Best Air Mattress for Bedsores Reviews and Buying Guide

Did you know that every year millions of people suffer from bedsores? It may look like an easily treatable problem, but without a proper mattress, things can soon go out of your hands. Bedsores left untreated turn into infections that may even reach the muscles and bones. Before going into Best Air Mattress for Bedsores reviews, I should explain why I chose it over foam mattress.

To ease bedsores and minimize the chances of getting sore, one needs to have the proper bedding. This includes adding a pressure relief mattress. These are specially made in a way that a person’s back is at complete rest. Moreover, the blood flow isn’t cut off, which helps prevent bedsores and heal any existing sores.

Rather than foam mattresses or water beds, air mattresses have come up as an excellent choice. These also fall under the classification of pressure relief mattresses. Along with being cheap, air mattresses are easier to maneuver from one place to another. When it comes to bedsores, air mattresses are great for letting the person sleep soundly.

Want to know more about the best air mattresses for bed sores? Keep reading for a curated list of great products!

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Best Types of Air Mattresses to Prevent Bedsores

If you have meant to know about mattresses that help with bedsores, you are at the right place! Let’s learn about three types of air mattresses that help with the problem.

Alternating or Dynamic Mattresses

As you can understand by the name, this isn’t a static mattress. The air pockets present in this machine lead to a pressure pump or control unit. Due to cyclical programming, there is a process of inflation and deflation. Along with releasing pressure with this movement, it cuts down the probability of getting bedsores.

Moreover, the use of a proper material helps to reduce friction between the skin and the mattress. In the market, these products are sold under the name of airflow or air mattresses. It is excellent for those people who are at a high risk of developing bedsores.

Crossover Mattresses

These mattresses contain the best of both worlds by including air as well as foam. The foam present in this mattress is usually housed by an air pocket which one can control. Some hybrid mattresses even give the mode to toggle between a static or cyclical mode of inflation and deflation. We also know of some models where the air cells exist below the foam layer. With better control, these mattresses can help to ease the pressure to prevent bedsores.

Low Air Loss Mattresses

These are one of the specialized air mattresses that you can get. Rather than relying on a cyclical process, these mattresses have perforations. The air releases through these holes to provide a pressure-free surface to the person. These products are also great at dealing with microclimate regulation. This makes this product an excellent choice for those who belong to hot and humid conditions.

Best Air Mattress for Bedsores: Low air loss mattress

Best Air Mattress for Bedsores: Quick Summary

Best Air Mattress for Bedsores Product Review

Apex Medical Domus 2s 5″ Alternating Pressure Mattress

Features at a Glance

● Constructed of medical grade PVC.
● Has a heel slope for better pressure release.
● 10 minutes cycles of inflation and deflation.
● Noise level of the pump is around ≦35dB.
● Comes with a pressure dial for easy adjustment.
● Weight capacity of the mattress is 260 pounds.
● The mattress and pump has a one year warranty.

Economic Air Mattress Option

Are you tired of looking at mattresses that cost a lot of money? Well, you wouldn’t pay that much for this one. Even after being one of the best Best Air Mattress for Bedsores, this comes at an affordable price. The best part about this product has to be its quality.

We really like the medical grade PVC as it helps to minimize friction that may cause bedsores. Moreover, the size of the mattress, along with the extension flap, works well even with tall people.

Presence of a Heel Slope

Rather than being on the same angle, the company had the ingenious idea of adding a heel slope. Along with giving the body a proper resting angle, the heel slope also provides adequate pressure release.

Moreover, it will prevent the cause of leg pain often seen in people who are on bed rest. This heel slope is equally helpful when the mattress you prop up the mattress in a sitting position.

Ability to customize

You don’t just see an inflatable mattress over here. We appreciate the number of customizations that are available in this product. You can alter everything from the pressure to the position of this product. Moreover, the pressure pump comes with a weight indicator for personalized configurations. Even the mattress itself is easy to use, and you can set it in different angles to make it comfortable.


  • An easy to use design.
  • It is quite comfortable.
  • Doesn’t make much noise.
  • Affordable on the pocket.
  • Can be used on hospital beds.
  • Heel slope provides pain relief.


  • May feel firm in the beginning, but it is easily adjustable.

