How Long Can You Keep a Mattress in a Box

It’s expected that after ordering a mattress, you will start using it as soon as possible. However, circumstances might prevent you from doing so, and thus remains; your new mattress remains boxed up in a corner.

But one fine day, it might strike- how long can you keep a mattress in a box? And in this blog, we answer that very question. 

Honestly, there isn’t any fixed time per say as it depends on the brand, product quality and the manufacturer. But you easily keep a mattress in a box for a week. But we don’t recommend keeping it there for more than a month though.

How long can you keep a mattress in a box
How long can you keep a mattress in a box?

How long can you keep a mattress in a box?

Well, the amount of time you can keep your mattress boxed will depend on the brand and the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend not keeping it beyond a week, while others can allow you to keep your mattress boxed for two months or more. 

Whatever brand you purchase, it’s recommended to unbox your mattress as soon as possible. But manufacturers store the mattresses in the box after making, why can’t I, you may think. The honest answer- they don’t.

When the final foam padding is done, the mattress is stored outside the box and then compressed into a container for shipping. This way, the mattress foam does not get too compressed.

Risks of leaving a mattress boxed for too long

While you may think a few extra days of keeping your mattress boxed will not hurt, think again, for there are some high risks of doing so. 

Non-expansion of mattress

Mattresses boxed for a long time may not expand as desired when unboxed. The chances of non-expansion increase if the mattress is rolled too tightly. Under such circumstances, the mattress might not expand to its full potential, and some parts might remain stuck.

Thankfully, there are few things you can do if you face such an issue. Firstly, increase the room’s temperature and its air circulation. Second, have the mattress placed on the floor and rub it lightly, giving some pressure. Make sure you massage the foam layers.

Compromised comfort

If a mattress is stored for too long, it might lose its comfort level since memory foam items are not designed to be compressed for a long period.

The lower layer of any memory foam product is the base layer, topped with another layer for comfort. Thus keeping a memory foam mattress boxed takes a toll on the low-density layers, affecting the bed’s firmness. 

Additionally, storing a mattress beyond the recommended time significantly reduces its longevity as compression distorts its layers.


Besides the other issues mentioned above, keeping the mattress rolled in a box for long voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Very often, warranties only apply when you follow proper instructions of taking care of the mattress and keeping it packed is not a part of it.

So, by keeping your mattress boxed, you might lose the lifetime warranties provided by the many manufacturers. 

Moisture accumulation

When the mattress is compressed in the box for long, air circulation is cut off, often leading to moisture accumulation. The moisture can lead to multiple problems like the proliferation of bugs, molds, mites, and even bacteria.

When should you unpack the mattress? 

Ideally, you unpack your mattress as soon as it arrives, within 72 hours. This is your safe time frame and will thus eliminate any chances of damage. Besides, if you unpack the mattress sooner, you can check whether or not it has any manufacturing issues. 

Unboxing a new mattress soon and using it will give you time to determine whether or not you are comfortable with your new mattress. If not, you can send it back, get a refund and buy a more comfortable mattress.

When can you sleep on your new mattress?

If you are one of those who unbox a mattress right after it arrives, you are on the right track!

However, it’s not advisable to sleep on the mattress right after unboxing it. You have to give at least 4 to 8 hours for the mattress to get its volume. It might take up to three days for the mattress to expand to its full potential. 

When can you sleep on your new mattress?
When can you sleep on your new mattress?

Most manufacturers do not recommend using the mattress within 24 hours of arrival. Instead, it should be kept in a dry room to expand well, and a window should be left open for the off-gassing odor to pass. 

However, if you still choose to sleep on the mattress within 24 hours of its arrival, you are potentially reducing its lifespan and risking firmness loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to rebox a memory foam mattress after it has expanded?

Though it’s possible to do, it’s a risky process. Manufacturers use special machines to compress and pack mattresses. On unboxing, these mattresses expand fully. However, if you must compress your bed, it’s possible to do so using vacuum bags. These bags reduce the mattress size by 1/10.

How do manufacturers compress mattresses?

Before sending them for delivery, mattress manufacturers use special machines and processes to compress mattresses.

Initially, when the mattress is made, it’s fully expanded. But using the following compression method, the mattress is shrunk.
👍 Using a special machine, a memory foam mattress is squished flat.
👍 It is then vacuum sealed using plastic wrapping.
👍 Another machine folds the mattress while another rolls it.
👍 The rolled mattress is placed in a cardboard box that is shipped.

How long does it take for memory foam mattresses to expand?

Though most mattresses expand in a few hours, some might require more time. Thus waiting for three days for full expansion is advisable. 

Indeed some manufacturers do not recommend sleeping on the mattress for 24 hours; many experts opine that this is not strictly required. But, if you think the bed has not fully expanded, avoid sleeping on it.


No matter what your manufacturer says, you should ideally unbox your mattress within 3 days. But at the same time, do follow the dos’ and don’t mentioned by the brand or you might lose your warranty or get your mattress damaged. 

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