How to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching in 5 Easy Ways

Your sleep quality determines your productivity level throughout the day. Thus it’s imperative to sleep well. However, if your mattress pad keeps on bunching, waking you up at odd hours, your target will not be met. 

So you must learn how to keep mattress pad from bunching. It will help you to sleep peacefully without any trouble for longer duration. In this article I will guide you with this. Don’t worry!

how to keep mattress pad from bunching
How To Keep Mattress Pad From Bunching?

Mattress bunch for many reasons, wrong bed or pad size, plush cover all results in the bunching of mattress. However, there are a few pain-free ways to fix this painful problem. 

Let’s check out a few of those.

How to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching?

It’s annoying when your mattress pad starts to bunch. But fortunately, there are a few ways you can save that from happening. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend much on the solutions; inexpensive things like pad straps, pinning, or using a non-skid mat should solve your problem effectively.

But before learning how to keep mattress pad from bunching, first understand the causes.

What causes mattresses to bunch?

Your good night’s sleep will get seriously compromised if your mattress keeps pulling like an hourglass. You wake up irritated, pondering over your choice of mattresses. Well, the good news is, you can stop your mattress from bunching. 

What causes mattresses to bunch
What causes mattresses to bunch?

But first, let’s check out what causes the issue. 

Soft mattress cover

Natural and synthetic fabrics are often smooth. Thus a mattress cover or bed sheet with a plush finish will have little to no grip. Such mattress pads have no friction pads to stay in place and thus move and forms ridges.

Bed issue

Of course, you can buy a mattress pad for your bed, but make sure the bed has a steady base. If your mattress does not stay stable on the bed right from the start, your mattress pad won’t stay put either. 

If your bed has a lighter frame, the extra weight from the mattress pad might destabilize it. So, if you are aware of any stability issues with your bed, get it fixed before purchasing a mattress

pad. Additionally, try to get a bed that has a headboard or a footboard. The headboard and footboard will keep the mattress pad in place.

Wrong option

Similar to beds, mattress pads too come in different sizes. Thus when you are shopping for a mattress pad, make sure it matches the size of your current bed. It’s advisable to avoid buying a small-sized mattress pad for a big bed. If at all you have to change your bed, you have to change your mattress pad too. 

How to Pin Mattress Pad to Keep it from Bunching?

Pinning the mattress is one way of keeping it from slipping. Don’t worry; this method is safe and will not result in harmful consequences. 

Try the following steps:

  • Pin the mattress using corkscrew-type pins. Decide on the number of pins you want (more pins will provide better security).
  • Make sure to pin on the corners so that your mattress is placed right above the box spring.
  • You can add extra safety pins too.
  • Conduct each step carefully bro avoid any damage.

How to Use Velcro Tape to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching?

Though velcro tapes are mainly used on kid’s shoes, they make it easy to stick and remove on both sides. 

This excellent property of velcro tapes makes it ideal to avoid mattress bunching.

  • Stick of the corners of your mattress pad and another end of your mattress or even the box spring on the same side.
  • Make sure it would not slip before sticking them together.
  • Set the perfect alignment before sticking.
  • You can also use duct tapes as an alternative.

How to Use Pad Straps to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching?

Padded straps often solve the problem of bunching and is thus a popular option. Since these elastic straps keep things together, they pull up well. Besides, these are said to keep your mattress in place throughout the night.

How to Use Pad Straps to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching?
  • Click the straps under your mattress on every corner of the mattress pad, keeping it flat and secure.
  • Elastic pads allow you to stretch the pads.
  • You can also use bedsheet straps in the same way.

How to Use Fitted Sheets to Keep Mattress from Bunching?

  • Get a sheet with elastic corners that will go underneath your mattress.
  • The bedsheet should be big enough to cover both the bed and the mattress pad.
  • You can also opt for a fitted mattress pad. These do not have to be deep to cover the whole mattress. 
  • However, fitted sheets are more of a temporary solution. It’s advisable to opt for a fitted mattress pad instead.

What is a Non-Skid Mattress Pad?

While there are some quick fixes to keep your mattress from bunching, you need a more steady long-term solution, and that can be provided by a non-slip mattress pad.

While mattresses slide on the bed while sleeping, creating an uncomfortable situation, placing a non-slip pad under your mattress will provide the required comfort. Besides your bed, you can use these pads with other furniture as well to keep them from slipping. 

There are many quality mattress pads available in the market that can meet your requirements. But Tru Lite Bedding Non-Slip Mattress Pad is the best option. This pad prevents the mattress from slipping providing sufficient grip.

Placing this pad, too, is very straightforward. The Tru Lite Bedding Non-Slip Mattress Pad eliminates the need to adjust the mattress often. Plus you can use it with other furniture as well.

How to prevent mattress pads from sliding? 

Mattress pads move with the least resistance. Thus you need something to keep it sticking to the bed, reducing any kind of movement. You can either create friction between two objects or use weight to keep the pad in place.

Besides, the mattress pad will also not slide towards the edge if you have more weight on it than anywhere else. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you use a regular mattress pad on a Tempurpedic mattress?

It is not advisable to use a compressed mattress pad or cover with your Tempurpedic mattress. Such compact pads add another layer between the user and the TEMPUR material, thereby reducing its ability to provide comfort.

Instead, it’s advisable to use a TEMPUR-specific mattress topper. Such toppers protect your mattress without affecting sleep performance. 

2. Should I use a mattress pad with memory foam?

It’s possible to use a mattress pad with your memory foam mattress; however, such pads often have a thin cushioning, which is not effective for a memory foam mattress.

Mattress pads often act as a filter that keeps the natural heat of the body away from memory foam mattresses. Thus the ability of the mattress to mould and contour the body is compromised. 


Once your mattress stops bunching, you can go back to your blissful sleep and wake up fresh. All the methods listed here are also inexpensive, so you can pick any to suit your need right away. 

Hopefully, now you know how to keep mattress pad from bunching. If this article manages to help you in any manner, do consider to share it with your friends as well.

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