Should You Buy?

If you have been searching for an affordable and useful alternating air pressure relief mattress, then this is a great choice. Along with giving you the right amount of comfort, it also helps you to say goodbye to preexisting bedsores.

MedVance MedAir Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

Features at a Glance

● Constructed of nylon along with a quilted top.
● Quiet air pump with noise level of 20 dB.
● Control with an intuitive LED screen.
● A remote is included for easy control.
● Power outage protection for up to 24 hours.
● The air cells are 8” deep for superior comfort.
● Has a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs.

Advanced Pressure Release Technique

Low air pressure mattresses are a little different from the usual kind. This particular model comes with three pressure zones for enhancing comfort. In addition, you can use the pillow mode to fix the pressure for the neck and head region.

Similarly, the leg region also has a constant pressure zone. However, the back and shoulder region comes with alternating air cells. This area performs the real magic for the mattress by taking off excess from a region prone to bedsores.

Quilted Top for Comfort

No, the person wouldn’t need to lie on the uneven air pockets of the mattress. This comes with a waterproof quilted cover which makes it much more comfortable. Additionally, the waterproofing is also perfect for hospital beds as it prevents messes.

You can also ensure comfort for the patient by choosing between 6, 9, 12, and 25-minute cycles. Rather than sticking with an uncomfortable setting, this mattress allows you to change things up.

Have Control Over the Mattress

Continuing on the previous point, this mattress comes with an enhanced LED control. You can see a nuanced breakdown of the things available with the mattress. Change everything from its pressure to the alternating air cycles.

The company also includes a remote control for the times when you might be away from the bed. Additionally, you can panel lock the control after making it comfortable for the person to avoid accidental changes.


  • Quilted top provides extra comfort.
  • The control panel is easy to use.
  • Has a diverse weight capacity.
  • Great for home and hospital usage.
  • Pillow function helps relieve neck pains.
  • The pump doesn’t make much sound.


  • It’s expensive, but you get a quality product.

Should You Buy?

Low-pressure release air mattresses have been taking the market by storm. Yes, they can be a little more expensive than the usual air mattress, but the comfort and perks are unbelievable. With this MedVance mattress, the person will never need to worry about getting bedsores.

SereneLife Pressure Mattress Air Bubble Pad

Features at a Glance

● Breathable air channels for better comfort.
● The mattress comes with an easy setup.
● It is made of high quality medical grade PVC.
● Has an automatic air pump for inflation and deflation.
● Micro air holes for better pressure release.
● Superior weight capacity of up to 330 lbs.
● Pressure range of the mattress is 70-130mmHg.

An Easy-to-use Design

This air mattress has one of the best user-friendly designs that we have seen. Instructions are pretty clear, so you wouldn’t need to struggle with it. All you need to do is to unpack the mattress and connect it to the pump.

Moreover, this bed fits perfectly in a hospital bed. You can also use it at your home. Place it over an existing mattress, and you are good to go. Deflate it fully once you are done using it, and store it in a box.

Budget-friendly Option

Are you looking for an Best Air Mattress for Bedsores that isn’t super expensive? If yes, then this air mattress is the perfect thing for you. This is especially great for those who will be on the bed for a while. It’s also suitable for those who will use the mattress infrequently.

Even though this is an inexpensive option, the company hasn’t cut down on the quality. It’s made out of medical-grade PVC, which is also used in even the expensive models.

Great Pressure Range

You may assume that this mattress will have constant pressure. However, this mattress surprises us with a great pressure range of 70-130mmHg. It’s quite easy to control the pressure, and the additional micro holes make it more comfortable.

The company has even gone forward with breathable air channels to ease as much pressure as possible. Hence, you aren’t compromising with anything while choosing this product.


  • Clear instructions given for setup.
  • Sleeping on it is comfortable.
  • Storing the mattress is easy.
  • Has a good weight capacity.
  • Controlling pressure is hassle-free.
  • Provides extra comfort to the back.


  • The pump is slightly noisy, but it’s bearable.

Should You Buy?

Are you unsure if an air mattress is the right choice? This budget-friendly option will make you fall in love with it. We are sure that your investment would give a fair idea about air mattresses and bedsores will never be a problem again!

