Polyester VS Cotton Hammock: In-Depth Comparison

Do you like traveling and having fun? One of the practical tools in brief trips and camping is the hammock. The hammock can rest and sleep. This device is available in different colors and designs in the market. Hammocks are usually attached to two posts or trees and create a pleasant space to sleep. One of the most important things to consider when buying a hammock is its material.

Polyester VS Cotton Hammock
Polyester VS Cotton Hammock

The material of the hammock is very important. Today, over 80% of the hammocks on the market are made of cotton and polyester. Cotton and polyester have their advantages and disadvantages. Below in the article, you will get to know about cotton hammock and polyester hammock in detail. Read along the article to get a better understanding of both in order to make the perfect choice.

Polyester VS Cotton Hammock: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

What are Cotton Hammocks?

Cotton hammocks are the most common products on the market. Of course, there is no need to explain the properties of cotton. Since cotton is widely used to make clothes, most people are familiar with that. Cotton is a comfortable and delicate material. This delicacy makes cotton hammocks the best option for sleeping. So, in the case that you are looking for a comfortable place to lie down and rest, cotton hammocks must be your first option.

Advantages of Cotton Hammocks

Although you are probably familiar with the properties of cotton, to make the right choice, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of cotton hammocks. In the following, we will explain the benefits of these kinds of hammocks.

► They are lighter than polyester hammocks.
► They are really comfortable and flexible.
► Cotton hammocks are cooler.
► You can easily wash cotton hammocks.
► Cotton hammocks are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Disadvantages of Cotton Hammocks

Although cotton is a very suitable and good material, like everything else, it has its own disadvantages. If you want to get acquainted with the disadvantages of cotton hammocks, read this section.

► They are vulnerable and cotton hammocks do not have high resistance to sharp objects.
► Cotton hammocks easily absorb water.
► People weighing more than 100 pounds can’t use cotton hammocks.

What are Polyester Hammocks?

Polyester is a special chemical with high durability and strength. Polyester has only recently been used in industry, and polyester hammocks have been in the market in recent years. They are made up of plastic, which also adds on to the fact that they are non-biodegradable. They are mostly chosen by the people who move out a lot and want to use it outdoors as they are not sensitive. To understand and gain enough knowledge about polyester hammocks, it is better to first get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Polyester Hammocks

Some of the advantages of using Polyester Hammocks are mentioned below:

► High durability and resistance against sharp objects.
► Polyester hammocks have low water absorption
► They dry quickly.
► They are easy to wash.
► Polyester hammocks have an attractive appearance.
► Polyester hammocks have high weight bearing.

disadvantages of Polyester Hammocks

Polyester hammocks also have some cons. Some of them are mentioned:

► Polyester hammocks are inflexible and less comfortable.
► Excessive sweating due to low air flow.
► They are extremely harmful to the environment.
► They are heavier than their counterparts.

So, after reading Polyester VS Cotton Hammock comparison. What are the weaknesses of polyester hammocks in your opinion?

Cotton vs. Polyester Hammocks: Comparison

In general, cotton and polyester are two completely different materials and cannot be compared at all. Also, cotton hammocks are traditional and, in less use, now as compared to Polyester Hammocks. Find more differences in both below. here’s a deep dive into Polyester VS Cotton Hammock comparison.


Weight is an important issue for climbers and campers. The people usually have to carry all their belongings such as food, rope and blanket in their backpack and walk a long distance.

On the one hand, cotton hammocks are much lighter than polyester hammocks and can be easily carried. So, if you do not want to carry a lot of weight, cotton hammocks are a good option. On the other hand, cotton hammocks are not very reliable. You can store cotton hammocks in the back of your car or while backpacking. Because of lightweight, they are very delicate and often get damaged when kept with luggage or under any heavy thing. 

In that case, Polyester Hammocks are not as delicate as cotton hammocks. As a result, they can tolerate more wear and tear compared to their counterparts.

The cotton hammocks do not tolerate weight over 100 pounds and are not suitable at all for overweight people. Polyester hammocks are very strong as they are made of plastic. People who are overweight can only trust polyester hammocks.


If you want to sleep well in nature and enjoy the fresh air, you should look for a comfortable hammock. Cotton fibers are very soft. For this reason, cotton hammocks are flexible and you can easily sleep on them. Cotton hammocks take the shape of your body and give you the freedom to sleep in any position you like. They are non-abrasive and will interact less with your skin.  

Polyester hammocks are made of plastic. Plastic is very hard and not flexible. So, polyester restricts your body and does not allow your body to move easily. Therefore, polyester hammocks can irritate your if you are using it for long time.


Cotton fibers pass air through themselves. Cotton hammocks absorb body heat and transfer it to the open air. That’s why cotton hammocks are so cool.

But plastic has no holes for air to pass through. For this reason, after a short time, the body begins to sweat. Polyester hammocks are not at all suitable for tropical climates.


If you care about cleanliness, you should look for a hammock that is easy to wash and dry. Cotton has a high absorption capacity. Also, due to the high adhesion, cotton hammocks get dirty very quickly.

On the other hand, because of their high absorption, cotton hammocks dry very slowly and are difficult to wash. Polyester hammocks do not absorb water at all. Polyester hammocks get dirty too late. Also, because of the low water absorption, polyester hammocks are very easy to wash and dry.


Cotton fibers are very soft and thin. Cotton hammocks have a low durability. Cotton hammocks are very vulnerable. The probability of damage to cotton hammocks by colliding with sharp objects is very high. These hammocks can simply be torn.

But polyester hammocks have high strength and power. Also, if you want to experience variety, you can use polyester hammocks. Polyester hammocks are easily dyed. The important thing is that you can use a polyester hammock for at least 5 years just by painting once.


The weather is one of the most important factors that you must pay attention to before buying a hammock. If you are planning to go to a humid or rainy area, cotton hammocks are not suitable for you. Cotton hammocks absorb water easily and dry really slowly and are not suitable for rainy areas at all.

Polyester hammocks are the best choice for areas with this climate. But if you are going to visit a place with a hot climate, cotton hammocks must be your first choice, because cotton hammocks are really suitable for this kind of climate.


Polyester hammocks are bulkier than cotton hammocks. This can be a big disadvantage for polyester hammocks. Most cotton hammocks are designed to be easily wrapped and put into a backpack. This way, you will not have to carry an extra load with yourself. But polyester hammocks do not simply fit in a backpack. You can carry cotton hammocks in your car back also but not with bulk material as they are fragile too. Whereas, if you have lots of material to carry, we recommend Polyester, as they are not fragile.


Many people care a lot about the environment. If you are an environmental activist and do not like to harm the environment, you should be careful with your choice. Cotton is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and is not harmful for the environment. Cotton is a natural substance and easily returns to nature.

But polyester is a chemical destructive substance and is not biodegradable. Polyester does not decompose and stays in nature for many years and badly damaged nature.

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Polyester hammocks are greatly used by people who tend to travel a lot and move, whereas Cotton Hammocks are used by people who stay indoors. There is no fixed percent of people choosing it as it varies with their mode and use. For your better choosing, we have provided all the details of cotton and polyester hammocks for you in this article. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these hammocks are described in the article.

You should decide to buy one of these two models according to your weather conditions, physical condition and weight, as well as your needs and interests. There can be other reasons for choosing the Polyester over Cotton Hammock and vice versa. The choices shift with preferences. Having a clear idea of what to choose and where is important.

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