How to Join Two Single Mattresses Together in 7 Easy Steps

If you want to enjoy the space and comfort of a double mattress, then you must learn how to join two single mattresses together. Learning this art has multiple utilities like if you want to save cost on buying a double mattress or you already have two single mattresses that you want to utilize, or maybe the two people sharing the mattresses have different sleeping needs.

Whatever the reason is, joining two single mattresses is an easy and cheap way to double up your space. However, if you have never done it before, it can be downright tricky to know and master the art of joining two single mattresses together.

Also, if you don’t do it properly, you will have a sore back.

How To Join Two Single Mattresses Together
Tricks to Join Two Single Mattresses Together

How To Join Two Single Mattresses Together?

You can utilize two single mattresses to make a king-size bed. But before proceeding with joining the two mattresses together, there are a few things that you need to consider. 

Consider why you want to join the mattresses and whether or not it is a good idea for you in the long run. Check whether or not the mattresses are good to use and if the frame is strong enough to support their weight.

Take a look at how you can join two single mattresses together

Things Needed for Joining Two Single Mattress

Before starting with the task, there are a few things that you will need to join two single mattresses.

Essential requirements

  • Two single mattresses.
  • A bed frame of king size.
  • A mattress protector of king size.
  • Fitted sheets for the joined mattress.

Optional requirements

  • Bed bridge.
  • Headboard.

If you are buying single mattresses to join as one, then buy two twin XL mattresses, not two regular ones. If you join two twin XL mattresses, it will have the exact dimensions of a king-size mattress. However, if you already have two regular twin mattresses, you can also use them, but you may face some trouble fitting the mattress on your king-size bed.

How to Join Two single Mattresses Together (Step-By-Step Guide) 

Once you have all the required things, follow these steps to learn how to join two single mattresses together.

Steps by Step Guide to Join Two single Mattress
Steps by Step Guide to Join Two single Mattress

Check Out The Compatibility Of The Mattresses

If you are joining two mattresses that you already own, then you need to check their compatibility. The mattresses need to be of the same thickness and same length. If the mattresses are of the same type, it is even better.

For instance, if you are using an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress together, it will feel different. You can invest in a new single mattress of the same type as the one you own. Unless, of course, both the partners need different mattresses.

Set Up The Base For The Mattresses

The next step is to set the base for keeping the mattress. Next, you need a king-size bed frame to accommodate two single mattresses. All the bed frames come with instructions on how to set them, but they eventually have the same steps.

  • Put the frame slats on the ground where you want your bed to be.
  • Open the top and bottom rails to pull the hinges at a right angle.
  • Make all the necessary adjustments to the slots of the bed frame and then connect the sides. 
  • To keep your bed frame from moving, secure its sides using the clips.
  • Adding center rail will provide extra support.

The steps may differ if your bed frame is wooden or you have customized it.

Place The Mattress And Secure It

Now that you have set the bed frame, you can place the mattresses on top of it. Take the help of your partner and place one mattress at a time and align them in the center of the bed frame. If you use a metal bed frame, your mattresses will slip on it. You can add a grip pad to prevent your mattress from slipping. You will need to place the grip pad on the bed frame before the mattresses. 

If you don’t want the mattresses to slip away from each other, you can add a mattress connector strap. After you have aligned the mattresses, you need to put the strap on the outer edges of the mattresses to keep them together.

Place The Bed Bridge

Although if you use a mattress connector, there is no need for a bed bridge, some people still prefer to use it. A bed bridge made with soft foam material goes inside the middle of the two mattresses. Adding a bed bridge covers the gap between the two mattresses.

People who move around their bed or like to sleep in the middle will benefit from a bed bridge. You will not feel the gap when moving from one bed to another. However, you will still feel the raised section in the middle of the bed.

Put The Mattress Protector

Once you have the mattresses secured in place, the next step is to put a mattress protector on top. Not only will it protect your mattress from accidental spills, but it also hides the fact that you have joined two mattresses. Also, the additional layer of mattress protector will make the bed bridge less noticeable. 

Put The Sheets

The next step is to put your fitted sheets on top of the mattress. A king-sized sheet will fit perfectly on two twin XL mattresses. However, it will not fit as great on regular single mattresses.

Fill The Extra Space By Adding a Headboard

If you are working with two regular size single mattresses, chances are, after joining them on your bed frame, there is about 5 inches of space left. An upholstered headboard can fill up the extra space. It is important to fill the extra space.

Otherwise, the mattress will move when you try to sit or sleep in it. Even if there is no extra space, adding a headboard will enhance the look of your bed.

How do you secure two mattresses together?

While using two mattresses to make a bigger space, the biggest problem you will face would be keeping them from sliding away from each other. However, there are a few ways you can do this.

How do you secure two mattresses together?
How do you secure two mattresses together?
  • You need to choose a bed frame with raised sides. The raised sides will keep the mattress from sliding away.
  • You can use mattress connector straps. Secure the strap around the edges of the mattresses to keep them together.
  • You can also use a velcro strip along the sides of the mattresses. The velcro strap will keep the mattress secure.
  • If joining the mattresses is a temporary solution, you can secure two bed frames together. You can use zip ties, belts, ropes or anything that you have to tie up the sides of the legs of the bed frames. 
  • Another simple solution to secure the mattress together is placing them sideways. Remove the mattresses from the bed frame and then place them horizontally. While laying on the bed, you will feel the dip in your back where the mattresses separate. It is not exactly a great idea, but you can try it for a couple of nights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you secure two mattresses together?

You can wrap connector straps along the edges of the two mattresses or sew velcro strips on the sides to secure the two mattresses together. You can also use a bed frame with raised sides to secure the mattresses.

Can 2 single mattresses make a king?

Yes. If the two mattresses are twin XL mattresses of 80 x 38 inches, joining them will make a king-size mattress. However, if the mattresses are regular size 75 x 38 inches, they will be 5 inches smaller in length than a king-size mattress.

What size sheets for 2 single beds pushed together?

A king-size sheet will fit nicely on two single beds pushed together.

Will two single mattresses make a double?

Yes, two single mattresses will make a double-size mattress only if you use twin XL mattresses. A twin XL mattress measures 80 x 38 inches, and a double mattress measures 80 x 76 inches in size. Therefore, using a regular twin, which is 75 x 38 inches, will be short in length than a double bed. Also, small single mattresses, which are 75 x 30, will be short in length and width.

Do two single mattresses make a queen?

No, two single mattresses do not make a queen. One single mattress measures 75 x 38 inches. Combining two of them will result in a mattress of size 75 x 76 inches. However, a queen-size mattress measures 80 x 60 inches.


Whether you are shifting with your partner or want some extra space for yourself, you can easily apply this trick of how to join two single mattresses together.

However, only pushing the two mattresses together is not enough, and you may end up with gaps between them. You need to make extra efforts to secure the mattresses together for a good night’s sleep. 

While joining two mattresses may not replicate the comfort of a king-sized bed, it saves you a lot of money. Remember to select twin XL mattresses and fill the gap with a bridge; you will have double the space you had before. 

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