Pure Brands Queen Mattress Topper and Pad

Features at a Glance

● The pad is constructed of microfiber.
● Extra thick 18-inch pockets for comfort.
● Comes in compact vacuum sealed packaging.
● Contains polyfill filling for an airy feel.
● This is a machine washable mattress topper.
● Available in different US bed sizes to fit your bed.
● Topper has a weight of about 4.45 lbs.

Great for Home Use

Have you come home after a critical surgery? If yes, then this comfortable topper might be the right thing for you. It would give you the ultimate comfort while lying on the bed. Moreover, it isn’t harsh on your skin or your body.

Lying on the standard mattress after a medical treatment can often be painful. This mattress topper comes to your relief by giving you a superior life. It is also made with microfiber, which makes it hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

Provides Adequate Pressure Release

As we are looking to prevent bedsores, this mattress topper works quite well. It’s an exceptional transition for those who have already been regularly using a pressure release mattress. Moreover, the topper also prevents the sinking effect often noticed in the usual mattress. Hence, this mattress topper is also great for restless sleepers or pregnant ladies who need pain free sleep.

Cleaning and Storing the Topper is Never a Problem

If you have always struggled with cleaning mattress toppers, you will be relieved to get this one. It is machine washable, and you wouldn’t need to do anything more. Once it dries, the topper fluffs up like before, and you can easily fit it on the bed.

Do you need to store it for a while? You can always fold it up like a bedsheet and store it in a box or a cupboard. Additionally, there is also the option to vacuum seal it to save more space.


  • Cleaning it is super easy.
  • Perfectly fitted for the bed.
  • Has a comfortable design.
  • No harshness is felt on skin.
  • It is a lightweight product.


  •  Not meant for hospital use, but it’s great for home usage.

Should You Buy?

As a crossover mattress topper, this product is different from the other air mattresses present on this list. However, it is still one of the Best Air Mattress for Bedsores, especially meant for home use. The best parts of this mattress are affordability and comfort.

Drive Medical Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

Features at a Glance

● This mattress has twenty 8-inch air cells.
● Pillow function provided in top three air cells.
● Contains a digital pump with an alarm system.
● Comes with a quick release and easy lock design.
● PU cover is provided as a comfortable topper.
● Maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs.
● Alternating air cycle settings of 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes.

Perfect Air Mattress for Long-term Use

Are you looking to invest in an air mattress for long-term usage? If yes, then this mattress wouldn’t let you down. Drive Medical is a company known for making superior quality air mattresses. And, this is undoubtedly one of them with all the modern hi-tech features.

This mattress is a low air release mattress; hence it is excellent for prolonged usage. After you are done using it in the hospital, setting it up at home would never be a problem. With a height of 8-inches, this can easily take the place of the regular mattress.

Easy to Control Alternating Air Pressure

One of the essential aspects of air mattresses is the alternating air pressure. These alternating cycles help in relieving the pressure to protect against bedsores. In this mattress, you can set cycles of 10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes. This is a good mix as it allows you to customize it according to the person’s choice.

The easy LED control panel also allows you to check out the pressure. Moreover, the clearly labelled buttons make it easy to toggle the settings in a few minutes. Additionally, the mattress will also move to the alternating mode if it has been left in static mode for more than two hours.

Easy to Store

If you are done using the mattress, all you need to do is to deflate it. The quick-release option makes it pretty easy, and carrying it becomes hassle-free. Besides, you can also fold it neatly and put it away until further need. It also weighs only a little over 4 lbs, making it ultra-portable.


  • Contains hi-tech features.
  • Has clear usage instructions.
  • Lightweight, and portable design.
  • Comfortable for regular usage.
  • Good for hospital and home use.
  • Has an excellent weight capacity.


  • Quite expensive, but it’s the perfect long term investment.

Should You Buy?

The Drive Medical low air loss mattress is specially made for those struggling with bad bedsores. Apart from giving the needed pressure release, it is quite gentle and comfortable. Sleeping on it feels like being on a cloud, and it’s no different than a regular mattress.

Best Air Mattress for Bedsores Buying Guide

When you are buying a mattress for bedsores, some points should come first. Here are some of them which will make things easier to look for the best air mattress for bedsores.

