What should you wear inside a sleeping bag? 3 Best Things to Consider

Have you been thinking about going on an overnight trekking trip? If yes, then you must have thought about getting a sleeping bag. These handy things help us survive in the coldest of situations by giving us a good night’s sleep. but, What should you wear inside a sleeping bag?

A perplexing question is about the clothes to wear inside it. Or, should you even wear clothes at all? Regular trekkers and campers will give you various opinions on this topic.

From our childhood, we have been trained to think about airy comfort while sleeping. However, the paradigm shifts when it comes to taking a nap in the open. Hence, we thought of bringing you some tips to help you decide on what to wear inside the sleeping bag.

What should you wear inside a sleeping bag: Things You Must Consider

Material of the Sleeping Bag

Even before you decide on what to put on yourself, have a look at the sleeping bag. Now, the price difference of a sleeping bag often dictates its shell and filling. Some luxurious sleeping bags may even contain down filling to make them super comfortable.

 Synthetic Shell

Most of us will be dealing with sleeping bags that have synthetic shell. People who go on trekking trips will often get bags with polyester and nylon as it helps to trap the heat. Hence, if someone’s sleeping bag is already insulated and super-hot, they may not need to wear many layers.

Nylon and Polyester

These are also great options to remain dry if there is rain or snow. Often companies do blend different synthetic materials to make items even better. As some people may feel claustrophobic inside a sleeping bag, they may go for breathable options.

While choosing the sleeping bag, make sure to check the temperature ranges. Every sleeping bag cannot withstand extreme weather, so buy one according to your trip.

Are you comfortable without clothes?

Some adventurers vouch for their policy of being naked in sleeping bags. They think that layering may make them feel too cold, and it is always better to opt for fewer layers. This might not be suitable for anyone, especially for someone who is going trekking or camping for the first time.

There are people who also prefer to wear the least amount of clothes inside sleeping bags. Some go for very light cotton or wool clothes to keep them comfortable. This might be a great move if you are visiting a warmer place but might not work while trekking in minus degrees

What should you wear inside a sleeping bag or should you wear anything at all.

It’s always better to try out a bag after you have bought it. Hence, put the sleeping bag on the floor and get inside it wearing different layers. Keep doing it until you are comfortable. Always remember that everyone will have different comfort levels. Also, people may often feel sensitivity in their hands and feet. Hence, it’s always better to at least wear socks and gloves while going on altitude treks. You may also read this one if you struggle to keep your feet warm: How to Keep Feet Warm in a Sleeping Bag

Is there a right formula for layering?

As we have said already, there are differences in opinion when it comes to sleeping bag attire. However, we think that the best way to approach a situation is to assess the weather. If you are going on a high-altitude trip, make sure to carry enough layers.

Do not overdo it by wearing fleece jackets and sweaters inside the bag. But, you can always think about wearing light cotton or wool clothes. Most people prefer to wear comfortable t-shirts and well-fitted long johns while sleeping. In all, wear clothes that wouldn’t break you into profuse sweating, but will help you to get cosy. A dry base layer consisting of a top, a bottom, socks, and a cap works out great for most people.

Wearing socks is always a good idea as you can always kick them off if it gets too hot. When it gets too cold, make sure to wear hats and winter pants. As most of us cannot afford a tonne of clothes for different weather, it’s better to look for multi-weather clothing.

The lifespan of a sleeping bag can also be stretched if you decide to wear clothes inside it. Your clothes work as a buffer between the bag and your body, making sure to reduce the impact on the sleeping bag. On the other hand, those who decide to sleep naked will have to clean their bags more frequently.

If you are still feeling cold inside a sleeping bag, it might not be because of clothes. The stuffing of a sleeping bag tends to get thinner with regular use. This may affect the ability of the bag to retain insulation. Hence, it’s always advised to check the state of a bag before you proceed to go on a trip.

Tips to stay warm in a sleeping bag

Are you still thinking about being warm in a sleeping bag? Here are some tips that will help you to get comfy without spending a tonne of money. Let’s have a look at these proven tips that have worked great for regular adventure lovers.

  • Make sure to keep your sleeping bag clean and fluff it up. You may not realize, but your sleeping bag does get dirty over time. Also, make sure to clean yourself up before getting inside a sleeping bag. Being sweaty or having dirt on your body can make sleeping quite uncomfortable.
  • Think about investing in a good sleeping pad. Yes, the sleeping bag is supposed to be the ultimate investment, but the sleeping pad does help. The pad creates an extra barrier between the ground and the sleeping bag. This lets the bag remain warm and keeps the cold from getting to you. A sleeping pad can also increase the longevity of a sleeping bag by reducing its wear and tear.
  • You should never enter the sleeping bag while wearing wet clothes. Always wear dry and comfortable layers that are good at soaking up sweat. This will help in creating better insulation and keep you extra comfortable.
  • Have the feeling that it’s going to be too cold? Use a hot water bottle to keep yourself warm. Place this bag near your foot to beat the cold. Another trick is to fill the foot space with your extra clothes. This will also help you to increase the heat and to generate better insulation inside the bag.
  • Lastly, try to place your sleeping bag in a grassy area. This works to provide an increased barrier between the ground and the sleeping bag. Placing your bag directly on the exposed ground may lead to it getting cold too soon, especially in case of snowfall.


we can say that anything that you choose to wear inside a sleeping bag should be based on comfort. Others will suggest a lot of things, but it’s always better to listen to your guts. You may not get the hang of it on your very first trip, but it’s always better to be prepared.

Remember to keep yourself dry while being inside the sleeping bag. Maintenance is also a key, so clean it from time to time and check for any wear and tear. We are sure that you are going to do great on choosing great layers to wear inside your sleeping bag. Make wise decisions and have a great trip!

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