Hennessy Hammock vs Eno Hammock: Detailed Comparison

Hennessy and Eno are two of the most well known brands when it comes to outdoor relaxation gear, especially hammock. So, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why I have made a thorough Hennessy hammock vs Eno buying guide. In this guide I have compared on the basis of comfortability, durability, hardware quality, customizability and many other factors that makes a hammock great.

So let’s address the concerns right away as someone who is trying to choose between Hennessy and Eno.

Hennessy Hammock vs Eno: Detailed Comparison

Hennessy Hammock vs Eno: Interesting Facts, Pros & Cons

Both the companies started small and became a thing in the hammock world. while Hennessy used the revolution of internet to get people’s attention, On the other hand Eno founders hit the road with a van full of hammock, from Florida to southeastern United States. The van served as a storefront for the initial stage of the company.

Hennessy Hammock

om Hennessey established the company. Being an inventor and industrial engineer, Tom created state-of-the-art hammocks right from 1970. Began his business almost 20 years later, in 1999 with REI and MEC.

Hennessy Hammock Advantages

  • Design: All the Hennessy hammocks feature an asymmetrical design. This is of great benefit as it prevents the hammock from curling up. The hammock lays flat on all occasions eliminating the “cocoon” feeling common with most hammocks.
  • Entry points: All Hennessy hammocks either have a bottom or a side entry. This not only keeps you safe and secured, but it also keeps the bugs away since you are practically closed inside the hammock. 
  • Tent camping: The hammocks from this brand are very similar to a single-person tent. You can get these without poles and avoid the big carry weights. These are ideal for people who enjoy tent camping.
  • Accessories: Hennessy hammocks come with multiple accessories. A rainfly and bug net comes with every hammock. So ideally, you don’t need to purchase anything extra.
  • Things I Must Mention: It is extremely lightweight and does not weigh one down, snakeskin sleeves is free with website purchase, the bubble padding gives you enough comfort.

Hennessy Hammock Disadvantages

  • Low weight limit and meant for one person: Generally, the weight limit of Hennessy hammocks are low, the maximum being only 250-300 pounds. That’s because Hennessy revolves around very small niche and they are specifically targeted towards a kind of adventurers. We have explained this in more details in the “Which One to Pick” section.
  • Color constrain: Most Hennessy hammocks come in a green tone. While this color is ideal for hunters to camouflage with the surroundings, a camper will find it challenging to spot the hammock after venturing out for a while.
  • Expensive: Hammocks from this brand are far too highly-priced than other hammocks in the market. This is primarily because of the many accessories that come with these hammocks. Plus, all of these have a patented design which increases the price of the product.
  • Difficult to set up: Due to its asymmetrical design, the Hennessy hammocks are a little challenging to set up. You can’t do away with simple clipping. You will have to run it and stake the lines to provide that desired shape to the unit. but they will provide you with a simple guide that you can follow.

ENO Hammock

ENO, a.k.a. Eagle’s Best Outfitters, was established in 1999. Initially, the company aimed to sell hammocks at outdoor events and music festivals. Now, in addition to hammocks, the company includes a wide range of camping gear ideal for high-performing hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

ENO Hammock Advantages

  • Excellent color range: ENO has a fantastic color range. This is where ENO comes a bit ahead of Hennessy in the debate. Even if there are multiple campers on your site, you need not worry about a color mixup since each will be different. Plus, there are numerous bright shades to choose from, so finding your hammock in the woods will not be challenging.
  • Environmental friendly: ENO is a popular eco-friendly brand. One of the core principles of the brand is to avoid creating waste. So, if you are a green traveler, ENO should be your prime choice. 
  • High weight limits: Unlike Hennessy hammocks, ENO double net hammocks can support up to 400 pounds of weight. Thus, these hammocks are perfect for single travelers with some gears or maybe two campers sharing a hammock.
  • Assembly: The ENO hammocks take only a few moments to set up. All you need to do is include the carabiners clip right on the straps, and you are done. So, if you are tired of hiking for long and want to rest to take some rest before moving forward, setting up this hammock for that purpose should be a piece of cake.

ENO Hammock Disadvantages

  • No accessories: All ENO accessories have to be purchased. Even if you want a bug net or fly net, you will have to buy them additionally.
  • No tree straps: No ENO hammock features tree straps. However, they offer other different types of straps. You will need to pick which one you want. 
  • Weight issue: The hammock coupled with the accessories of your choice will weigh a little over 4 pounds. This might be a little hefty if you are planning to go on a hiking trip.

Hennessy Hammock vs Eno: Things To Consider

To have an enjoyable and comfortable camping trip, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding between ENO and Hennessy:

  • Determine the level of comfort you will require from your hammock. It’s advisable to choose one that will help you enjoy the outdoor experience as a whole. If you are looking maximum comfort, Hennessy’s bubble padding is game changer but it is way more expensive for a single person hammock.
  • Consider the price point of the unit. You will do better with one that meets your purpose. Chasing the brand name in this case not be ideal.
  • Take a good look at the dimension the hammock offers. The length and width are the primary dimensions to consider while buying any unit. Since hammocks come in different sizes, choosing one that meets your dimension requirement is essential. 

Besides, dimension it’s essential to consider the material. If you are allergic to certain materials, avoid buying those. 

Hennessy Hammock vs Eno: So Which One To Pick?

It’s not possible to choose the clear winner between the two. That depends on how you use your hammock, if you are a professional adventurer or not and what feature of a hammock is most important to you and lastly your budget.

But no matter what you do, go through the characteristics of each of the brands carefully before making your call. To keep it short

Hennessy hammocks Characteristics

These are most suited for experienced campers and hikers who visit different types of environments and weather conditions. 

Of course, they have premium quality, but they are a bit hard to set up. but it comes with a clear tutorial.

However, they have a lower weight limit, which means certain campers, especially those who don’t travel light, will not be able to use this unit. 

Of course, they work amazingly well for some people. Mostly for professional adventurer.

Yes, it is pricy but they come with all the important accessories like rainfly and mosquito mesh. Another, thing I love about Hennessy is that getting in and out of it is fairly easy because it has the classic bottom entry system. In the below picture look how Hennessy himself is getting into the hammock.

Image credit: Hennessy Hammock

Eno hammocks Characteristics

Let’s admit not many people are professional climber or hiker. Most of the people go for camping just relax and to get out from their daily schedule. Eno makes Hammock for those.

It is fairly priced and also durable. Eno also has two person hammocks to offer.

So, Eno mainly appeals to general population, who goes to camping or hiking as a hobby.

That’s why Eno hammock are great pick if you are a beginner.

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