What is the reason behind the bedsores?

Pressure ulcers which are commonly known as bedsores, can appear for many reasons. It is mainly caused by restricted mobility in people who are at bed rest or in wheelchairs. The most common reasons include excessive pressure, friction, shear, and irregular microclimate. The first thing that you will need to see is the root of the bedsores. Choosing a proper mattress will rely on this factor. For instance, bedsores caused by pressure issues may require an air mattress with the cyclical process to ease it.

Weight Capacity of Mattress

The mattress should be able to take the weight of the patient. It’s essential not to cause excessive pressure or friction for the person. You should always check the weight capacity of the mattress before getting it. We would also like to stress on the point that it’s always better to go for a product which can sustain more weight than that of the person.

Material Quality of the Mattress

When someone is lying on the mattress for 24 hours a day, it needs to be of good quality. Medical grade products are specially meant for all time use, and they are pretty comfortable. Nylon is another excellent component for air mattresses. Rather than going for the cheapest air mattress, it is best to invest a bit more for enhanced comfort.

Design of the Air Mattress

We talked about the three variants of air mattresses that are available in the market. When you find out about the root cause of bedsore, you will also choose the design. The alternating air pressure mattress is the one option that you will stumble upon the most. However, we will suggest you go for the low air loss mattress if used in a hot and humid situation.

Noise Level

Aren’t you annoyed by the squeaky tendency of a water bed? Almost everyone is! Hence, we don’t want you or your loved one to be annoyed while resting. Therefore, we find the noise level to be an essential factor while choosing the mattress. Stay away from cheap plastic-based options, as they will squeak a lot. Make sure to check the noise level before ordering the mattress.

Mattress Mobility

Along with the person’s mobility, that of the mattress is also crucial. You wouldn’t want to lug around a mattress that is heavy and uncomfortable. One thing about air mattresses is that they are usually quite mobile. However, if you choose a hybrid or crossover air mattress, it will have a bit more weight.


We should never compromise with our health. Despite that, the cost is always a factor. Some hi-tech air mattresses may cost a lot. To make it easier for yourself, it’s always better to compare between two products. If you are unsure, go for a mid-range product with the most features. You may need to shell out more money based on the extra features and mattress quality.

Best Air Mattress for Bedsores: FAQs

1. What is the best mattress for bedsores?

There is no set answer to the query of which one is the best mattress for bedsores. Pressure-relieving mattresses are thought to be the best for bedsores. Air mattresses, especially the alternating air pressure mattresses, have got a good name. Try to find an air mattress that is suitable for the bedsores or get one that will help the most with prevention.

We have provided a comprehensive list of five air mattresses that work well. Nevertheless, you can try out the Apex Medical Domus 2s 5″ Alternating Pressure Mattress, which we have found to be a favourite of many.

2. Does an air mattress help with bedsores?

Yes, an air mattress can help with bedsores. Along with making it easier for ulcers to heal, air mattresses can also prevent them. Air mattresses are an ingenious and comfortable way to ease the excess pressure from one’s body.

Additionally, air mattresses are also great for maintaining microclimates to restrict infections. The alternating air pressure mattresses are specially made to ease the pressure. Moreover, the best part about air mattresses has to be their cheap cost and mobility that makes them a great product for people fighting bedsores.

3. Is memory foam good to prevent bedsores?

As a part of the pressure-relieving mattresses, memory foam mattresses do work great. It provides a perfect hypoallergenic, comfortable and breathable environment. So, they are definitely capable of helping a person to recover from bedsores. However, memory foam mattresses can be on the heavier side, so they aren’t great for hospital use. Moreover, some people may find them too hard at the beginning. You will also need to pay quite a bit of money for a memory foam mattress that is meant for bedsores.


We are at the end of suggesting to you some of the Best Air Mattress for Bedsores available on the market. Picking one can be challenging if this is your first time. However, with our handy buying guide, you get a little more insight into shopping for a superior product.

While researching for the mattresses, we thought of including products from a diverse price range. We are sure that there is something for you on our list. Didn’t find the product that you need? Check out the tips in the buying guide to find out the crucial points.

Now, go and get yourself an excellent air mattress to put an end to bedsores!

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