Best Air Mattress Couch 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Air mattress couches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that are becoming extremely popular. One of the best things about inflatable furniture is that they are portable.

Air mattresses, for instance, can be used both at home and for camping trips. It’s also ideal for people who frequently move from one city to another. Be it to hang out with the children, or to read a book by the pool, or maybe for a camping trip, air mattresses can be used on multiple occasions. 

Best Air Mattress Couch
Best Air Mattress Couch

In this piece, we talk about the top five best air mattress couch that you can consider if you are planning to buy inflatable furniture. We have done all the research by talking to various users and gave tested the products ourselves to help you find that one piece, ideal for your use. 

So, let’s get started! 

Are inflatable couches comfortable?

Inflatable air couches are very comfortable and make a great addition to living areas. Since these pieces of furniture use air, it provides the users with a cozy and comfortable setting.

Overall, such furniture supports your back, your whole body and is the perfect sitting arrangement. You can fill the inflatable couches with any air, hydrogen, helium, or nitrogen.

Best air mattress couch: Quick Summary

Best Convertible Air Mattress Couch: Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Queen Size Air Futon Sofa Couch.
Best Pull Out Air Mattress Couch: Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed Series.
Best Budget-Friendly Air Mattress Couch: Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed.
Best Air Mattress Couch for Camping and Travel: Twin Air Mattress for Tents Camping.
Best luxurious Air Mattress Couch: Intex Inflatable Furniture Series.

Best air mattress couch 2022: A Detailed Review

Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Queen Size Folding Air Futon Sofa

Features at a Glance

  • Pull out option: The product can be used both as a sofa and as a bed.
  • Spacious: It’s a queen-size sofa that can easily accommodate two adults.
  • Inflation: It takes only a couple of minutes to inflate the unit.
  • Waterproof: The top and sides of the product is waterproof.

Intex pull-out sofa has all the desirable features that you will want from an inflatable bed. This is an ideal piece for your living room, which doubles itself as a bed for your house guests at night. 

The best part is it takes no time to inflate the mattress, and its wide opening valves make deflating easy. Tne Intex sofa cum bed comes in a queen size, so you can either use it as a permanent bed or have it set up for your overnight guests. As per users, it has the desired height and firmness. 

The sofa is ideal for two adults and does not compromise on sleep quality and comfort. When using as a sofa, the backrest inclines very comfortably, and the armrests are extremely soft. It also has a cup holder that makes relaxing in it all the more comfortable to use. 

Made from premium quality PVC, the Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Queen Size Convertible Pull Out Sofa is known for its stability. The strong mattress can take up weight up to 450 lbs. Many users have mentioned that the product does not deform even with long-term use. 

You can use this unit outdoors without any worry as it can handle adverse environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations. Besides, the PVC used in the construction is extremely puncture-proof, so you can place it on any surface. 

Overall the unit features all the qualities desired from a premium quality air bed.


  • Comfortable seating for two.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Versatile for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Sturdy build.


  • It does not include an air pump.
  • The unit deflates often.
  • Storage is difficult.

Should You Buy?

The Intex two-in-one sofa is extremely convenient to use, and blowing it up is easy. The brand has taken small details of joy into account, which adds a personal touch to the product. 

Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed

Features at a Glance

  • Surface: Comfortable and velvety surface
  • Ease of use: Includes 2-in-one wide valve with an extra-large opening to inflate and deflate the unit fast 
  • Valves: Features three inflation and deflation valve
  • Storage: Folds up compactly
  • Details: It has cup holders

The product arrives in a well-packaged box weighing over 7.7 kg. It has one single interconnected fabric shape with one main valve required to pump the sofa frame. The other two valves are for the two cushions, and using these valves is very easy. 

 Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed is known for its comfort in addition to other things. It’s extremely easy for you to turn this beautiful-looking sofa into a queen-size bed for your guests, thanks to the two cushions connected to each other and the mainframe.

The top material of the product is plush and velvety, which makes for the perfect sleeping surface. The bed is big enough for tall people to sleep on it comfortably. 

Not only at home, but this can also be your perfect companion for the next camping trip! While providing the utmost comfort, this product is truly lightweight and portable, making it easy to move it from one place to another. 


