Can You Fill an Air Mattress With Water? (Our Expert’s Best Take)

We can’t deny that air mattresses are gaining popularity with each passing days, but still in terms of comfortability water beds are a little better than the air beds.

But, can you fill an air mattress with water?

Well, the short answer to this is no. It’s not a good idea to fill an air mattress with water. This is because water is heavier than air, which can cause leaks in your air mattress.

So if you’re buying an air mattress for the first time, and having this question, now you know its answer.

Can you fill an air mattress with water
Can you fill an air mattress with water

An air bed is a piece of unique furniture designed for utmost comfort, which makes it different from the other furniture we use in daily life.

Of course, you can firm up your air bed based on your requirement and carry it from one place to another. While it has many advantages, filling it with water might damage your piece.

Can You fill an air mattress with water? (Why You Shouldn’t)

Yes, technically you can fill an air mattress with water. but you shouldn’t do it, as that will ruin your air mattress. It can cause leaks to your air bed as water is heavier than air.

Air beds are an ideal alternative to traditional mattresses since they offer the same support and comfort without the challenge of setting up a frame. 

However, as the name suggests, these are meant to be filled with air, not water. The air beds’ air makes them light and thus easy to move. Filling them with water, which is heavier than air, can lead to leaks in the beds. 

Why not fill your air bed with water? 
Why not fill your air bed with water? 

Also, a water fill air bed will not have the necessary support. Moving them from one place to another is difficult as an air bed gets heavier.

Besides, filling an air bed with water leads to the development of molds which will further destroy your air bed.   

What happens when an air mattress is filled with water?

Once you fill your air mattress with water, it inflates and holds a shape. The mattress structure will be solid if you fill it to its maximum capacity. However, the problem arises here.

Air mattresses are comfortable and function due to their structure and air pressure mechanism. Once filled with water, the seams will experience a lot of tension and become saggy due to the increasing pressure.

Once you fill your air bed with water and then put additional weight on it, in all probability, your mattress will start leaking as the seams will give away. After that, even after draining the air bed, you will still have some remaining water in it.

Are air mattresses waterproof?

Materials like rubber, PVC, and a few popular textile plastics are commonly used in making air mattresses. The newly developed air mattresses available these days are waterproof. These air beds are also highly durable and comfortable, owning to the premium level materials used in their making. 

Are air mattresses waterproof?

Air mattresses nowadays feature indented sides with vinyl finish seams, making the mattress structure highly sturdy. 

How to clean a wet air mattress?

Thankfully you can easily clean spilled water or other liquids from your air mattress; in fact, it’s a straightforward process. In case you are dealing with spilled liquid, use a piece of cloth or some absorbing paper to get rid of the moisture. 

How to clean a wet air mattress?
How to clean a wet air mattress?

Depending on the stain type, you will need an enzyme cleaner for blood or urine stains and hydrogen or liquid soaps peroxide. Once you are done cleaning the air mattress, simply wipe it off. 

After cleaning air, dry it or use a sir dryer or vacuum cleaner. The best option, however, is to leave it out in the heat for a few days.

Can you machine wash your air mattress?

No, you cannot machine wash your air mattress. Cleaning the air mattress in the washing machine will damage the seams and the mattress. 

Most often, air mattresses have intricate seams, and the materials used to make these are non-porous. 

Washing machines wash by scrambling clothing articles with water and soap. Such an action will kill your air mattress and destroy the delicate seams.

Can air mattresses float in water?

Since air beds are filled with air (which is lighter than water), they float on the water easily. 

Can air mattresses float in water?
Can air mattresses float in water?

However, if you are planning on using your air mattress on the water, ensure the material is waterproof. If you don’t have a waterproof air mattress, floating it on the water is inadvisable as it will become soggy. 

What else can you use to fill your air mattress besides water? 

Filling an air mattress with water is not recommended. However, if you’re any to try something unique other than air, there are a few options, and one such option is Helium

However, Helium will not keep your mattress inflated for long. It’s also less dense than air and will thus not provide a significant lift. Many people don’t use Helium as it leaks over time.

Wrapping up: 

As we have summed up well, filling your air mattress with water is not a wise move as it will eventually ruin your air mattress. This is the reason why waterbeds are more expensive than water beds; both have different working and maintenance mechanisms. 

So, keep your air mattress dry and away from water.

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