Can Eno Hammocks Get Wet: Everything You Should Know

ENO is a popular brand that manufactures and markets superior quality camping equipment. ENO has a wide range of hammocks in different colors and sizes that can give an ultimate performance when taken for camping. However, since most hammocks cannot withstand heavy rain, you must be wondering whether ENO hammocks can get wet or not. Here is the answer to “Can Eno Hammocks Get Wet?”.

Can Eno Hammocks Get Wet? all you need to know

ENO hammocks can get wet if you expose them to heavy rain. But these hammocks are made of nylon taffeta, which is known for its quick-drying yarn strength properties. So, even if your ENO hammock gets wet in the rain, it will dry very quickly. All you need to do is hang your wet hammock out to dry.

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Can Eno Hammocks Get Wet?

Are ENO hammocks waterproof?

No, ENO hammocks aren’t completely waterproof but they dry very quickly. Made of premium quality nylon taffeta, the hammocks from ENO have capabilities to withstand normal weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear. So, in case you spill something on your hammock or if it rains outside, your hammock will get wet. You need to dry the hammock immediately to retain its quality.

Can I leave my ENO in the rain?

Can Eno Hammocks Get Wet?

Leaving your ENO hammock in the rain is not recommended. Though ENO hammocks are capable of sustaining moderately harsh weather conditions, they can get wet when you leave the hammocks out in the rain for too long. It can have an impact on the longevity of your hammock. So, the better idea is to remove the hammock and wait till the rain ends.

Can I leave my ENO in the sun?

Unfortunately, ENO doesn’t recommend that hammock users leave their hammocks outside in the sun for long. On their official site, they have mentioned that doing so can deteriorate the fabric over time. The UV rays of sunlight can fade the colors of the fabric and break down the nylon fibers. So, you need to remove the hammock after every use if you want to retain its quality.

What do you do with a hammock when it rains?

When it rains, you need to immediately remove your hammock from the site and hang it to dry. ENO hammocks are made of superior quality nylon taffeta material, which dries very quickly. So, simply hang your hammock for half an hour and it will dry eventually. There is no need to do anything else apart from it.

How do I take care of my hammock?

Taking proper care of your hammock will help you to maintain its quality for a long time. Here is how you can take care of your hammock:

How do I take care of my hammock?

Cleaning and washing

Before you clean your hammock, always make sure to remove the carabiners. You need to check whether the carabiners are completely clean and dry. If there is any dirt on the carabiners, it will lead to erosion of the metal in the long run.

The easiest way to clean your hammock is spot cleaning, which is also the quickest way to clean it. If your hammock has a spot or a spill, you can clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Start by damping the cloth with cold water and then blot it on the hammock spot multiple times. If the spot is not leaving easily, you may use a solution of water with a mild detergent.

You need to wash your hammock occasionally to keep it clean. Hand washing is the best method as recommended by the manufacturers. Hand wash is a gentler method than machine wash and hence, is perfect for your hammock.

To wash your hammock, you can use your bathtub, sink, or a bucket of water. For effective washing, you can use Woolite or any other mild detergent. Start by mixing cold water with the detergent and then dump the hammock into it. Soak it for ten to fifteen minutes as that would loosen the dirt from the fabric. Then, rub the hammock gently to remove all the dirt and stain. Once done, wash it twice with cold water or until the detergent is removed. After washing your hammock, you need to rinse the water and hang the hammock to dry.

You can also use a washing machine to wash your hammock. If you have a front load washing machine that is equipped with a gentle wash feature, you can use it to clean your hammock. In some washing machines, the feature is called hand wash mode or delicate mode. Always use a mild detergent to machine wash your hammock. If your hammock is dried in the machine, you can hang it for some time to make it completely dry.


ENO hammocks come with a storage bag that can provide you with the ultimate solution of storing your hammock securely. ENO recommends the hammock users use only their storage bag, which is pretty convenient. Before storing your hammock in the bag, you need to make sure that both your hammock and the bag are dry. Once you pack your hammock in the bag, make sure you store it in a cool, dry place. It will help you to keep the hammock quality top-notch in the long run.

Some hammock users make a storage space for their hammocks inside their cupboards. You can try it too as it is the best spot for storing your hammock. Leaving your hammock in the sun or rain is not recommended. There can be damages when you keep your hammock in the sun for too long. Color fading and spots can occur quickly if you do so. Before you take your hammock for camping, try to check its condition so that you know whether it’s in working condition or not.


Your hammock may require some repair over time due to normal wear and tear. Before you carry your hammock for trips, make sure you check for any holes or tears. If there are one or more such damages and the damaged area is 2 inches or less in size, it means you can fix it with the help of an easy-to-use repair kit. There are gear patches available online or in the hammock stores nearby that you can consider investing in.

If your hammock is under the warranty period provided by Eagles Nest Outfitters, they can arrange a free-of-cost repair or replacement based on your demand. You can explore their website to check out the terms and conditions. There are some other repair useful tips provided on the website that you can explore as well.


An ENO hammock can fulfill all your camping needs if you believe you are a hammock lover. They have different sizes of hammocks suitable for singles and couples. The color options are great and when it comes to the quality, they are genuinely good.

However, if you have recently bought an ENO hammock that needs a repair, you need to contact Eagles Nest Outfitters to see if they will offer you a repair or replacement. To avail of this offer, you need to make sure that you have followed their hammock maintenance guidelines properly. Leaving your hammock in the sun or rain is not recommended by ENO.

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