Best Hammock Carabiners 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

The best part about hammocking is getting to relax and feel the nature around you, and that is why hikers and campers set up their hammocks after a long day and kick back. However, their relaxing activity can soon turn sour if the hammock snaps. They will instantly fall on the ground and hurt themselves, not an ideal camping trip, right?

Thankfully, if you have the right hammock carabiners, you remain safe and secured while relaxing, napping, or simply chilling on your hammock. But which one do you want to make your next camping trip secure? Indeed it can be a confusing choice; thus, we have talked to real campers, run field tests, and corresponded with the manufacturer of these four brands. After going through the required sources, we have written a detailed review of the carabiners listed below. 

Best Hammock Carabiners Reviews
Best Hammock Carabiners

So, without much further ado, let’s begin!

Best Hammock Carabiners: Quick Summary

The products listed below have been selected after much correspondence with original users and manufacturers. We have also run a field tests on the products to choose the top five that you can use without much worry. All the products listed below are premium quality and have gathered a lot of positive reviews.  

► Best heavy duty carabiners: Favofit Carabiner Clips.
► Best Carabiners with Auto-Locking Feature: FresKaro UIAA Certified 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner Clips.
► Best Hammock Carabiners with Tree Straps: MalloMe XL Hammock Straps.
► Best Stainless Steel Carabiners: EFFIET 4 Inches Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Carabiner.

Best Hammock Carabiners: A detailed Review

Favofit Carabiner Clips

Features at a Glance

  • Multi-use: These wire gate carabiners are ideal for many activities like camping, hiking, backpacking
  • Lightweight: The carabiners are small and lightweight and thus can be carried anywhere
  • Sturdy: Made with aircraft quality aluminum, these carabiners are highly durable and waterproof
  • Weight: It can take weight up to 12KN.

The Favofit Carabiner Clips have become extremely popular for their rust-resistance, and being made out of aircraft-grade aluminum with no sharp edges, it is highly durable and flexible. In addition, this Carabiner clip can support many non-climber activities like clipping and hammocking, with its weight capacity of 12KN. 

Like most carabiners, this one also has a D-shaped design with twist-lock gates that open quickly by simply twisting the barrel and pushing it against the spring load bar. Once the barrel is released, it automatically returns to the lock position. As the mechanism is so easy and effective, you can concentrate on the task at hand (setting up the hammock, for instance) and not bother about the lock of the carabiner. 

You can also use this set of 4 carabiner clips for bicycling, backpacking, bunting fishing, and many other activities beside hammocking. Many users believe these are a lifesaver even in poor weather conditions like rain, snow, and sleet. Arguably this is one of the best hammock carabiners I have ever used.


  • Gate opens well for smooth clipping.
  • Sturdy aluminum structure.
  • Set of four.
  • Closure remains secure, and strong spring performance.


  • Anodized parts get scratched.
  • Not certified by UIAA for climbing.

Should You Buy?

Ideal for those looking for string carabiners for multiple activities.

FresKaro UIAA Certified 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner Clips

Features at a Glance

  • Quick-lock mechanism: The unit locks instantly, two-way locking included along with simple twist barrel spring load.
  • External use: Carabiners comes with a basket to reduce fumbling and snapping.
  • Weight: Being made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the units are extremely lightweight.
  • Quality: Premium quality carabiners feature smooth lock and gate surfaces and do not lead to scratch on users.

The FresKaro UIAA Certified carabiner clip is known for its twist lock. The 25-knot lock system instantly locks and opens in two-way. In addition, the locking mechanism is simple. You only need to twist the barrel and press it against the spring load, which opens instantly. 

Additionally, the carabiners are UIAA certified and have super strong axis strength. It has 5621 pounds of cross-load placed at 6 knots! The units are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are thus super light with excellent tensile strength. 

Coming to the strength of the units, tech testing machines have tested their strength. The material used is rust-free, thus can be used freely outdoors. 

