How to Climb a Hammock Ladder with Making Guide in 4 Easy Steps

Ever thought of stacking your hammock on a camping trip? It’s a lot of fun, and if done properly, it can take your camping experience to the next level. However, there are some concerns with hammock stacking that can hold you back. In this piece, we answer them all.

In short, if you don’t know how to climb a hammock ladder properly, then this fun activity may backfire and land you into trouble. Don’t worry, I have done this multiple times, and I will guide you in this article.

How to climb a hammock ladder: Step-By-Step Guide

Climbing a hammock ladder, though may look complicated, is quite simple. I first tried this while camping somewhere in Alaska as I wanted to witness top view of the valley. After that I have tried it in multiple locations. In this guide I will help you learn how to climb a ladder safely so that you could avoid any accidents.

how to climb a hammock ladder

Reach Your Hands Out

Start by reaching the hammock above you. To make it easy, grab the edges.

Lock legs

While holding onto the hammock above you, reach your legs up or inside the hammock above you. Do not forget to lock your heels outside the hammock’s edge. 


Once your heels are locked in the position mentioned above and your arms are tightly clutched, use pelvic thrust, or a plank as high as the hammock above you allow. 


Finally, turn your head and shoulders to one side. The hammock will follow this motion, and you will safely land inside your hammock. 

How do you make a hammock ladder?

Climbing a hammock ladder is a fun process, but there are a few things that you have to borne mind:

climbing hammock ladder safety
  • Firstly select two trees that are more than 12″ in diameter.
  • Hang your first hammock at least 12″ off the ground.
  • The next set of hammock straps should be 3′ to 4′ higher than the lower hammock. If the straps are on the same length, the two hammocks might get looped.
  • Follow the same process for all the hammocks you want to stack.

Besides the points mentioned above, consider the following before you start stacking:

  • How many hammocks do you want to stack.
  • The cumulative weight of the people using the hammocks.
  • Ideal diameter of the trees for hanging the hammocks.

These are three very important factors, and getting one of them wrong can lead to severe damage. Not only will you have to ensure the camper’s safety, but you will also have to protect the trees too. 

Keeping safety in mind, your first task is to find a tree that will support your hammock stack. Spacing between the trees should also be taken into account. Ideally, they should be six paces or 12- 15 ft apart. But don’t stop there; consider the integrity of the trees themselves. 

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Check the health of the tree by checking whether or not it has a full canopy of leaves. Make sure there are no dead branches of window markers.
  • Not only the tree but check the area around it as well. Make sure nothing poisonous is growing around the tree line poison ivy, poison oak, or something else.
  • Do not stack your hammock on rocky ground. You don’t want to fall on rocks and hurt yourself.
  • Finally, look for tall, straight trees; if it’s leaning, it’s not worth the risk, no matter how healthy it looks.

Is it safe to Climb a Hammock Ladder?

Stacking hammocks does have certain safety concerns. However, there are mixed opinions. Some people believe stacking hammocks and climbing the same is not safe. Such people mostly lean towards the liability concerns of metro parks and other camping sites.

Others do not see any issue with hammock stacking as long as both humans and nature are safe. 

Climbing into a hammock stack is safe as long as you follow the safety requirements, one of the most important being height. As a rule of thumb, never hang your hammock higher than you want to fall.

Though most manufacturers do not support hammock stacking, some companies sell spacer bars that you can use to hang two hammocks from a tree side with the spacer bar pushing the straps apart. 

Besides these, the health of the trees, the weight of the people, and grounds must also be considered to ensure safety.

Why make a hammock a ladder?

Like all the other fun things you do while camping, a hammock ladder will help you take that fun a notch up, literally. If you successfully stack your hammock correctly and with caution, you can have a load of fun chilling with your friends or family on the swinging bunk beds.

Plus, if you want a better view of the site you are camping in, what better option do you have than climbing on the top hammock? This especially applies to forests or even mountainous areas. By settling on the highest hammock stack, you get a better view of the area than anyone else. 

P.S It would be the perfect location if you are a photographer or bird watcher. 

Stacking hammock also comes in handy in places that do not have too many hammock sites. Unlike a tent that can’t be set up anywhere, hanging hammocks will require well-spaced trees.

Now, that’s always not possible in a forest; thus, stacking the hammocks on top of the other comes in handy. And who knows if you do a good job, you might win the Guinness World Record. So it’s good to learn how to climb a hammock ladder safely.


Though there is some mixed opinion about hammock stacking, it’s fun nonetheless. Once you ensure safety by picking the suitable trees, equipment, and ground, you are all set to have some camping fun! Indeed it takes some practice, but it’s worth it! 

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