Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping Reviews and Buying Guide

Of course, you like hammocking; it’s relaxing, fun, and very satisfying. However, you need your hammocking experience to be comfortable, especially if you are camping or backpacking.

You need something to keep you warm and stable that will give your back the support it needs, and thus you have to look into a sleeping pad. 

Thankfully there are many available, and in this article, I have covered six products in-depth that I liked and used, along with a few things you should know before buying best sleeping pad for hammock camping.

Do you need a sleeping pad for hammock camping?

Most people opine that hammocks are more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. However, this does not mean cold cannot creep into the fabric. There can be nothing more disturbing than waking up on cold nights unable to stay warm as your hammock material is too thin. Thus, a hammock pad is essential as a smart addition to your camping gear. With a hammock mattress, you have another layer that will keep the cold from penetrating the hammock, thereby keeping you warm.

How do you keep a sleeping pad in a hammock? 

While sleeping pads are great for keeping you warm, they keep sliding as you move, making it difficult to sleep peacefully. 

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping

Thankfully there are a few fixes to this situation:

Let the Hammock sag

Don’t tie the hammock too tightly between the two pressure points, as this will not let the pad sit well in the hammock. Letting the hammock sink, allows the pad to sit better. 

Raise the Foot Side Than the Head

If the hammock ends are fixed at equal heights, you and your sleeping pad will come to the center of the setup, which is uncomfortable.

Tip: Ideally, the foot side of the hammock should be 8-10 inches higher than your head side. This setup arranges your upper body weight better, thereby keeping the sleeping pad in place. 

Deflate your Sleeping Pad Slightly

The sleeping pad may not fit within the outline of the hammock, thereby sliding from time to time causing inconvenience. Another good solution to keep it in place is slightly deflating the pad, which helps it stay in the hammock’s shape. You can also put your sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag to prevent it from sliding.

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping: Quick Summary 

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping: A Detailed review

KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Features at a Glance

  • Provides 180-degree insulation significantly reducing loss of body heat.
  • Anti-slip design to hold the hammock pad in place.
  • Rugged 20D polyester material used in the manufacturing.
  • Portable and lightweight.

Klymit is a popular brand that manufactures unique hammocks and a few other travel equipment like pillows and tents. The KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad is a lightweight option that perfectly fits in the nook of the hammock and provides the much-required warmth throughout the night. 

This pad is big enough to cover the whole inner area of the hammock. It also has the sides cut out, which bends with you, and the shape of your hammock. One of the best things about the product is that it sits well with almost all types of hammocks. 

Inflating the pad is easy and takes about 17 breaths. You will notice four additional panels extending from the pad. These provide extra cushioning in case you slide off the main pad body. The KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad also comes with a repair kit that includes glue and two fabric patches, a nice and useful feature.

KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad has used a unique approach to make the pad anti-slip. This sleeping pad has a thin silicon layer on the top and bottom pads, which make up for a classic anti-slip design. The silicon strip keeps you on the pad and keeps the pad hooked to the hammock. This non-slip design has been cleverly placed around the should region; thus, you need not worry about your face or hair sticking to it. 

Considering its size and weight, though KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad is not the lightest at 27 oz, it is light enough for front and backcountry use. Even durability wise the pad has performed well, meeting all the checkpoints of a good quality sleeping pad.


  • Ideal for temperatures above 50 degrees F
  • Provides full cover from shoulder to hips.
  • Inflates and deflates easily.
  • Does not slip in the hammock.
  • Perfect for those sleeping diagonally.


  • Its a bit heavier than stated

Should You Buy?

The pad is ideal for those who take frequent trips in the wilderness and find it hard to sleep on narrow pads.

Trekology UL Sleeping Pad

Features at a Glance

  • 4-inch thickness with curvature design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Made from 40D nylon fabric 
  • Provides full-body support
  • Easy to inflate and deflate

This sleeping pad is comparatively new in the market. The company is a small startup launched by a group of outdoorsy Ph.D. engineers, and the UL80 is the brand’s flagship product. 

Though the pad is not highly lightweight at 560 grams, it’s very small and compact when folded. It almost goes down to the size of a can, and a small elastic band can keep it together. 

Comfort-wise, the Trekology UL Sleeping Pad performs off the charts. The pad has a thickness of 10cm, and thus there is no risk of bottoming even if you lie down. Owing to its ideal thickness, this pad is excellent for side-sleepers too.

The slight curl on the corners of the pad prevents one from rolling off it. It has a 20mm valve, making inflating and deflating easier. There are three settings- shut, inflate only, and open. You will require a pump sack to inflate the pad since blowing it can be taxing. Though Trekology makes its pump sack is not very readily available. 

Overall the price of the product justifies it, making it one of the best, easy to use and comfortable sleeping pads.

You may find it a bit hard to carry, but in my opinion the amount of comfort it brings to the table, I will gladly carry it. Arguably, Trekology UL is one of the best sleeping pad for hammock camping.


  • Ideal for big and heavy campers to sleep on comfortably.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Thick and provides excellent cushioning.


  • Difficult to inflate manually
  • Low R-value

Should You Buy?