These carabiners are ideal for outdoor activities since they suit harsh weather conditions like rain and snow very well. Moreover, new carabiner users can also use it smoothly without worrying about getting blood blisters or scratches.


  • Super strong carabiners.
  • Ideal for big users.
  • Light and compact unit.
  • Units are safe and sturdy.


  • The carabiners are not ideal for rock climbers as per some users.
  • Using the auto-latch gets a bit tricky.

Should You Buy?

If you are looking for big sized carabiners to make climbing easy, this is the one.

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

Features at a Glance

  • Versatility: One of the best-rated hammock straps that feature great length and width.
  • Adjustable: Daisy looping system allows one to adjust the height fast, ensuring great comfort.
  • Easy to use: It takes less than a minute to set up the unit.

The strength of the product has made it so popular among users. MalloMe XL Hammock Straps are heavy-duty, nonstretch, and triple-stitched, making it sought after, and it can thus take weight up to 2000 lbs. Ideally, it should be equal to the weight of two adults. 

The straps feature 100% webbing material that can be used in multiple settings without worrying about stretching or damage. 

Coming to the length, these hammock straps are almost 24 feet long, so you can use them in the setting you deem fit. Coupled with that, it has a width of 1 inch which makes it ideal for trees. 

The product comes with multiple adjustment loops, roughly 20 attachment loops on each strap. The sheer number of loops makes this product extremely versatile, allowing you to set up your hammock at any angle you want. Additionally, the daisy chain looping mechanism enables users to adjust the hammock’s height and prevent sagging. 

Overall, the straps meet all standards and are highly appreciated by users.


  • Ideal for pitching between trees.
  • No stretch ensures maximum comfort.
  • It can support up to 2000 lbs of weight.
  • The product is highly versatile, with over 40 looping positions.


  • The clips don’t open much.
  • Weight capacity may not be as advertised.
  • Thin for hammocks.

Should You Buy?

 Ideal for those who camp in forests and like setting up their hammock between trees.

EFFIET 4 Inches Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Carabiner

Features at a Glance

  • Durability: The carabiners are rust-resistance made from 304 stainless steel. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Strength: The units can take up to 770lbs and is 0.37 inches thick 
  • Versatile: Units can be used for multiple activities like fishing, camping, traveling, hiking, and gyming
  • Ease of use: The carabiners are easy to operate with their spring-loaded gates

Ideally, carabiners must be durable and rust-resistant for safety concerns, and thus, EFFIET loops have been made with 304 stainless steel, which provides excellent resistance against corrosion. Plus, you can use these both indoor and outdoor without worrying about rusting and damage. 

EFFIET has designed the carabiners to hold up weight up to 350 kgs thanks to their thickness, strength, and durability. 

Like all of the carabiners mentioned in this article, the EFFIET unit too can be used for multiple activities like fishing, camping, backpacking, and traveling. In addition, many users use these as gym gear.

The manufacturers have ensured ease of use by keeping the operation smooth. The units feature easy to open and close gates that you can use to connect and disconnect ropes, chains, and straps.  


  • Ideal for gyming.
  • The product has a nice finish.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Highly versatile.


  • None significant.

Should You Buy?

A simple yet effective product ideal for multi-use. It deserves a spot in the list of best hammock carabiners

What are the different gate types of carabiners?

While researching the different types of carabiners, you will come across the term gate. However, before you get confused with this term, it’s essential to know that the closure of the carabiner is called a gate, and there are three different types that you will come across while searching for the perfect carabiner. 

Straight: This is by far the most popular among all three and is used by most quality carabiners. These carabiners are made from straight aluminum pieces and are ideal for most indoor and outdoor activities. 

Wire: Wiregate carabiners have a modest appearance, and often climbers mistake the lock for being less strong than bent and straight lock gates. However, wire gate carabiners are as strong as it’s straight and bent counterparts. Though they are less durable, they are also lighter. 

