How to Weave a hammock: Simple Step by Step Guide

Nothing can be better than having a siesta on a hammock during warm summer days. Ever since my childhood, the thought of having a hammock has made me giddy. So, I always wanted to learn How to weave a hammock

I always thought that it would be too hard to make a hammock, and I didn’t want to spend on an expensive one. Hence, this summer, I gave in to my dream of having a hammock.

From my experience, I do know that the first steps are always intimidating. After scouring the internet looking at tedious tutorials, I scratched my head and made things simple.

Hence, I thought of sharing it with you as an aid to make a simple hammock in your backyard.

How to start planning for the hammock?

One of the first things to do is to select a location. Yes, we all love a portable hammock, but sturdiness is necessary for me. Be it your backyard trees or a wall; you need to fix the location.

The space available between the trees or walls will also dictate the length of your hammock. I will advise you to choose walls or trees that are strong so that they can support your weight.

Gather the materials

Here are some of the materials that you will need to make the hammock:

How to weave a hammock: Step by step Guide

Prepare the ring

In the first step, you will need to attach the ropes to one of the metal rings. To do this, you need to fold each rope in half and attach it with the cow hitch knot. It is a pretty simple knot. I will suggest you watch a video to make your life a tad easier. Make sure to attach all ten ropes to the ring with a snug fit.

Prepare the dowels or bars

Now, you are all set to attach the ropes to a dowel or bar. For this step, you will need to drill ten holes into the dowels or bars. Make sure that each hole is evenly placed, and leave at least an inch before drilling a hole in each corner. Once the holes are made, take a wooden dowel or bar and feed each rope through a hole. I like to pre-drill the hole from the other dowel or bar to save time and confusion the next time.

Weave the rope together

Now, it’s time to weave the ropes into the diamond pattern. I will highly suggest you go through a video of a simple macrame weave, if you don’t know. The first thing you need to do is to use an overhand knot to tie two pieces together and secure them to the dowel.

Make another knot at a distance of two inches from the wooden dowel or bar. Repeat these to all the pieces, and your first row will be complete.

It’s time to get serious, and on the second row, you will use the same overhand knot to tie rope numbers two and three. Keep on trying the ropes from left to right to complete the second row.

On the third row, you will tie the first and the second piece, and so forth. Make sure to have even gaps between the knots that you place vertically. After the third row, you will see a pleasant and loose diamond shape.

Repeat the sequence of the second and third-row to get more diamond shapes and to form your hammock. I grabbed myself a cold drink and turned on music to retain my concentration on the constant repeats.

Don’t be demotivated if you have to untie and repeat the steps, as it is fairly common for a beginner. I would suggest you keep the tension at a balance to make the knots even.

Add the second wooden dowel/bar

Congratulations, you have managed to weave your first hammock! Make sure to leave a meter’s worth of rope after tying the last overhand knot. This is the time to add the second dowel or bar. As we have already drilled the holes, it wouldn’t be a problem. Weave the pieces of rope into the individual holes and place them at a similar gap as that of the first dowel or bar.

Tie the ropes to the second metal ring

Now, it’s time to attach the ropes to the second metal ring. I will suggest you use the double overhand knot to have a snug fit on the ring. Make sure that the knots aren’t loose in any way. I found it helpful to check several video tutorials to make things easier for myself. You might not been the best camper in the past, but weaving this hammock will surely help in learning some great knots.

Attach the hammock to a tree or wall

You are all set to enjoy your hammock. But, before doing so, you will need to place it in a safe space. If you are thinking of hanging it between trees, make sure to find sturdy participants. Use space rope to weave around the trunk and form a soft-eye splice facing the hammock. Now, attach a carbine hook to the metal ring and attach it to the soft-eye splice. Make sure that it is snug and tight. Repeat the same procedure to the other tree.

Before jumping onto the hammock, I like to test it with some books. Place some heavy books on it to check that the hammock is safe for you.

Definitely use sturdy hooks on the walls if you are thinking of installing them inside or on concrete surfaces. Always have an adequate distance between the ground and the hammock as it will hang low with weight.

I have found this video very helpful while I was learning How to weave a hammock


I hope that this guide to weave a hammock has demystified your concerns. This is one of the simplest ways to create a hammock that will help you relax throughout the summer season. I love the fact that it is lightweight enough to take down at the end of the season.

Make sure to read the steps carefully and get the supplies that I have recommended. You can always ask for help from people who sell these items. Always get sturdy ropes or supplies to avoid any accidents.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this handy-dandy hammock. Have an excellent summer with loads of fun!

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