The pad is great for the price of comes for. It’s ideal for winter camping and provides excellent warmth and comfort.

ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Features at a Glance

  • Made from premium quality woven polyester blend
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Patentes honeycomb design provides ideal comfort

The Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad is ideal for camping in cold weather conditions and perfectly fits your hammock and sleeping bag providing 2.2 R-value insulation. If you are looking for a comfortable outdoor sleep experience, this is one pad you can indeed consider. 

The pad weighs only one pound and shrinks to the size of a 1-liter bottle. So, you can easily carry it inside your backpack without worrying about space constraints. The pad has a lift of 2.2 inches coupled with a 2.2 R-value, providing 3 season warmth and comfort. Thanks to the isolated baffles, the pad offers higher insulation and stability, contouring your body well so that you don’t bottom out even when sleeping on your side.


  • Tapered to fit a mummy sleeping bag.
  • Provides a 2.2 R-value and sufficient thickness to protect against freezing conditions.
  • It comes in beautiful and striking colors.
  • Honeycomb design for better cushioning and insulation.
  • Extremely eco-friendly.


  • As per some users, it’s a bit thin, but I found it okay for hammock, not recommended for tent though.
  • Great for back sleepers but not for side-sleepers

Should You Buy?

This is an ultralight three-season sleeping pad available at a very budget-friendly price range. It’s effortless to fill and empty, saving a lot of time.

Clostnature Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Features at a Glance

  • Includes 1.5-inch memory foam padding
  • It has a high R-value of 4
  • Light and comfortable
  • Self-inflating

If you wish to sleep comfortably, you cannot ignore the bliss memory foam brings. And now, with the Clostnature Self Inflating Sleeping Pad, you get the comfort of memory foam right in the middle of the wilderness on your next camping trip! 

The pad features excellent comfort, cushioning, and support even if you are on the ground, let alone hammock with its 1.5-inch thickness. Clostnature Self Inflating Sleeping Pad combines the merits of thick memory foam and 210T polyester taffeta, which enhances results in an R-value of 4, making the mattress the ideal choice for cold weather conditions.

Furthermore, you need not use a pump or breath into the mattress to enjoy its many benefits since it’s self-inflating. It also comes with a pillow attached that can be used separately. 

It’s quite lightweight even when inflated about 3lb and has a dimension of 6’3”x2’x1.5 inches. Finally, the sleeping pad also includes a storage sack and compression straps, making it easy to carry.


  • Ideal for reducing back pain.
  • Extremely comfortable due to the foam, which seems thicker than 1.5 inches.
  • Easy to deflate and pack.
  • It can be put in the backpack easily after deflating.


  • It’s heavier than advertised.
  • The mattress is not thick enough for side sleepers.

Should You Buy?

Overall, the pad is ideal for a camping trip in a cool place. Though it’s a tad bit heavier than advertised, it provides excellent support and comfort.

Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad

Features at a Glance

  • The pad has a thickness of 3.7×5″
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes polyester coupled with TPU lamination

Hikenture sleeping pad is extremely versatile. You can use it while camping in your car as it fits in any standard and crossover SUV. Of course, it’s also an ideal option if you wish to use it in a tent. Owing to its thickness, it provides a good comfort level right on the ground.

The most exciting thing about this sleeping pad is its material usage. The pad includes rugged polyester pongee for durability and strength coupled with TPU coating to protect against scratch and abrasion. Besides, there is also a puncture-proof mechanism that protects the pad against hard objects. 

The pad is about 3.5 inches thick and makes no noise or cracking sounds when you toss and turn on it. Overall the pad provides the comfort of your home’s bed and results in premium quality sleep. Another best thing about this double sleeping pad is that it’s self-inflating. The pad also includes a built-in door pump. 

There is no need to work your lungs to inflate it. Simply leave the pad in the open air for 8 minutes, and it will fill up. 

Earlier I thought about writing about 5 products but then I remembered my first buy! great time saver for its self inflating feature, comfortable for hammock camping, reasonable price, how can I ignore this one. This is by far one of the best sleeping pads for hammock I have used.


  • Ideal for dual campers and fits nicely on a two-person tent.
  • The weight is impressive for a double pad.
  • It features a 3.75 depth, which makes it one of the most comfortable sleeping pads.
  • Packs down to a small size making transportation and storage easy.


  • Not extremely puncture resistant against hard rocks or stones. So, it’s better to use on hammock only.
  • It has a low R-value of 1.5, which makes it unsuitable for winter camping.

Should You Buy?

The Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad is ideal for dual camping and can be used in both cars and tents. It’s pretty thick, lightweight, and effortless to pack and carry. Apart from its low R-value, it has no other issues.

Hikenture Camping Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pillow

Features at a Glance

  • The pad has a 5″ thickness.
  • It takes 6-8 pumps to inflate.
  • Curvature design for comfortable sleep.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Made from rip-stop polyester pongee combined with TPU lamination tech.

If you are looking for something easy to use and portable, then the Hikenture Camping Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pillow is the ideal pick for you. The pad measures 74x24x5 inches, thus making it a perfect choice for well-built and robust campers to sleep comfortably in. Besides, the pad offers a thickness of 5 inches which is exceptionally comfortable. 

