Air Mattress Alternatives: Good News! There are Several

Even though you may not use your air mattresses daily, there are times you will need to, for instance, if you have guests visiting you. 

Not everyone has a spare guest room, and even if you do, it might not be enough to accommodate all your guests. So, this is the perfect time to bring out your air mattress. But alas! You have not used it for a while, and it has gone flat! Air mattresses develop holes quite quickly, thereby becoming unsuitable for use. 

Thankfully there are some alternatives you can use to save yourself from embarrassment. 

8 Best Air Mattress Alternatives


Do not be under the impression that these are uncomfortable elementary structures. Cots have come a long way from what they used to be, plus they have a world of advantages compared to air mattresses. Most importantly, cots last much longer than air mattresses due to the materials used. Secondly, it’s not possible to puncture a cot, a problem prevalent with air mattresses. In fact, you will be surprised by the various options they have these days.

There are multiple features, and based on that, the price can be anywhere between $20-$100. Cots make the perfect alternatives to air mattresses for their size and price. Also, Folding Cots are easy to carry and travel with.

Sleeping bags

Of course, you cannot ask your guests to sleep inside a sleeping bag, but for a makeshift arrangement, they can sleep on it. Besides, sleeping bags can be an excellent alternative if you are used to carrying your air mattress on camping trips. Again you have a diverse price range. If you are selecting one reasonably high priced, they might be thick enough for you to sleep on them comfortably.


This is another pick ideal for campers looking for air mattress alternatives. Some campers are all about hammocks, and why not when the advantages are such! Hammocks will keep you raised from the ground, and there is no chance of deflation like an air mattress. And most importantly, hammocks are incredibly comfortable. You can use them to relax under the open sky or buy a piece that comes with its tent to keep the bugs out. Indeed there is a slight learning curve when using a hammock. For instance, tying the knots that don’t become undone, setting the correct tension, and such.

However, once you get it, the process gets a lot simpler. Finally, hammocks are also lightweight, which makes them ideal for camping trips. 


This is perhaps the best air mattress alternatives if you have guests visiting you. And the advantages are nearly endless. For starters, futons require no inflation. You simply need to roll it out, and it’s ready to use. Then, roll it back again and place the cord in place once you are done using it. 

Futon also keeps the users quite warm and provides ample back support. So your guests will definitely not wake up with a cramped back or complain about any ache. Phew!

Though there are many types of futons available, opt for the ones that are thick, comfortable, and can be rolled and packed easily.

Foam pads

Foam pads date way before air mattresses, so by opting for this, you give your guests a touch of antiques. Foam pads are more attractive than air mattresses as they are puncture-proof and way lighter. Even if you are going camping, you can simply roll it up and pin it to your backpack without feeling extra weight. This is something you cannot do with your air mattress for fear of it puncturing. 

You also do not require a pump to inflate an air mattress. Like a futon, you can simply roll it out for your guests and campers and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

The thickness of a foam mattress ranges from one inch to several inches and has small air cells packed in the dense foam, which provides excellent insulation. Therefore, you need not worry about sleeping arrangements if you have more than one guest coming down for Christmas. 

However, these are not as thick as air mattresses, and some of your guests might find it a tad bit uncomfortable. Also, remember to place it on an even surface.

Sofa beds

If you have a sofa bed at home, you already have a temporary bed for your guests to use. If not, you can always use a sofa bed mattress as an air mattress alternative. Like a futon, you can spread a sofa mattress on the floor when required and roll it up when not used. However, these mattresses are a bit expensive than the other options for air mattress alternatives mentioned here but treat them as investments. Their durability, comfort, and design make it worth the price.

Self-inflating sleeping pads

This option places you somewhere between a foam pad and a self-inflating mattress. There is a fundamental difference between these, while foam mattress has closed air cells, the self-inflating mattresses feature open-air cells.

The best thing about self-inflating sleeping pads is that you can add or remove air at your convenience. However, like air mattresses, self-inflating mattresses also run the risk of puncture, but thankfully they are easier to repair. Also, these pads are lower than air mattresses, so make sure you place them on an even surface. But its advantages outweigh the problems for many. 

Bean bag chairs

If you have too many people gathered in your apartment, you might have to make do with whatever is available. But of course, you have to ensure your guests’ comfort. One way of doing that is by setting up a bean bag chair in your apartment. The design of the product allows you to transform it from a chair to a bed. Bean bag chairs are soft, comfortable, supportive, and once you remove the beans, you can wash them in a washing machine. However, these chairs are a bit expensive, but they double as both a chair and bed, making it worth the money invested.

1. What is the healthiest mattress?

Health mattresses refer to those that have organic compounds like latex, cotton, and wool in them that have been certified by reputed bodies like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Since all of these materials are natural, such mattresses are healthy.

2. What is the safest mattress?

The safest mattress must include one or more of the following materials:
Organic untreated wool: That type of wool is naturally flame dust and mildew resistant.

Organic cotton: These are grown on untreated fertile soil without the use of pesticides. Mostly organic cotton is used for batting or wrapping the mattresses.

Natural latex: These are safer than their blended variety that has petroleum-based polyurethane.

Besides, it’s also essential to look for third-party certification from well-recognized bodies while buying a mattress. Such certifications ensure that the mattress quality has been vetted, thereby ensuring its safety.

3. What are the least toxic mattresses?

Mattresses that don’t contain petrochemicals, Soybean foam, Synthetic latex, any adhesive that might contain formaldehyde, or any flame retardant chemical.


Entertaining guests should not be a problem anymore since you have these fantastic air mattress alternatives to look into. So, invite your favorite people, have a sleepover, or go camping; your sleep will be blissful!

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