What Causes Hole in Mattress? Top 7 Reasons You Should Know

Let’s imagine that while trying to clean a mattress, you suddenly came across some weird holes. Yes, that will be a grave concern, as most of us try to invest in a pricey and good-quality mattress. This heartbreaking moment will become debilitating as you think about What Causes Hole in Mattress?.

Hence, we thought about giving some hints that will help you in checking the mattress. We believe that it is always important to curb the problem as soon as possible to reduce the damage. So, here are some things that we have observed as causes behind holes in mattresses.

What Causes Hole in Mattress: 7 possible ways

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What Causes Hole in Mattress? 7 Possible Reasons

1. Do you have a rodent problem?

One of the most common reasons for holes in a mattress are rodents. Most of us who are living in urban areas seldom care about rats or mice. However, they are definitely lurking in our vicinity, causing terror around the house. Rodents are great at biting through materials, and mattresses are great for gnawing their teeth. Many rodents will actually dig through mattresses to give birth inside them.

As you do not want a rodent dynasty sleeping in your bed, it is best to regularly toss and turn the mattress. Holes made by rodents are generally bigger and have clear bite marks. Try to get rid of these pests as soon as possible, and they can easily get to other furniture pretty fast.

2. When was the last time you checked the mattress?

Let us be real; most of us forget about the mattress as soon as we have got it on the bed frame. However, leaving it alone for too long can cause holes in it. You will often see that foam mattresses tend to sink around areas where our body exerts the most pressure. Flipping the mattress every six months is always a great idea.

If you have recently seen some holes in the mattress, it can be a sign of damage caused by neglect. It is also quite bad to sleep on a mattress that is in bad condition as it may cause stress to your body.

Hence, if you find the damage to be too much, make sure to change the mattress as soon as possible. A good rule is to change the mattress every eight years to have a comfortable and tidy bed.

Do you have sharp things near the mattress?

We may not realize it, but everyday sharp objects can seriously harm the mattress. These can be anything from a child’s compass to your long nails. Even though we try to be careful, accidents are common for all. Long nails can seriously damage a mattress that doesn’t have extra protectors. As we move around in our sleep, it gets really hard to know if there is any snag. Moreover, long toenails can exert more friction on the mattress, causing unnecessary holes.

Material and Quality of Mattress

Most of us are bad at researching whenever we buy a mattress. A trip to a local store can often get us a mediocre mattress that is good enough, according to most people. However, sleeping on them can cause serious damage to your body which becomes evident with age. But, even before that,

you will surely notice the amount of damage on these cheap mattresses. Many choir mattresses have a very thin layer on top without any extra layers, and these are prone to easy damage.

Even cheap foam mattresses get thinner in no time and may have holes. Mattresses made of good quality foam and cotton materials will last for a long time without having much damage.

If you are going for mattresses with coils, make sure to choose something that is evenly padded. Many coil mattresses lack a good top cover, and the springs may eventually make holes through them.

Is the bed frame okay?

Along with the mattress, one should also have a look at the bed frame. At times there are nails or sharp edges that may miss our eyes. These can end up causing damage to the best of mattresses.

Hence, you should thoroughly check the bed frame before placing the mattress. Want to get a bit more protection? Place a mattress pad between the bed frame and the mattress to create a barrier. This will also help to increase the lifespan of the mattress and keep it healthier.

Too much tossing and turning

Yes, like all other objects, your mattress is also prone to decay over time. This is especially true for those who have a habit of tossing and turning in their sleep. The friction can erode the top layers of the mattress and cause holes in them. People who have kids will also have to deal with them jumping on beds. Also, you cannot really stop this damage as it is usual for a mattress to go through its total life cycle. However, appearing holes can be a good sign of getting a new one for your bed.

Unforeseen Causes

At times we are just unlucky; hence, things like ants and termites can get to our mattresses. This might be very rare for most people, but it can still happen. People who are using wooden bed frames are more prone to having this issue. Holes caused by ants and termites are easily recognizable due to the presence of wood dust or soil. Hence, inspect the issue and call the pest control as soon as possible.

How to prevent holes in your mattress?

Like all other objects, you cannot preserve the mattress forever, but you can surely try to keep it in good shape. As we have seen people neglecting their mattresses, we came up with some tips to make the process easier. Here are some suggestions that you can follow to keep your mattress hole-free and damage-free for a long time.

  • We cannot repeat this point enough, but you need to flip your mattress every six months. This helps to keep your mattress healthy by distributing the pressure on both sides. You will also get an opportunity to vacuum the mattress, which is important to remove all the dust and dust mites.
  • You may think that bedsheets are enough to create the barriers, but it isn’t true. We are urging you to use a mattress liner as protection against all damage. A mattress liner helps to create a protective covering on the mattress. It wouldn’t only restrict accident spills from getting to the mattress but also minimize the friction.
  • Based on the quality and durability of your mattress, do change it between 8-10 years. A mattress can only take so much; hence it is always important to change when necessary


You may not realize, but your sudden allergy flare might be caused by lurkers in your mattress. Hence, do go through a proper check-up if there are sudden holes in the mattress. Apart from that, we have tried to explain the reasons for What Causes Hole in Mattress?

Some people may experience extremely different reasons for the holes; hence we do prioritize precautions. Make sure to keep mattress clean and tidy, and we are sure you will have a comfortable bed. Don’t forget to use that mattress liner to keep your bed healthy to have the best sleep! 

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