You need not work your lungs to inflate this pad and feel lightheaded afterward. The pack includes a pump air sack that will save you breaths and energy. It only takes about 7-8 pumps to inflate. 

The pad includes a stellar ergonomic design that ensures a good night’s sleep for all sleepers, be it back, side, or stomach. Furthermore, the curvature has an arched design that provides full support and proper spinal balance to the sleepers.

In addition to featuring all these benefits, the sleeping pad is a game-changer and is exceptionally light, weighing 2.5 lbs. Plus, it’s packable and can be carried outside easily. It folds down to 11X5 inches, making it the perfect choice for hiking, backpacking, camping, sleepovers, and a lot more. 

A combination of polyester pongee and TPU laminate has been used to keep the pad durable and robust. The resulting fabric provides the perfect amount of stretch and comfort while minimizing noise.


  • One way valve does not allow the air to escape
  • It’s pretty thick and durable
  • Made from heavy-duty material
  • Comfortable for side sleepers


  • The inflating method is a bit time consuming
  • Some users find the pad width a bit narrow. I found it okay for hammock.

Should You Buy?

The pad is thick enough for all types of sleepers; it’s comfortable and made from highly luxurious material; however, it’s a tad bit difficult to inflate.

How can I make my hammock more comfortable to sleep? 

Hammocks are gaining quite some popularity for the many advantages it brings to campers; however, if you fail to sleep on it properly, then the whole purpose of owning a hammock is lost. 

Thankfully, there are a few tips that will help you set up your hammock better, helping you sleep comfortably. 

Have a Good Sag to the Hammock

Do not create too much tension between the two stress points. This can lead to what is called a cocooning effect that can squeeze your shoulders and back too hard, making you uncomfortable. Instead, hang your hammock with a good sag, representing a smiley face. This goes a long way to keep your hammock comfortable. 

Lay Diagonally

Once you have a good sag in your hammock, lay in a diagonal position. This position provides the utmost comfort as your head and feet drop down, and the body reclines ergonomically flat on the fabric. 

Use a Knee Pillow

While laying diagonally, you may feel a tight ridge under your legs based on the hammock’s dimensions and your height. This ridge-like thing can cause hypertension to your knees. Placing some padding between the knees relieves the pressure. So, get a small pillow or place some extra cloth to pad the knees.

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping Buying Guide

Before you decide on a particular sleeping pad, it’s essential to consider a few points to ensure your comfort. The most important being:


It can be a bit tricky to negotiate both weight and thickness if you want portability and comfort. Naturally, the thicker pads are more comfortable than the thin ones. However, these might have some weight. If you opt for a thin pad, you can double it and use it for kayaking, biking, and backrest. 

Insulation or R-value

The R-value refers to the product’s ability to retain heat. Higher R-value products have more significant insulation capabilities. So, in case you are planning a trip to a chilly mountainside, it’s advisable to opt for a high R-value sleeping pad. Such a pad will ensure warm nights despite cold and harsh weather conditions. 


Depending on the way you sleep, you can determine the size requirement of your sleeping pad. For example, if you need more room while sleeping, you can opt for the pads with wings to maximize space instead of a mummy-shaped sleeping pad.

As a rule of thumb, hips and shoulders are the primary pressure points of one’s body and if you have issues with these areas, opt for a soft sleeping pad that provides extra focus to these areas.


Even if you don’t roughhouse your hammock pad, you will still want the material to be durable and lightweight. In this regard, opt for synthetic material, the best material for sleeping pads. Not only are these materials lightweight, but they are durable and extremely easy to clean.

You have a choice between nylon and polyester, two of the most popular options. Both the material are resistant to tear, puncture, water and abrasion. Plus, they are lightweight and portable. 

Air pads vs. foam pads

Some sleeping pads use air for insulation, others use foam, and some use both. Of the two, air pads are the most convenient as they are completely collapsible, making carrying them easier.

But on the flip side, foam pads provide better insulation as they are thicker. Though foam pads can also be collapsed, they are not as compact as air pads. Comfort-wise, both foam and air pads are good. Thus the design choice is up to you.

Noise levels

While camping in the woods or amidst quaint nature, you do not want your sleeping pad to create a racket as you try to set it up. Generally, inexpensive sleeping pads create more friction and create a great deal of noise—this becomes an issue for light sleepers.

Mostly, inflatable air pads have higher noise levels. However, self-inflatable pads have a fabric cover that helps to mitigate the noise. 


Do you want to use your sleeping pad only in the hammock? If yes, then you can consider the dimensions based on this one scenario. One of the most common options, in this case, is the mummy pad.

However, these will not provide you much comfort if you are sleeping on the ground. Ideally, it’s advisable to opt for a sleeping pad that can be used in multiple situations. 

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These six hammock pads covered here will help you get a good night’s sleep after a long hard day in the wilderness. All of these are sure to keep you warm, provide stability and support your back, giving you the feeling of your own bed.

We hope that the in-depth review of each product helps you make your pick. However, if you do branch out, be sure to conduct your own research before investing in a sleeping pad.

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