hammocks are much wider, allowing people to have access to more material to find the ideal positioning. In addition, a double hammock allows one to rest diagonally, which is also the recommended way of sleeping on a hammock. 

Additionally, a double hammock will also give you the cocooning effect, especially if the material has some stretch to it. Plus, you get to share your hammock with a friend, which is an added benefit. 

So to sum it up, if you have room in your budget, opting for a double hammock is a good call, provided you won’t be backpacking. However, as mentioned earlier, double hammocks are weighty and might pull down your shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Single vs Double Hammock

1. Are double hammocks very heavy?

Double hammocks are not too heavy for a single person. In fact, these are roomier, and you can keep other items that you bring with you on the trip inside the hammock. Overall, these hammocks make sleeping comfortable as you have pillows and blankets in the hammock with you. 

2. Are double hammocks more comfortable?

Yes, indeed, there are more comfortable whether or not you are sharing. In addition, the extra material allows you to try different sleeping positions. 


Even though there are multiple benefits of using double hammocks, you should opt for the one you are comfortable with, depending on your purpose. If you think a single hammock will suit your needs, better opt for that. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. Happy hammocking! 

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