  • Ideal for camping trips.
  • Can hold air for a whole week.
  • Comfortable premium quality couch.
  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Easy to lean on back and armrest.


  • As per some users, the product develops leaks quickly.
  • Low sitting.
  • Fitted sheets can’t be used.

Should You Buy?

Ideal for those looking for a budget pull-out bed. It is one of the best options within an affordable price range. 

Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Couch

Features at a Glance

  • Chair cum bed: A single unit chair that transforms into a single bed.
  • Usage: A 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide opening for fast inflation and deflation.
  • A great addition to living space: Perfect for dorms and guest rooms.
  • Storage: Folds easily for storage.

If you are a gamer or a book worm, you know the importance of a good chair, but how many times have you fallen asleep on that and cramped your back? Well, with the Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable, you can turn your comfortable chair into a comfortable single bed! 

Inflating and deflating the chair is extremely easy, thanks to its 2-in-1 valve and its extra-wide opening. However, you will require an additional electric pump to inflate as it’s not provided with the unit. 

The bed has a soft flocked top with plush fabric covering it. There is an additional cushion on the air bed that will provide you with all the comfort you need. Besides, there is also a cup holder to make watching tv and gaming enjoyable. 

Made from a strong PVC material, it provides extra durability to the chair. That means you can use it outdoors without worrying about anything! 

Transform your favorite chair into a single bed in no time! And once done, you can deflate it easily and store it away for later use. Not only is the product ideal for camping trips or lounging, but it can also be your go-to furniture to have in your college dorm and guest bedroom.

The unit can take up to 220 pounds of weight which is more than enough for a camping trip or having a house guest over. 


  • Ideal for kids’ camping trip.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • It can accommodate well-built people.
  • Holds air for long.


  • It’s squeaky.
  • Some users found it difficult to get up from the chair.
  • Challenging to inflate.

Should You Buy?

Overall the product is ideal for those looking for a chair that can double as a single bed in an affordable price range.

JEAOUIA Air Mattress Couch

Features at a Glance

  • Ergonomic design: It has an adjustable backrest
  • Perfect for all surfaces: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ease of use: Inflates very fast
  • Plush fabric: Skin-friendly fabric used 
  • Sales: Quality after-sales service

Sleeping on an air mattress was never this comfortable! With the JEAOUIA twin air bed, you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The bed features an ergonomic design that supports the body shape perfectly, thereby allowing you to sleep on a soft and comfortable surface. Multiple layerings results in a soft plush feel that enhances comfort. The unit has a PVC layer, flowed by a waterproofing layer. The top two layers are insulating with skin-friendly flocking. Thanks to the top two layers, you can sleep soundly in a comfortable setting. 

 JEAOUIA allows users to adjust the backrest position of the bed. You can either use it as an inflatable bed or as a sofa. Like the Intex inflatable beds, this one too comes with two cup holders.

Not only is the unit ideal for indoor use, but you can also take it out for your next camping trip! The bed can take a load up to 220 lbs and is 9″ in length. So, in addition to being load-bearing, the bed is ideal for tall individuals. 

Finally, the bed can be inflated in three minutes, thereby saving you time. 


  • Just the right amount of thickness.
  • It has a non-slip top layer.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • It comes with a back pillow and armrest.
  • Made from durable fabric.


  • The product does not come with instructions.
  • Some users found it hard to deflate the unit.

Should You Buy?

The product is ideal for camping trips and comes with some nice features which make it extremely comfortable.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

Features at a Glance

  • Waterproof: Comfortable waterproof flocked top surface coupled with vinyl bottom
  • Ease of use: 2-in-1 valve provided along with extra wide opening for easy inflating and deflating
  • Weight: Weighs about 880 pounds
  • Storage: Easy to store

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa is one of the best inflatable types of furniture available in the market. The sofa is roughly around 12.9 kg and has multiple sections to inflate. The sofa has four primary pieces, three-cushion sections, each of which has to be individually inflated through standard valves. The remaining section has four chambers which include the base, two armrests, and a back section. Given the various compartments and the size of the unit, it takes more than 20 minutes to pump. 

As the name mentions, since it’s a corner sofa, you have to place it at the corner of your room or tent. Unlike the other products mentioned so far, this unit cannot be stretched out into a bed, but you can easily lie on it and have a comfortable sleep. 

