How to Hang a Curtain on a Bunk Bed? Simple Guide

How to Hang a Curtain on a Bunk Bed?

Is your bunk bed looking too dry in the room? Do you need some privacy in your college dorm? If you have similar questions, the answer to those is bunk bed curtains! 

Bunk bed curtains are a fun way to add a dreamy feel to your room, have designated sleeping space, and of course to provide that much-needed privacy. In this article, we have covered all that you need to know to hang your bunk bed curtains. So let’s get started.

Bunk Bed Measurement Guide

Taking accurate measurement is the most important thing before learning how to hang a curtain on a bunk bed. As the name suggests, bunk beds are essentially bed stacked one on top of the other. Mostly, it has two beds stacked together; however, there can be three as well in some instances.

Mostly, standard, single, or twin bunk beds measure 75in X 39 in. X 65in. Full bunk beds are a tad bit bigger and are approximately 75 in X 54 in X 65. Apart from these, two other bunk beds of diverse sizes are also available. You can make your pick from short or triple bunk beds or with ones with turdles. Though queen and king bunk beds are also manufactured, they are pretty rare. 

How to Hang a Curtain on a Bunk Bed?

How to Hang a Curtain on a Bunk Bed: simple guide

The process of hanging curtains on a bunk bed is pretty easy, you only need to follow the steps below, and you will be done in no time. 

Take measurements

The very first step is to determine the length of your bunk bed to identify how long of a curtain rod you will require. It is needless to say that the rod length will vary with the width of the bunk bed. Also, please note that the size of the top and bottom bunk beds often differs. So you may have to get two bunk bed curtains for the bottom bunk and the top bunk. 

Select the fabric

The selection of the curtain fabric will depend on the purpose. For example, opt for a thick material if you want to hang the curtain for privacy. You can also purchase readymade curtains made from thick fabric. However, if it’s only for decoration, lightweight material will look better and give a dreamy feel to your room. 

Attach the roof hooks

Once you have the material and stitch it as per your requirement, you need hooks to hang them on. It’s important to buy premium quality hooks to keep the curtains in place for a long time. Now, attach the hooks to the lower bunk bed. You will perhaps have to drill some holes to get the hooks in place. So, opt for hooks with a tightening system to hold the rod in place. 

Place the curtain rods

Once the hooks are in place, insert the rod. Start by sliding the rod end into one of the hooks and push it forward. Basically, the rod should be held by the hooks. 

Hang the curtains

Take one side out of the hooks while ensuring that the other side remains inside the hook. Now put the curtains on the rod and place the rod back onto the hook. If required, adjust the position of the bunk bed curtains for bottom bunk and upper bunk on the center. 

Once you are satisfied with the positioning, you are done.

How to Hang a Curtain on a wooden or metal bed?

The method of hanging curtains on a wooden or metal bed is the same, except you may need a different drill tip. You can also use suction cups of adhesives to hold the curtains in place if you don’t want to drill holes in your bunk bed. 

Unlike wooden bunk beds, metal beds have multiple rounded areas, making adding hooks more challenging than wooden beds. One of the best options for metal bunk beds is suction cups, as they cling well on smooth surfaces like metal beds. Some curtains come with suction cups and don’t require curtain rods.

Why hang curtains on a bunk bed? 

There can be many reasons for wanting to hang curtains on a bunk bed. It can be for privacy, a dark sleeping place, or a quick tidy look. Some kid’s rooms are also thematic, so curtained bunk beds can be made into a castle or a cave to keep with the theme. 

Why hang curtains on a bunk bed? 

Curtains for privacy

If the bunk bed is in the kid’s room, the issue of privacy may not come up. However, if two adolescent siblings or friends share the room, then privacy will be required. Having thick material curtains on both the beds may be essential in such situations. 

Avoiding clutter

Not only for privacy, but curtains are also perfect for creating some boundaries for your sleeping space. This especially applies to a situation when your room is messy. But thankfully, once you draw the curtains on your bunk bed, you can cut away from the clutter and have a comfortable sleep. 

Dark environment

Since two people are likely to share the bunk beds, they might have different sleeping preferences. For instance, one may be afraid of sleeping in the dark while the other may not sleep with the lights turned on. This can be handled well by hanging curtains. The curtains will block the light for one while the other can have the light illuminating the room.

Sleeping castle for children

Kids are incredibly imaginative and love to partake in pretend play. You can help them with their imagination by turning their bunk beds into a castle or a forest with curtains. Pick any brick-patterned curtain material or ones with leaves and have them hung. Your kids are going to love it!

Adding pop colors to the room

This especially applies to college students. Mostly the hostel rooms have a flat basic color, and the bunk beds are no different as well. Indeed it takes a dab at the mood. But thankfully, you can spice things up by having pop-colored curtains for your bunk bed. This provides the room’s much-needed color and helps set a vibe. 


Bunk bed curtains can also be a part of your room decor. If you opt for lightweight curtains in net or satin, you can create a beautiful dreamy look by having fairy lights put up on the curtains, enhancing the entire room’s look. 

DIY Bunk Bed Curtains

Many people agree that handmade things are more fun than store-bought options. Besides adding a personal touch, handmade things are always boutique and exclusive. Thus you can make the bunk beds curtains yourself to add a certain level of exclusivity to your room. 

The entire process is very simple:

Material selection

To make your own bunk curtains, it’s advisable to go through certain online and offline stores to pick any options you like. If you have friends or family who sew, you can check with them for some reliable stores. 


Assuming you are making curtains for two bunk beds, you will need two panels for each bunk. The height of the bunk beds will determine the size. Ideally, the length should be able to cover the entire space, plus have some extra (at least 4″) left for the seam. For the width, consider the whole of the two beds and add two-inch more. 


Before you get to stitching, on the side edges, fold the fabric over ½ inch and fold it once again before pinning it. Repeat the process for the top and bottom hems; however, make sure the hem is longer. Making them 2″ thick is ideal. 


Now using the pinned area sew the fabric. You can opt for any stitch pattern you want; however, select a pattern that holds up well. 

Hanging the curtains

To hang the curtains, you will need curtain rods or even dowels. Depending on the size of the bed, you may need to cut the dowels and then hang them in the wooden pole socket. This process can be a bit challenging if you are a newbie, but thankfully it’s a straightforward process. Many people also opt for curtain wires, but at times these don’t stay put, especially on kids’ beds where there might be some tugging and pulling. 

 Once you attach the bars, attach the hooks and clips to hold the curtains

How to make the top bunk private?

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make the top bunk bed private is by hanging curtains. This is common among college students who have bunk beds in their dorms. However, the hanging process is different from hanging curtains in the lower bed. 

To hang the curtains on the top bunk bed, you need to install the rods on the ceiling. It’s advisable to use a store-bought bunk bed canopy, attach srew-in bed risers at the top of the bed’s post. You can opt for a bunk bed that comes with an enclosure. 

How to make the top bunk private?
How to make the top bunk private?

It is often noted that hanging curtain rods to the upper bunk can get tricky. This mostly happens because bed structures are not always high enough to install curtain rods. In such cases installing the rod on the roof is a good idea. 

You can also attach the screw risers on the top of the upper bedpost turning it into a four-poster bed. Then connect all the four posts with a wire and hang the curtains from the wires. 

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Learning how to hang a curtain on a bunk bed can be fun and creative. Besides, privacy curtains can add a certain edge to your bed and your entire room. You can either buy a readymade curtain or use the DIY process mentioned above to add some fun elements to your room. 

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