Can You Connect two Hammock Straps Together? (The Most Accurate Answer)

A hammock is always fun to enjoy at outdoor camping. But, what if your hammock strap is too short to connect the hammock with the trees? Can you connect two hammock straps together?

Well, connecting two hammock straps can be tricky sometimes and if you don’t know the proper process it can ruin your camping night.

Can You Connect two Hammock Straps Together
Can You Connect two Hammock Straps Together?

It not only helps to extend the hammock straps to hang the hammock securely to the tree but also provides a strong support to the hammocks. Make sure the trees are good and healthy at the same time. You also need to see that the trees are close together to achieve a successful hanging in the woods.

Well, connecting two hammock straps involves an easy and simple process. So, our first-hand experience on connecting two hammock straps will help you find the correct techniques and measures to make your hammock camping enjoyable.

Can You Connect Two Hammock Straps Together?

Absolutely yes! You can connect two hammock straps in a hassle-free way. Most hammock straps come with a loop at each endpoint of the straps.

You can easily connect two hammock straps by tying the lark’s head knot to the tree and then tie a knot with the loops of both the hammock straps. In most cases, hammocks come with straps. But in a few cases, hammocks don’t come with straps. In such cases, you need to buy them separately to hang them securely. 

Make sure the trees are placed close enough to the hammock for secure hanging. Otherwise, it can cause a quiet headache. Straps make it easier to hang on the trees. Ropes should be avoided in such cases to prevent damages to the bark.

On the other hand, straps come in different sizes and lengths. That’s why you need to be prepared beforehand with the proper length to prevent any difficulties. 

Things to Consider Before Connecting Two Hammock Straps Together 

There are plenty of things to consider before connecting two hammock straps. This will help you to determine and understand what you require for secure hanging on outdoor camping. It is because not all hammock straps serve in the same manner. To protect the environment, wider and lengthy straps are ideal. 

Connecting Two Hammock Straps
Things to Consider Before Connecting Two Hammock Straps Together 

It will also help to divide the weight against the trees to prevent any further damage to the tree trunk. Otherwise, thin straps or ropes can cause extreme damage to the tree trunk. 

Now, let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of it:

Picking Healthy Tree & Use Wide Straps

It is necessary to find a healthy tree to hang your hammock securely. Avoid using dead branches and use a thick trunk to prevent any damage to the tree. That’s why wide straps are advisable for hassle-free hanging. 

The hanging Angle

It is important to choose the right angle to hang a hammock on the tree. The aim should be about a 30-degree angle from the strap and the surface. It will give the right measure of strength to hang a hammock. This measured angle is considered the optimal one to hang a hammock.

The Distance between Trees

The ideal distance required for a healthy tree to hang a hammock is about 12-17 feet apart. On the other hand, ensure the tree should be healthy, sturdy, and large enough to hold your weight on the hammock. On the other hand, if you are using spreader bar hammocks, the tree should be at an equal length to your hammock.

When Should You Consider Connecting Two Hammock Straps Together?

There are several reasons where you need to consider connecting two hammock straps to enjoy comfortable hammock camping. 

So, let’s look at the below-mentioned points to a get better idea of it:

Hammock Straps are too short

When hammock straps are too short, there is a need for two hammock straps to connect. The hammock straps come with a loop that is attached at the endpoint of the strap. Hence, two hammock straps provide the additional support to hang a hammock when the straps lack length size. 

Distance between trees are far

When the distance between the trees is more than 18 ft  it requires two hammock straps to connect the hammock with the trees. It is because it will extend the strap length to the tree that is placed far away. 

How Do You Connect two Hammock Straps Together to Extend the Strap?

There are several steps involved to successfully connect two hammock straps together to extend the strap. It’s as simple as tying a knot in your shoe laces. Interestingly, you find different kinds of materials used for hanging hammocks. This could be ropes, hooks, and straps. 

Let’s look at the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take two Hammock straps and name them as strap A and strap B. Make sure Both the straps have two loops at the end sides.
  • Spread up one end loop of ‘strap A’.
  • Enter one end loop of ‘strap B’ through the spreaded loop of ‘strap A’.
  • Hold the strap A loop tightly and open up the end loop of strap B which has already been entered through strap A loop in the previous step.
  • Find out the other end loop(loop2) of strap B which was not in use until step 4. 
  • Now feed the other end loop(loop2) of strap B through the previous open up loop of strap B. It will start forming a knot-like shape.
  • Now holding the strap A tightly you should pull the loop 2 of strap B thoroughly until it forms a tight knot.
  • At the end make sure to pull both the straps firmly for more protective connection between two straps.
  • To  connect two straps more securely you can repeat these previous eight steps in the same manner to make another knot.
  • Repeat these processes on the other side of the hammock also.
  • Kick back and relax.

What to do if your Hammock Straps are Too Long?

When you find your hammock straps are too long, you can simply make some quick adjustments where it will shorten its total length to give you a comfortable stay on the hammock. The entire process goes well with the hammock that comes with no spreader bar. So, what could be done?

You can simply tie a knot at the end of the hammock on each side. This will help to shorten its total length from both sides. This can also be done in one end depending on your needs, space, and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you hang two Hammocks together?

Yes! It’s possible to hang two hammocks together by placing them side by side. It is ideal for couples who are going hammock camping. 

2. Can I add a Spreader Bar to a Hammock?

Unfortunately not! Spreader bars cannot be added or connected to a shop-purchased non-spreader bar hammock. 

3. Are ENO Hammock Straps are Best for Connecting Two Hammock Straps Together?

Yes! ENO hammock straps are considered the best for connecting two hammock straps. It is lightweight and lengthy and is perfect to hang regardless of distance between your chosen trees. 


Now, you can understand hammock straps are eco-friendly and thus have less impact on our environment. However, it should be used appropriately to get the best result. Hence, they are an example of a minimum impact shelter. 

So, make sure you do it in the correct way with the right knowledge to enjoy your hammock on your patio or front porch.

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