Can You Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress? (It’s Better to Be Informed)

Being a  human, everyone has a habit of cleaning things around their household if it is in use for many days. Many items around the house require deep cleaning in a few months like memory foam mattresses.

You always try different techniques to wash off stains on it, most of them don’t do justice to your hard work, the surface still looks unclean. It can be the cause of unusual smells and moles forming inside of the mattress.

Can You Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress
Can You Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

But, can you steam clean a memory foam mattress? As you may know steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean, so it just may work. Isn’t it?

It is proven that vinegar and baking soda solution might clean a mattress but it does leave white stains on it. The vacuuming or hair dryer method only cleans the external grime like hairs, mud etc. Domestic fabric cleaning dissolvent makes the sponge deeply wet, which takes quite a lot of time.

So, you can opt for the steam cleaning technique to make your mattress smudge-free without any worries of dampness inside them. If someone is not aware of this method, it includes steaming effectively in a sterilized and toxic-free way.

Dead skin, sweat marks, food spill compiles in a foam that looks quite unpleasant but steamer finishes off the germs as well as stains hassle-free. 

What exactly is a steam cleaning?

what is steam cleaning
What exactly is a steam cleaning?

It is a cleansing method, where mild-strain steam is used to clean an external that has a stern spot on it. The process is applied to prepare the things before being scrubbed off easily. Mostly steam cleaning is adequate for pulling out grease, dirt, oil, pee marks and others from the material.

The process starts from giving steam of hot or normal water mixed with some eco-friendly solution to extract stubborn stains. Steaming helps in weakening the tints and being washed in water. However, the steam cleaning method also reduces the labor of scraping the spots with hands. 

Now let’s answer the question, can you steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Can you steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you can definitely steam clean a memory foam mattress. But, you need to take a care of a few things to achieve the best result. There are a few cons of steam cleaning a mattress which I will explain later in this article. But, if you can cover your basics right then it shouldn’t create much of a fuss for sure.

Mattresses are not shopped often, it is a long-term investment. So you should take care of its cleaning whenever mandatory. Bedding is a surface used quite a lot for morning tea, sleeping, babies peeing accidents and many more. If you have skin or any breathing problem, then you must clean your mattress properly.

Steam cleaning is one of the successful ways to fully vanish the smudges and bad odour from the bed.  The method reduces the problem of excess water soaking in a sponge.  

Any side effects of steam cleaning a memory foam mattress?

Like other procedures to clear up memory foam mattresses, steaming cleaning has some cons as well. Applying steam to a foam always gets a different opinion from cleaners but the neutral point everyone is concerned about is moisture. A surplus amount of dampness in foam may lead to termites and bugs in a bedding frame because it is made from wood.

side effects of steam cleaning a memory foam mattress
cons of steam cleaning a memory foam mattress

Apart from structure, bedding foam will have molds, algae, and bad stinks too. You should be careful while applying the amount of steam to foam and let the moisture evaporate completely to avoid any skin or breathing condition due to moisture.

If you will use the correct technique and give an ample amount of time for the drying process, then steam cleaning is the perfect method to make your mattress spotless.

How to properly steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Well, the question arises of how to steam clean any memory foam mattress appropriately without causing any discomfort afterwards? It is quite an easy way.

Firstly, you are required to gather all the necessary equipment or material for steam cleaning. Then follow the steps precisely, ‘’great success’’ your mattress is clean. 

how to steam clean a memory foam mattress
How to properly steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Steps to follow when cleaning the mattress:

Vacuum and freshen the odour

Clear all the clutter from your bed such as pillows, bed sheets, mattress protection, duvet etc. suck up all the crumbs, hairs and dead cells in a vacuum as it won’t go away with steaming. This step allows the steam to absorb deeply into the foam. If you want to get rid of unpleasant odour, apply baking soda mixed with perfume completely on the top and extract it from a vacuum cleaner.

It is advised to put some lavender oil in a baking soda as the mattress is used for sleeping, lavender will soothe your mind and body to sleep peacefully. Leave the soda on the surface for a minimum of one hour before cleaning it with a vacuum. Use a hose tool because it deeply sucks the dirt especially the head and feet area. 

Examine pigmented spots

The next thing to look for is dark stains on your mattress. Take any mild detergent to mix it in water, then wipe it with any sponge. If you have extra baking soda, dust it on the surface spray white vinegar is a perfect substitute for cleaning tints. Do not absorb excess solution because it will take days to get dry fully.  

Provide steam to the top

Assemble your steam cleaner parts properly, pour enough water into the steamer vessel and start the process. Make sure to use the streamer a few metres away from the top in lengthy and mild taps. After sprinkling water from the steamer touch the fabric it should be mildly damp and not fully drenched in water.

Focus on the sides of the mattress as spots and dust gather on this area fast. If you use your bedding on two sides, clean one surface first then flip over the mattress and repeat the process.

Evaporate the moisture

If you are done with the process of steaming, let the moisture evaporate wholly, it may take a few hours or a day. To fasten the evaporation method, the best thing to do is shift the mattress in the backyard or any open space to let it dry naturally under sunlight.

Another one is to open all the windows then switch on the fan for drying. Blow dryers come in handy, you can dry up the dampness quickly with them.  To be satisfied with the drying method, you can press the cloth or tissue forcibly on the foam to check any water traces. 

Any alternative method of cleaning a Memory Foam Mattress?

alternative method of cleaning a memory foam mattress
alternative method of cleaning a memory foam mattress?

Few substitutes work well for cleansing memory foaming mattresses. If you have a proper budget for the cleanup process then you can go for buying a suitable steam purifier. It will be a one-time investment as you can use it anytime when tidying is required.

If you compare prices online, you will surely find a cheap and effective one. Also, you can borrow a steamer from your friends or family because mattress cleanup is done two or three times a year only.

Coldwater and hydrogen peroxide solution can be made easily at home that removes the spot quite beneficially.


 If accurate steps are being followed while cleaning the memory foam mattress, then spotless mattresses will survive for a long time and make your sleeping pattern a lot more comfortable. As explained above, steam cleaning is a flexible technique to rub off the muck from the sponge of the bedding.  

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