The cushions come with a soft flock felt, which provides a certain grip and is more comfortable than PVC or latex. A vinyl bottom provides the ideal sitting surface. 

Like the other Intex products, this sofa too comes with a 2-in-1 valve along with a wide opening that allows one to inflate and deflate the unit easily. 

This is one of the most popular inflated sofas. This is extremely comfortable, and many users have thus started using this as a permanent sofa in their homes.


  • It doubles as a bed easily.
  • Comfortable and thick.
  • Couch base has a separate inflation chamber.
  • Ideal for college students.
  • It stays air-filled for many days.


  • It takes time to inflate.
  • Not ideal for houses with pets.
  • A tad bit expensive.

Should You Buy?

Ideal for those looking for a replacement for their furniture at home. This inflatable corner sofa is perfect for those who move frequently.

Best Air Mattress Couch 2022 Buying Guide

Before you jump off to buy an air mattress, it’s important to determine what makes a good air mattress. Thankfully, there are certain pointers that will help you to pick the best one. 


Mostly, vinyl is used in inflatable air mattresses. The quality of vinyl has remained the same over the years. However, regular vinyl was not suitable for the needs of a competitive industry. The 0.4 mm thick PVC, what commonly used to make vinyl, is not puncture-proof even though they are so advertised. 

Thus a shift was necessary. Today most air mattresses are made from reinforced materials. Of course, many still use vinyl but in newer ways. Keeping the change in mind, it’s ideal to look for materials that are advertised as puncture-proof.

Besides, it helps to opt for brands that set the distinct difference among the different materials. Ideally, the top surface of the air bed should have a velvety finish for comfort and an enhanced grip for sheets. 


No matter how luxurious your air mattress is, it must be easy to set up. Most air mattresses are portable; you can carry them to one place from one while it’s deflated. So, while making your pick, select one that is easy to set up and does not have a complicated process. 


A temporary air mattress should ideally not punch a hole in your pocket. Most of the models are about $150 or lower. If your budget is extremely low, you can only get PVC mattresses with internal pumps. On the higher end of the price spectrum are TPU air mattresses which come with additional features like pumps, foam toppers, and micro coils. 

Of course, the high-end models do have a warranty, but that is not beyond a year. 


Even if you opt for the strongest puncture-proof material, at the end of the day, an air mattress is, after all, air trapped in fabric that might get punctured. Thus, it’s important to look for options that come with a smart pump. This is a new technology that depends on a secondary pump that has sensors to monitor the pressure inside the bed and adds air as required to maintain the firmness setting of the bed. As most air beds leak at pinholes, pumps keep the beds from deflating. 

However, pumps are only available for high-range air beds, but there are a few affordable options to consider. 

Stability of the couch

If you are going to buy an air mattress on a shoestring budget, chances are it will deflate quickly or slide on the floor, providing the least back support. Of course, it is not going to be comfortable to sleep on such a mattress. Thus, consider a stable option with the ideal weight distribution that will help keep the mattress in place.

Most premium quality mattresses offer dual chamber construction that provides the ideal height and plushness as opposed to traditional mattresses, thereby enhancing stability.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can you use an air mattress as a couch?

Indeed, air mattresses can be used as a couch. Since these are easy to move and arrange, they are ideal for placing in case of emergency. Besides, the well-made pieces from top brands can hold substantial weight. These are also easy to wipe and clean, so tidying up after your guests leave will not be a big challenge.

What is the cost of an air sofa?

The ranges of air sofas vary. There are multiple options available, and of course, the high-end ones with all the bells and whistles are more expensive. However, a basic inflatable sofa costs around $13. 40 roughly. 

Can you use a sofa bed every night?

Though sofa beds are comfortable, it’s not recommended to sleep on them daily. Using it daily, in the long run, might result in your back getting cramped as they lack the support required. However, if you do sleep on a sofa bed, it’s ideal to use a foam topper. 


In this guide, we have covered all that you need to know to pick the best air mattress couch of 2022. So, if you have gone through it well, you are prepared, like no one else, to make an informed decision about the air mattresses you buy rather than basing your purchase decision on some hunch.

However, more research is always welcome if you want to make your requirements match the product. So, pick one that best suits you! 

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