Should You Use a Hammock Ridgeline? (The Best Answer)

Especially used in camping, a hammock ridgeline is a cord that runs across the top of the hammock. It joins the ends of your hammocks provides you with the ideal amount of sag.

But, should you use a hammock ridgeline? Does it have any cons?

Although ridgelines are unnecessary, combining them with your hammock can bring additional benefits. So you should use a hammock ridgeline to enjoy a comfortable sleep in your hammock.

In this article, we will be discussing everything about hammock ridgelines and why you should consider having them.

Should You Use a Hammock Ridgeline?
Should You Use a Hammock Ridgeline?

Should You Use a Hammock Ridgeline?

Well, it’s unnecessary to fit your hammock with a ridgeline every time you set it up. However, if you don’t have a hammock stand or trees at the right distances, you will need a ridgeline to obtain the right sag.

Fixing a hammock ridgeline will give you a place to hang your gears instead of stressing on the hammock. In addition, you’ll also get something to hold on to while stumbling at night.

Except for the minimum extra weight on the hammock, it’s a good thing to tie across. Initially, it takes more time to set up than the hammocks without them. However, this can be gradually improved with practice.

Can you add a ridgeline to any hammock?

If your hammock doesn’t already have one, you can easily add a ridgeline to any hammock. Adding a ridgeline to your hammock is completely optional. When set up for normal relaxation, you don’t have to take the pains of fitting your hammock with a ridgeline.

However, when it comes to camping, ridgelines are essential.

Can you add a ridgeline to any hammock?
Can you add a ridgeline to any hammock?

You can add a ridgeline to any of them, from standard camping hammocks to car camping hammocks. Adding a ridgeline is a one-time investment; you don’t have to do it repeatedly. Available in two types, you have to choose the best ridgeline by your hammock.

On adding a non-structural ridgeline to your hammock, you can easily suspend a bug net over it. Moreover, these types of ridgelines are attached to the trees and do not impact the structure of your hammock.

On the other hand, if you use a structural ridgeline, your hammock’s structure changes. These ridgelines modify your hammock accordingly and present you with the optimum amount of sag.

How long should my hammock ridgeline be?

Although several factors determine the length of your hammock ridgeline, a formula that always works is the 83 percent rule. Always remember that the size of the ridgeline should be about 83% of the actual length of your hammock.

For example:

If you own an 11-Foot long hammock, you will need a ridgeline of around 108 inches.

What cord do I need for a hammock Ridgeline?

It is mostly advised to use an Amsteel Cord for a hammock ridgeline. Used by maximum, it provides you with longevity and ensures complete stability.

What cord do I need for a hammock, Ridgeline?
What cord do I need for a hammock, Ridgeline?

An Amsteel cord is the most commonly used material because it is cheap and easy to hold. Besides, it is also strong enough for any hammock ridgeline. Made of Dyneema, it has a break potential of around 720kg.

Besides this, you should always go for cords that offer a good grip on trees and are secure enough for your hammock.

Where do you tie a hammock Ridgeline?

A hammock ridgeline is tied tightly between the two ends of a hammock. Now, two types of hammock ridgelines come with their unique tying mechanisms.

When dealing with a non-structural ridgeline, you must tie it between the trees and not on the hammock. It is independent of the hammock and runs from one tree to another.

While using a structural ridgeline, you must fix it between the rings of your hammock. Since it is completely dependent on the hammock, the ridgeline adds extra pressure.

How do you hang a hammock Ridgeline?

In simple words, a hammock ridgeline cord is hung between the top ends of the hammock. Well, the tension of the hammock ridgeline depends on the preference of your slumping requirements. A thumb rule of 30 degrees hung is usually followed to maintain a proper balance.

How do you hang a hammock, Ridgeline?
How do you hang a hammock, Ridgeline?

To fix the hammock ridgeline perfectly between the sides of your camping hammock, you have to perform the following steps:

  • First of all, set up your hammock as you would like to. Whether you use a hammock stand or simply fix it between the trees is completely up to you.
  • Get a ridgeline cord for at least 83% of your hammock. You can, of course, but a longer one and adjust it accordingly.
  • Use a lash or a knot to tie it to the suspension on one end of the hammock. Use the same mechanism to tie the other end as well.
  • Once both sides are tied, pull the cord to adjust the curve and tension of your hammock.
  • Perform the lashing process at least 3 times for an ideal hung.
  • Advantages of Hammock Ridgeline.

Even though its use is optional, fixing a hammock with a ridgeline has many advantages over the one without it.

4 Benefits of Using a Hammock Ridgeline

Well, the benefits of using a hammock ridgeline are:

benefits of using a hammock ridgeline
benefits of using a hammock ridgeline

Ensures an optimal sag

If the trees in your area are far apart, you cannot hang the hammock at an appropriate angle of 30 degrees. In this case, a hammock ridgeline can help you create a cosy sag for a diagonal lay.

Allows the fitting of a bug net

You can easily fit a bug net on your hammock with the help of a non-structural ridgeline. Fitting a bug net will not only protect you from insects, but also it will maintain proper airflow during hot weather.

Enables other stuff to hang on it

From an organizer to less weighing baggage, it allows every small piece of stuff to hang on it. Moreover, emergency essentials like lamps and whistles can also be hung on them.

Prevents the hammock from tearing

The breaking potential of a ridgeline is comparatively higher than the hammock. It absorbs much body stress and prevents the hammock from being stretched out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should a Ridgeline be for an ENO Doublenest?

A ridgeline of about 90 inches is generally suitable to fit on an ENO Doublenest. Moreover, extending up to a couple of inches will not harm your hammock.

Can I use a paracord for Hammock Ridgeline?

Yes, you can always use a paracord in the place of a hammock ridgeline. However, due to the lower strengths of paracords, it’s not a good choice.

How tight should a hammock Ridgeline be?

A hammock ridgeline should not be tied so tightly that it cannot be bent, nor should it be tied in a loose manner.
While tying, make sure you can pull it slightly while being on the hammock.


Considering the benefits a hammock ridgeline provides, It is advised to set your hammock with one.

Despite being a simple piece of cord that will add little or no weight to your hammock, it will perform bigger roles. From a secured sleep at night to a hanging shelf, it will present you with everything.

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