Do Sleeping Bags have a Tog Rating in 2022? (Correct Your Facts Here)

Thermal overall grade (TOG) is a way of calculating the upward flowing heat intensity in thick fabrics.  So, sleep attires or related products are graded through TOG ratings based on the heating they give in cold surroundings.  Every commodity must have a TOG rating tag to demonstrate the level of warmth it provides. More the heat, the higher the ranking of the product. 

But, do sleeping bags have a tog rating as well? Yes, they do. In fact, it’s one of the most important parameters especially you are shopping for a sleeping bag for your little one.

In fact, if you are exploring the market in search of sleeping bags for adults, old-age people and especially for kids, then you will look for the tog tags on them. These rankings assist in selecting the right bedroll for comfortable and cozy sleep at night.

Do Sleeping Bags have a Tog Rating
Do sleeping bags have a tog rating?

Mothers always want their Innocent little munchkins to get dry, snugly, warm and comfy sleeping patterns. So, they can happily enjoy their playing dates, tummy time or eating without getting grumpy. However, tog category sleeping sacks for kids will work as a miracle for peaceful naps. 

What is TOG Rating?

Tog Rating Explained

TOG rankings figures are decided based on the universally accepted standard unit that tells the heating power present in items of clothing or sleeping bags.

Children benefit a lot from the warmness of the fabric, they don’t feel humid or itchy from the rashes due to wet clothes.

A higher ranking means it will be a perfect and heater for kids during chilly days whereas in summer babies will feel coolness if rankings figures are low.  

TOG ranking should only be considered as a general figure of how much heat it will provide. However, ratings are discovered in laboratories on hard and flat material tops. As every individual has different heating tolerance levels and it’s mandatory when the thermal fabric touches your skin you feel warmth according to your needs.

Low-quality sleeping sacks are produced by economical material that has minimal heating while more qualitative bucks have a higher capacity to trap excess heat in a fabric.

Geographical areas play an important role in deciding TOG ratings. The polar region, Canada, parts of Europe and others expect a high TOG rating of sleeping bags as their weather is always cold even in summers.

It helps them to keep dry, warm and comfortable in a snowy climate so they don’t lack beauty sleep, especially when camping with kids. Rankings start from 3- 4.5 and increase to 12- 15.5 tog.

Fabrics are measured in a Tog meter tool for checking heat intensity. Every production unit has a specific way of calculating the TOG  ratings as per their convenience. 

What is the ideal TOG rate for a kid?

Is your child getting too cold or too hot while sleeping? If they are facing difficulties in maintaining body heat. It’s time you must acknowledge the correct TOG rating sleeping bags for your precious child to give them healthy and peaceful naps.

Kids require more sleeping time than adults as it helps them to grow physically and mentally. Poor naps will make kids moody, angry or irritated all the time which is not good for their healthy growing process. Adults should analyze what to look for in a kids sleeping bag while buying it. 

Room TemperaturelevelTOG rating
25- 27 °CHot0.5 tog
21 -24 °CWarm1.0 tog
18- 21 °CAverage2.5 tog
17 and below °CCold3.5 and above tog

When a baby turns one, parents should switch them to tog based sleeping bags. For starting you can stick to 3-7 tog to check child resistivity towards the warmness of the sack. If you select a high numbering tog, then it can overheat a child’s body during the night.

So, lightweight cover-ups will make them a lot more satisfied. In case the room temperature is a bit cold you can use extra blankets to cover your baby.  

For kids over two years of age 4.0 (Tog) is enough to provide them comfort. Before sliding your babies in a sleeping bag, do measure the temperature of their room. 4.0 to the rating is suitable for an 18°C temperature room. If the room is more heated then you can always adjust the temperature accordingly. 

Children between four to ten years of age require a warmer sleeping sack of 4.5 – 13.5 tog. If the climate is wintery 9.0 – 13.5 works best for the kids. During the spring season, 4.5 – 9.0 will give precise heat to the body.  

Do sleeping bags have a tog rating?

Yes, sleeping bags do have TOG ratings. During stressful times a person needs a relaxing sleep that will help them in handling the situations well without getting depressed. The correct temperature of a sleeping bag is quite a necessary part of a sound sleep. 

Tog indexing assists people to decide which rating material will best suit their body, as some feel a lot of chilliness and others are always warm. However, the rating chart makes the investment less confusing as it already indicated the right numbering works best for different surroundings. 

Why using TOG rating in sleeping bags is important?

Imagine you are in the middle of open surroundings covered in layers of the duvet, still quivering with cold. The cold environment will ruin your sleep if the body is not warm enough to fight the damp climate.

Most people use sleeping sacks on camping or picnics and they cannot carry tons of blankets with them. Higher Tog rating sleeping bags come in handy, as you will not require an extra layer to cover yourself fully. 

using TOG rating in sleeping bags is important
Why using TOG rating in sleeping bags is important?

Sometimes, people’s houses reside in a cold environment and even the heating system fails to provide enough warmth. So, they can use tog rating sleeping bags at home to get the required 6-8 hours of sleep. 

Parents always worry for their children, especially during the night if they are getting a decent amount of sleep or not. Sleeping Kids usually kick their duvets to the sides and shiver with a cold all night.

So, tog rating sleeping bags swaddle them comfortably and give gentle heat so they can get lost in their dreamy world happily. Sleeping sacks also protects the kids from getting suffocated under the layers of blankets. 


Always remember Tog ranking in a fabric or sleeping bag only gives the rough idea of warmth it contains. The heating level may vary due to weather conditions, body resistance, skin problems and many more. Especially for kids, select the material wisely that may comfort them. Study the tog rating charts to avoid any confusion before buying. 

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