Can You Meditate on a Hammock? (My Best Take)

Mediation – a practice developed in 1500 BC, is effective even today. Many people fall back on mediation as a way to deal with the fast life of the 21st century, and the practitioners have nothing but good things to say about the art. 

But, can you meditate on a hammock?

Yes, I can happily say that you can meditate on a hammock, as doing that is very safe. In fact, meditating on a hammock has its own benefits as well. We will get into the details later in this article.

The fundamental focus of mediation is to allow the practitioner clarity and peace- the two much-required tools to deal with the various challenges of our modern life. 

If you are one of those people who is yet to try this life-changing art, do it now and observe the change in your body and mind. 

Meditation takes many forms, and one involves a hammock. In this article will focus on this branch of aerial meditation. 

Can You Meditate on a Hammock?
Can You Meditate on a Hammock?

Can You Meditate on a Hammock? (The Answer)

Yes, we can meditate on a hammock. I am huge fan of camping on a hammock and also an avid practitioner of meditation. So I have combined these two (meditation and hammock) multiple times in many adventurous places without any adverse effects.

That’s why I can conclude here that it’s pretty safe to meditate on a hammock. In fact, it has many benefits as well like it improves our blood flow and immune system. It also helps us to relax our nervous system and to concentrate more on things that matter the most.

Why do people use a hammock for meditation? 

While thinking of mediation, a hammock or hammock stand will be the last thing popping up on your mental screen. The most standard form of meditation involves sitting straight cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed. 

The practiced yogis also try different body positions, which builds body strength. Though relatively new, meditating on a hammock has a few unique benefits.

Benefits of hammock meditation

Benefits of hammock meditation

Blood flow improves

Mediating on a hammock has proved to improve blood flow. When we suffer from stress, our blood vessels contract naturally or get blocked. Meditation aids in opening them, thereby allowing the blood to flow freely. 

A proper flow of blood is essential as it helps in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body. 

Improves immune system

Besides its other negative impacts, stress affects the body’s immune system. As the body grows weaker, it’s more susceptible to diseases, leading to further stress and frustration. 

However, this vicious cycle can be broken with meditation. You can reduce your stress and anger levels by allowing yourself some time to meditate on the hammock. Once your meditation is complete, you will feel relaxed and energized. 

Relaxing the nervous system

Though people believe calming the nervous system is related to reducing your stress and anxiety levels, it’s not the same. Your nervous system as a whole might be anxious. 

It’s the sympathetic nervous system that looks into dealing with stress. However, if that part is always active, one might face digestion, resting, and even sleeping issues. 

Thankfully, meditating on the hammock helps to calm the nervous system and, in turn, channels the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, which helps one rest and relax.

Is listening to music ideal while meditating on the hammock?

Many people listen to music while meditating on the hammock; they opine the resulting experience is refreshing. However, many others love pin-drop silence while mediation rather than having a piece of soothing music playing in the background. 

Is listening to music ideal while meditating on the hammock?
Is listening to music ideal while meditating on the hammock?

According to seasoned practitioners, listening to music can be a good starting point for beginners. In addition to the ambiance, musical mediation on the hammock has a handful of benefits.

Music affects the brain positively

Many studies have proved that music has a strong impact on the brain. Thus, many a time, music therapy is used to treat those suffering from brain issues and mental diseases. 

Besides, music has also proved effective in lowering one’s blood pressure and anxiety levels, facilitating a better mood. Listening to music while meditating on a hammock solves two issues – it helps your body and mind relax and allows the music to pump up your mood.

Dopamine release

Listening to music releases Dopamine or the feel-good hormone in the brain. The body releases this hormone at certain times, and when it does, your mood gets improved. This explains why people associate music with happiness. 

Intentional vs. unintentional meditation

Intentional vs. unintentional meditation
Intentional vs. unintentional meditation

Intentional meditation

This is when you consciously take time to meditate. Most often, people use some form of tool to do this medication, as most of us are not skilled in the art of mindfulness. 

The practice may include: 

  • Mantra chanting.
  • Visualization.
  • Guided audios.
  • Listening to music or some sound.
  • Attending classes.
  • Insightful thoughts.
  • Sitting still while allowing the five senses to be active.

There are multiple benefits of intentional meditation. For instance, the practice helps you prioritize and focus your energy. 

You come to understand that taking short pauses during the day helps improve the overall performance, and then you start having better insights and creative ideas. 

If you plan to practice intentional meditation, you can opt for the cocoon style on the hammock. Such hammocks open on two sides, allowing you a much better view of the two sides while still allowing you to stay within the privacy of your cocoon.

Non-intentional meditation

Non-intentional meditation is similar to mindfulness. In this form of mediation, the target is to reconnect with oneself and realize one’s potential. 

The benefits of this form of mediation are similar to intentional mediation. However, in both cases, you will require the ideal hammock to realize the real benefits. 

Many people opine that they have felt highly rejuvenated after meditating on a Brazilian hammock. While it is not a convenient option for meditation, you can opt for it or even get a hammock chair to focus your energy. 

Wrapping up: 

Mediating on a hammock is about reducing distractions so that it’s close to a minimum. Ideally, while meditating, you should turn off your phone and forget about your work, pending chores, or anything that might add to your stress. 

Let go of any care and shut off for 10-15 mins simply to focus on yourself. Don’t let anything come between your mediation, hammock, and maybe some music. 

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