How to Macrame a Hammock in 9 Easy Steps

Relaxing on the porch often necessitates the use of a beautiful and comfy hammock. You’ll have a lovely chair that shows off your do-it-yourself talents with only a few tools and some basic calculation skills. The hammock is constructed using the macrame method, which involves knotting ropes together.

That’s why if you learn how to macrame a hammock on your own, then it will be quite handy for sure.

Macrame is a centuries-old technique for creating furniture, plant stands, and other home décor items. It is all about knotting, and many people use this technique to decorate their yard with a hammock porch. You may use a hammock in your child’s room or use an outstanding macramé hammock chair to adorn your yard. 

how to macrame a hammock

Macrame is not difficult to learn; all it takes is the proper method to create pretty things out of it. To be a perfectionist when constructing your macramé hammock, practice macramé knotting on spare threads beforehand. With the assistance of the following methods, you may simply build a hammock at home.

Items need to Macrame a Hammock

🛠️ 150 Yards Hammock String.
🛠️ 10 Feet Thicker Edging String.
🛠️ 85 Yards Thinner Fringe String.
🛠️ Blunt Needle.
🛠️ Drill and 5/8-inch bit.
🛠️ Measuring tape.

🛠️ 41-inch screws.
🛠️ 41-inch screws.
🛠️ 200 yards, cord.
🛠️ 25/8 inch dowels 36 inch.
🛠️ 31 ¼ inch dowels 30 inch.
🛠️ Scissors.

How to Macrame a Hammock (Easy Step-By-Step Guide)

Buying a hammock from Amazon or other online or offline store isn’t bad, but if you wanna give the artistic side of yourself a boost, then macrame hammock is certainly your thing. You can own it, cherish it and show it off to your friends and families as proud artist. So it’s always advisable to know how to macrame a hammock.

I have learnt to master this trick after failing for multiple times. I don’t want you to face that, and that’s why I have decided to come up with this master guide. You can use this as reference.

Dowel Length Measurement

You must ensure that the holes are evenly spaced and lined up to form a perfect square. The measurements must be taken highly carefully since the whole thing is dependent on the correct size.

To make it appear clean, the holes must be precisely drilled in size. You may begin with the tiny holes and work your way up to the larger ones. Holes should be designed in such a manner that ropes may be readily inserted.


You must now sand the holes to eliminate any excess sprinkling that occurred as a result of the drilling. Clearing out the excess is essential since it makes your hammock appear clean and well-designed. If you want a clean and well-made hammock, you must carefully follow these directions.

Sliding them Together

The dowels must be slid together. Make a square out of the dowels and attach them with screws. This stage takes a lot of attention since the dowels must be precisely slid and secured with screws.

Just Hang it

Before you begin the macrame, hang the frame somewhere you can remain or sit comfortably. Hanging this on a frame or anything similar can give you an approximate estimate of the size of your hammock. You must hang it in a comfortable location since here is where you will begin creating ropes.


Create a cord and tie it around the rod. Take extra rope since once you tie a knot in it, it will become short. You must tie a square knot and cross it. You may create the cord in whatever pattern you want.

Crossing the Cord

This is the primary procedure for creating a beautiful hammock using the macramé method. Take the end of the right rope and cross it over to the left. Repeat on the opposite side. You may create seven cords and then cross across. The right one is from the left, while the left one is from the right.

Continue the Knotting

Continue knotting until you reach a seat measurement of approximately 45 inches, then connect the seat to the frame. Continue knotting until the height seems to be what you wanted. You may end when you are happy with the number of inches of knotting.

Cut a Half-Inch Rope

Cut the 12-inch rope in half and knot it together to form a loop. Connect the rope to the dowels and check to see whether it’s moving in the correct direction. Half an inch of rope should be knotted at four of the ends of the dowel and secured firmly to ensure the durability of your hammock.

Place the Dowel and Rope in Place

The macramé hammock is ready to use after it is hung on a wall. You may relax on your handcrafted hammock. You may hang the hammock from a tree, or somewhere else you wish it. It may also be used as a decoration in the garden.


You may take your macramé hammock camping and flaunt it. If you want to create your own customized macramé hammock, you can do it at home.

It’s evident that knowing how to macrame a hammock is not a difficult skill to obtain; all you need is patience and practice to do it at home. 

To build a simple hammock, you must first decide on a design and then construct it using a list of materials. Macrame is a centuries-old technique that takes some arithmetic and experience. After you’ve finished constructing the hammock, double-check it and trim the excess rope from the corners.

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