Bent: Bent gates are not as popular as straight gates, but they are equally useful. As the name suggests, such carabiners have a concave bend in the center, making it easier for the user to clip in the rope. These types of carabiners are popularly used for the rope end of quickdraws.

How to clean carabiners? 

If you use the carabiners to hold your hammock in place or for climbing, you need to maintain it well; otherwise, it might cause an accident. Thus it becomes essential to inspect and maintain your carabiners regularly. 

Thankfully maintaining the carabiners is relatively simple:

► Clean the gates by blowing away the dirt and dust from the hinges
► If the gates are sticky, wash them with some soap and water. Anything citric based works well
► Lubrication is essential for your carabiners. Ideally, use a waxed-based lubricant around the hinge, lock, and spring. The excess lubricant must be wiped
► Your carabiners must be cleaned with lube every time it comes in contact with saltwater or air.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use any carabiner for hammock?

Yes, in fact, it is advisable to have carabiners for your hammock to ensure security. With carabiners, you can hang your hammock anywhere you want and have a relaxing time. They firmly hold the hammock straps, thereby offering you a steady setup. 
However, it’s essential to ensure the durability of your carabiners which otherwise may result in falling from the hammock. 

How can you tell how much a carabiner can hold?

If you plan to use the carabiners for climbing, it’s natural to think about their weight capacity. Generally, carabiners are not rated for their force but their weight. The weight capacity of carabiners is measured in kiloNewtons(kn) and is mentioned at the side of the carabiner. 

Ideally, those meant for climbers should at least hold 20kN of force which roughly estimates to 4500 lbs. However, it must be noted that the rating shown on the carabiners refers to its strength when it’s brand new. Such gears wear out with time, and thus their strength reduces.

But thankfully, aluminum and steel carabiners mostly last forever. If they are not used frequently, they don’t wear out. With use, however, signs of wear out become apparent, especially on colored carabiners.

How many KN should a hammock carabiner have?

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to buy carabiners for hammocks with a weight capacity that exceeds your hammock. Most branded carabiners and hammock carabiners have a weight capacity of 400 pounds or more. However, it’s essential to check with the manufacturer about the same. If you are looking for a climbing carabiner, you will find the strength ratings mentioned in kN or kiloNewtons. 

But the ratings are different along the major and minor axis. These carabiners also have a gate-open rating. If you are opting for climbing carabiners for your hammock, it must meet the following standards specified by CE:
► Gate open: 7 kN
► Minor axis: 7 kN
► Major axis: 20 kN

What is the strongest carabiner?

Of the many types of carabiners available in the market, the D-shaped ones are considered the strongest and the most durable. They feature a smaller gate opening than the other options, but they still have larger ones than oval carabiners. X-shaped carabiners hold the ropes closer to the spine and are thus more secure. Plus, they are pretty affordable and can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. 

Besides security, they have quite a few advantages:

► Their shape makes them the strongest carabiners.
► Lighter than pear or oval-shaped carabiners.
► Features a bigger gate opening.

When is it time to retire the carabiners?

 Though steel and aluminum carabiners are long-lasting, they won’t last forever. There are some tell-tale signs of aging on your carabiners, and when you see them, know that it’s time to retire them
► If the gate lock is sticky even after a thorough cleaning and does not open and shut consistently.
► In case the body or gate has cracks.
► When the body gate or nose of the carabiners are deformed in some way.
► Missing or deformed rivets.
► Weathered carabiners.
► Carabiners stuck in fire or immersed in seawater for a long time must not be used anymore.
► In case the carabiners have come on contact with battery acid or fuel or any other chemical, they must be retired.


Best hammock carabiners make camping and hammocking fun and secure. You get to relax and be in the midst of nature without worrying about a sudden fall. The carabiners listed above have been highly acclaimed and are super safe to use. Additionally, we have included a detailed FAQ section to help you address any questions you may have! So, buy a carabiner suited for your needs and get hammocking!

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