How to Turn an Old Mattress Into a Couch In 3 Easy Steps

When you have got a new mattress, you may be confused about what to do with the old one?

Then you can think of reusing it in an innovative way to save money and make your old one look beautiful. If you want to make a couch or sofa out of your mattress you have come to the right place.

In this article we will learn how to turn an old mattress into a couch by following a few simple steps. I have done it several times for my own use, so I am excited to share the secret with you all as well.

how to turn an old mattress into a couch
How To Turn An Old Mattress Into A Couch?

Simply use your imagination to come up with a stunning idea. You may make a pretty attractive sofa by stacking numerous old mattresses, especially if the mattress covers are very colorful and intriguing. However, there are other models available.

The structure of your mattress-filled sofa can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, wood, concrete blocks, and wooden boxes, among others.

How to Understand What Kind of Couch You Can Make?

If you like, a thin double mattress that is easy to fold can be sewed as a couch, folded, and tied to bedsteads, so it does not lie directly on the ground. Pallets can also be used in place of the bed frame.

How to Understand What Kind of Couch You Can Make?
How to Understand What Kind of Couch You Can Make?

If you have a small apartment to live in and you want your stuff to be recycled, old mattresses can come in handy. The base can be wooden beams in which you can put springs and foam for making its padding and cushion. You need to purchase steel tubes and fabric to be used as covers. Based on the size of your mattress the layout of the couch should be considered. 

Make a pallet sofa out of an old mattress. There are numerous variants available, but you may simply set a pallet on the floor and your mattress on top of it, which can be wrapped in a blanket and does not require a mattress cover.

How to turn an old mattress into a couch?

Here are the steps to take if you want to construct a couch out of an old but still functional mattress. If you’re willing to know how to turn an old mattress into a couch then you can’t miss this section.

Things Required

  • Scissors.
  • Dremel tool with a fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel.
  • sewing needle.
  • Thread.
  • Staple gun.
  • pliers to stitch your mattress.
  • sewing machine.
  • bunch of straight pins.
  •  a handsaw.
  • Bee wax.
  • Hand clamps.
Steps to turn an old mattress into a couch
How to turn an old mattress into a couch?

  1. Clean the mattress

While this step isn’t etched in stone, this could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Imagine sitting on your new sofas and smelling dampness or finding bed bugs crawling about. The best part is that after you have your two new seats, you can be assured that they are spotless, odor-free, and hygienic!

It may take a day or two to clean the mattress, but it is vital. The cloth will be damp after removing stains and odors, and it will need time to dry. If there is any moisture left over after making the sofa seats, it could result in a major case of mold or dampness.

To eliminate foul smells and other problems, make sure your mattress is fully dried.

2. Cut the mattress in half

This guide is designed for pocket coil mattresses, but you may adapt it to work with hybrid or memory foam mattresses as well. But, for the time being, if you’re working with coils, be cautious. Cutting metal or cutting some coils has the potential to cause injury to the unsuspecting!

Consider what you prefer

This lesson will show you how to split a mattress in half from head to toe. This will refer to two long narrow pillows, but if you prefer square-like cushions, you can cut them sideways.

Remove any outside fabric and padding

Now it’s fun to cut the fabric. Open the bed up in the middle with your sharpened pair of scissors. Examine the inside of the mattress by pulling the cloth back. The metal coils in there and the wooden frames should now be visible.

Cut the coils

Put on your eye and hand protection, and take out your Dremel tool! While cutting the metal, be aware that there may be a lot of sparks, but try to keep concentrated. The wheel blade might be damaged or even broken if the tool slips.

The two parts of the mattress should now be separate pieces once you’ve worked your way from the foot to the head. Bend the sliced wires down with the pliers. The bent wires will now form the back wall of the cushion, preventing the dangerous ends from protruding through future upholstery.

Additional foam, cloth, or wood layers may be present depending on the mattress. Define a straight line from top to bottom and cut it with the Dremel tool.

The fabric should be sealed

Closing the fabric is the next stage. Fold the flaps you pulled back over the opening (the ones you formed after cutting the bed apart with scissors). If everything works well, you should be allowed to clip them closed, but if the top and bottom flaps don’t touch, you may need to remove a tiny line of coils. When you’re finished, you should have two long sections that are now totally covered in fabric.

3. Sew the new covers

The length of the fabric must be sufficient to wrap around each component and close around the edges. As a result, you might wish to wait until you have the parts and their measurements before purchasing the fabric.

Use one-half of the mattress and wrap the fabric around the complete cushion once you have the fabric. Pull the fabric taut and pin it to itself rather than the mattress.

Allow for a seam allowance of roughly a millimeter. Also, leave one end open to make it easier to remove the cushion after pinning the fabric and to clean it in the future. Remove the surplus material by cutting it away.

At the additional centimeter marker, sew a regular stitch around the mattress with the sewing machine. Smooth the corners, remembering to leave a slit on one side. When you’re finished, put the cover over the cushion as if it were a pillowcase.


That’s it. Now you know how to turn an old mattress into a couch, and now it’s time for you to implement the same for your own purpose as well. If you’re confused then you can feel free to ask your queries in the comment section below.

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